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  1. It is true true testosterone in men today is much lower on average than the men of 50 years ago. It has to do with all the preservatives in the food we eat, plastics, medication we take, etc. Just take a look at some of the soy boys walking around today. Veganism hasn’t helped either.

    • When you store or freeze food, use glass instead of plastic. Do not purchase food that comes in plastic packets, buy whole foods only. Buy organic if you can afford it, to avoid the chemical sprays they cover fruit and vegetables with, and the frankenstein food they feed the animals with. Corporations don’t care about the health of the people they are feeding. They only care about maximizing their profits.

        • John- read “The Big Fat Surprise” by Teicholz, first.

          Second, manure has been used by farmers for MILLENNIA. Animal (cow) manure is largely vegetable waste anyway, and it is EXACTLY what compost and other decomposing matter in the forest, enable plants to grow in the first place! Chicken manure also is beneficial. From the Excrement to the corn, is a process called the physiology of plants! While we can’t do it, the plants… can! It’s called God’s creation, It’s all symbiotic, and amazing.

          Ever read the book, ‘Liquid Gold : The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants
          by Carol Steinfeld? Or “The Humanure Handbook, 4th Edition: Shit in a Nutshell”? It’s done all over the world, and Africans continue to procreate like flies….! Burning peat, or burning cow pies, it’s all the same, when it comes right down to it. But the one thing you can’t destroy- is plastic.

          Get your head OUT of the XXth Century’s lies about ‘purity’ and ‘cleanliness,’ and Sinclair Lewis’ propaganda, and come back to nature! Children are SUPPOSED to make mud pies, and ingest dirt, go barefoot, etc. It’s what gives us all of our flora and fauna- ever eat naturally, bubbly, tangy sauerkraut? It’s WONDERFUL. We are creatures that are dying from the day we are born- get over it!

          What your ‘organic’ may be, is merely ‘grass fed.’ Marbling actually comes from allowing the cattle to be BRED for fat in the flesh! As ‘grass-fed-solutions’ notes: “some cattle breeds simply will not produce marbled meat, no matter what they are fed, how fat they get, or how tender their beef is.” If you don’t have fat in the flesh, you don’t have good meat!

          Ever hear of Mangalitsa Pork? Ever cook with Lard, Organic Tallow, or Schmaltz? You don’t know what you are missing until you do. And the wife and my cholesterol levels, our lack of arthritis, all teh standard measures of ‘health’ have drastically improved since we’ve gone more ‘natural.’ (though I still don’t pee in my garden, but I’m willing to try in a drought… lol)

  2. And in a world with eight billion people and diminishing species and resources, how is this bad? This affects all races, but furnish factual links that this is an anti-white conspiracy if that’s where you’re headed. The far right is as intellectually bankrupt as the far left. Sad! LOL!

    Socially progressive and fiscally conservative is the way to go.
    Haley/DeSantis 2024
    Always support consumer choice and chains, not protectionism and local businesses which lead to higher prices and inferior domestic products.

  3. Sure,
    They are using lower grade, less stable, plastics to cut corners and penny pinch.

    Never mind, bring in more refugees and immigrants , to keep this bubble going.

    • No one ever tells the browns not to have more kids. Overpopulation and smaller families was pushed at whites. It’s considered part of the culture of other groups, so we can’t even mention it. Allegedly, the Southwest is running out of water, but never fear, they are still letting in as many beans as want to come in.
      About two thirds of the predicted growth in population between 2020 and 2050 will take place in Africa. The future will look like Planet of the Apes with those gorillas in uniforms running around.

  4. Every other comment by Bannedhipster aka bannedforlife is about the LGBTQ community. Come out of that skeleton filled closet of yours already, dude. LOL

    The majority of guys here are virgins and incels so I doubt this subject would affect them anyhow. LMAO

    • Mullatta jewess,

      You’re mistaking the commentators on OD for the AmNat groypers, with the possible exception of Krusty Wanker and Bobby Brown.

