Merrick Garland: Department of Social Justice Is Launching Probe of Louisville Police Department

We get it.

The problem is not merely confined to the Minneapolis Police Department. Joe Biden himself has said from Day One in his inaugural address that it is systematic racism.

The goal of Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice is to investigate and undermine police departments which are being put on trial and convicted by the corporate media of systematic racism. The “journalists” pick and choose which crimes to raise to national prominence based on social justice ideology with the goal being to foment racial tension, stir up and increase in size the violent Black Lives Matter mobs and to drive the anti-white and anti-police narrative. “Justice” as traditionally understood plays no role whatsoever in this. Black Lives Matter can engage in violence with impunity.

ABC News:

“Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday announced an investigation into the policing practices of the Louisville Police Department.

“The investigation will assess whether LMPD engages in a pattern or practice of using unreasonable force, including with respect to people involved in peaceful, expressive activities,” Garland said. “It will determine whether LMPD engages in unconstitutional stops searches and seizures, as well as whether the department unlawfully executes search warrants on private homes.” …”

Joe Biden’s guru Ibram X. Kendi has said that “America has been convicted” and that the police are the “violent son of American slavery” and must be abolished. The way this works is that Kendi frames the issue in highly theoretical terms, the corporate media takes his theories and rushes to judgment and demonizes the police and then Joe Biden’s ghoul Merrick Garland goes after them.

Antifa told Newsweek over the weekend that their plan is to continue to engage in political violence. They don’t have anything to worry about from Merrick Garland’s DOJ and the FBI because of their politics. They aren’t going to be treated as “insurrectionists” or “domestic extremists” or “domestic terrorists” by Merrick Garland who is focused on putting local police departments on trial.

Note: As we saw in the Derek Chauvin trial, social justice is all about turning the world upside down. The lynch mobs go after cops now.

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  1. I would love to know what this Shlomo’s real family name is. I bet it shows up on the roster of Soviet secret police.

  2. Well, these cities are going to stew in their own progressive garbage. Let them. A few months or years without police, will do wonders to clear up progressive delusions. It happened in the 60s and 70s. Guess the lesson wasn’t learned. Guess they have to learn the hardest ways. So listning to faculty lounge logic from progressives who are high on ideology, little real experience with the real world. For people in blue cities, going to be a long year

  3. I think before too long, Attorney-General Garland’s tenure will be commonly known as a ‘Woke-Inquisition’, or, at least, it will be known as such to the majority of law-enforcement personnel.

    Now we come to the same point where we were at in the 1960s : will state and local officials protect their fellow citizens and officials, or will they cowtow to Washington?

  4. The BLM Effect or Floyd Effect is to double black on black homicide. Its a Nigonnogapocalypse. Just as long as the Police avoid Coontacts the garbage is actually taking itself out one gunshot at a time.

  5. They starting from low and later go higher. Nikolay Yezhov with his brats first got the Kremlin cleaning women team and then moved higher. Lower guys are needed only to get higher guys.

    Lower guys only follow the orders. But who gave those extremist orders ? And then the snowball start rolling.

  6. Only a chump would have sympathy for cops after Charlottesville and the cops Taking a Knee in front of BLM last summer. Nibbas and The Boys In Blue That Serve the Jew deserve one another – they are the worst that this toilet-bowl of a country has to offer.

    • The police are just a convenient proxy for “White Supremacy” writ large. That means all White people, like it or not. After they deconstruct the police, they move on down to the next lesser target. Without racial solidarity (“Oh, they don’t mean ME. Just White police officers, screw them!”) White people are going down.

    • Who is too say that would not be better for Whites? Cops are more likely to cave in your head for mouthing off to them at a traffic stop than they are to arrest BLM looting and burning cities so maybe the best thing is to see what happens when the Middle Men(aka the cops) are no longer in the equation and let the chips fall where they may.

      • @CD – First they get rid of the police. Then you have ZERO protection as a White person. If everyone takes your stance, we are screwed. Divided we fall.

    • @ without cops, escalation, vigilantism, antifa and blm melt, criminal element vs millitias , or feds come down hard, the waco treatment, new technology implemented, draconian laws, national police.force, who knows? Who the sindicate, will have madam president , signing treaties with and what four, their being pressured to bring thee economy back, thee novelty of marxist insurrection is wearing off, the left seems to be waking up, so to speak, but what too do with economic calamity creeping up on them, meanwhile what to do with thee out of control marxist insurrectionary guard, they may make some moves on their shock troops, they have served their purpose, now they are expendable, sort of like thee SA were, it would win them some normie support back, thee sindicate wants the cops gone, the shock troops gone and the criminal class under control, national police force, orderly, compliant , normies, massive immigration continues, millennial’s all drafted.

      • @Terry…

        The Analogy of the Woke Left’s dispensability and disposability to The Corporate/Globalist Jew England Yankee United States’ Government to that of Hitler to his Sturmabteilung is truly excellent, My Friend.

        Without a doubt you know that, with The Woke Left now a national stain, you can be sure that the powers that be are beginning to try and figure out how to jettison them, yet, given that The Woke Left is now so powerful in their movement, can they be jettisoned without taking ‘the jet’ with them?

  7. Maybe Merrickchai Garlandstein should be investigating John Kerry for stabbing Israel in the back.

    Jews went in hard to bat for Obama, and he and Kerry just crapped on them (once the Obama presidency was done and they didn’t need Jewish money or media/judicial power).

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