      So besides being the genetic combination of the cultural pathogens of what Saint Adolf predicted would be the downfall of the United States, do you lean more Lisa Bonet or Maya Rudolph?

      • Mulatta Jewess,

        Addendum: I sincerely from the very bottom of my heart support and encourage more blacks and jews marrying (or “hooking up”) and reproducing together.

        • He/She/It must be on the ADL’s payroll, their first team no doubt, even though they aren’t very good it’s the best trolling they’ve got. The takeaway is that the ADL types are concerned enough to invest their little talents in trying to stir up a response from HW’s blog meaning HW’s blog and the comment section is bothering them in a big way. They are merely ankle biters though.

          For now they cannot shut down this blog as “hate speech” but that is their goal under the guise of “free speech” led by (drum roll here please) the ADL, NAACP and probably also the ACLU. The ACLU certainly won’t defend free speech when it’s the free speech of VDare, AmRen, CC, Occ. Observer or HW’s fine blog, OD. They are hypocrites and afraid of the viewpoints expressed on these sites.

          HW, you know you are over the target when you are getting flak.

    • Even as a Priest, my wife and kids would gladly pick up stones and stone you for your blasphemy, bigotry and Christophobia. And I would concur with St. Gregory, and bless them if they were to do so….
      and be guiltless in the blessing.

      “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

      Romans 1:32, KJV: “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

      • What is wrong with “bigotry” and BTW you do realize the word “bigot” is a religious slur – coined by Christians to demonize other Christians that they thought were TOO pious.

        The ironic of ignorant twatwaffles like you is simply appalling.

        There is no God and no mandate to be considerate of the stupid ideas, delusions, and “feelz” of others.

        Screw you, and all of the dumb ideas you got from some religious text – agitprop manual designed for social control and nothing else.

  5. You know those obnoxious utopian speeches they give in Silicon Valley where they praise high technology and tell us their new iPhone app will lead us into the glorious future of pansexual genderless transhumanism? TED Talks.

    You know why they are called “TED talks?” Because the more you listen to them the more you realize that Ted Kacyzinski was right.

    • @Banned Hipster Read his book, Technological Slavery. His Manifesto is good too. I’m not condoning the bombs. It’s too bad he did those and is in prison, because he has a depth of insight.

  6. The toxic chemicals in our environment don’t seem to be having any effect on the fertility of the colored races. Nor are their males any less aggressive or violent.

    • Yes sir, this is only a problem for the advanced and productive countries. The orc hordes will continue to breed unabated. The future looks like a dystopian hellscape, at best.

    • @Spahnranch,

      Neither did the attempt at hybridization of aggressive African bees with the docile European bee make the former less aggressive or more productive as a pollinator and/or honey maker.

      • “Neither did the attempt at hybridization of aggressive African bees with the docile European”

        The hybrid had The worst of all traits, lazy and vicious.

        Dirty lil secret, the vast majority of all hybrids have to be destroyed.
        It’s very rare , to get a superior hybrid.

    • That’s what guns and prisons are for. Although even guns and prison don’t slow down nignog multiplication. Nor reduce the numbers of their most aggressive elements.

  7. Is it really plastic causing lower birth rates or just young women on the pill? Lower class women who lead disorganized lives and exhibit impulse control issues have no problem getting knocked up at astounding rates and furnishing us with dysfunctional bastards. Could plastics have something to do with autism rates? Possible, but if young people got married at young ages the way they did in 1946 and we didn’t have the pill I’m sure birth rates would rival the baby boom, plastics regardless.

    • There is birth control pill residue in drinking water in many places. From what I have read opinion is divided over whether the concentrations in public water supplies are high enough to cause problems. Nevertheless we shouldn’t be drinking birth control pills with a glass of water no matter how dilute.

  8. Hunter, did you see the Republicans are running Caitlyn Jenner as a candidate? Matt Walsh is crying that his fellow Republicans are already calling him a her. Matt insists that not calling him her is a hill Republicans should die on. Why not? They’ve died on every hill before this one, so why not die yet again for the millionth time?

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