Rising: Caitlyn Jenner Is The Wrong Outsider For Our Times

Ya think?

Is this one big joke?

I wasn’t going to bother writing about this.

Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor of California. Mike Cernovich has also declared that he is a candidate. Neither of them have snowball’s chance in hell of winning. This is really just a publicity stunt and it seems unlikely that either Cait or Cernovich will gain any political traction.

I’ve complained for years now that one of the worst aspects of the Trump years was how he elevated a whole pack of LGBTQ grifters whether it was MILO or Ricky Rebel or especially Ric Grenell who spent the Trump years on his personal global crusade to legalize homosexuality around the world.

Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner combines Paul Ryan’s values and policies with transgenderism and the degenerate Kardashian celebrity brand. It goes without saying that we have no dog in this fight. You would be hard pressed to design a more repulsive candidate with toxic politics in a lab.

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  1. I think that The Left, though most of them would never admit such, are worried that, once in the governor’s office, The Woke Caitlyn would take second place to The White Supremacist Bruce, which, now seeming to lay dormant under some excellent cosmetics, hair-dye, and attire, will rise to the fore.

    Let’s face it ; Wokist Cancelistas may be willing to go along with the farce that the man can be cut out of you, but, The Whiteness?

    No, they don’t believe that.

  2. I’m glad the chinaman is doing well in his NYC mayoral campaign. He is a positive, upbeat guy, not some angry shitlib trying to get the spics and the coloreds all riled up against Whitey. It would be nice to have another celebrity outsider as governor of CA but definitely not Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner.

  3. I agree. Isn’t there a NORMAL person around anywhere? Transvestite? Thats the best the Republican party can do ? Yuch!

  4. At his core Trump (aditionally to being a con artist) was/is still a liberal New Yorker with 1990s DNC-politics. So I am not surprised of all the “conservative” Rainbowflag-grifters in his slipstream.

  5. No you are all wrong, Caitlyn Jenner is the PERFECT representative of the modern Republican party, especially in California, and I unironically support her candidacy.

    GOP Delenda Est.


    Remember five years ago when the joke was, “when will the National Review or some other Con Inc. publication write an article, ‘The Conservative Case for Transgenderism?'”

    Well, that time is now, it’s not a joke anymore, it’s real. But this is all good because the Republican party has always been the Queer party and I support them coming out of the closet – that way it’s harder for the Israelis to blackmail them.

    Anyone read the latest about Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg throwing their underage sex trafficking and cocaine parties for all of the top Florida Republicans? That’s how the system works. Drag them out into the open so we at least know what is going on.

    • They hate us. They are only concerned about open borders, amnesty, giving them more money, and not whites. It’s so obvious how they wish we would just go away.

  6. Pathetic granny tranny who got cucked and ruined so bad by his ex wife Kris Jenner and spoiled brat coal burning daughters that he became this freak tranny rolled out for progressive bullshit. Didn’t think gop con inc was this retarded clearly I gave them too much credit Lady Maga was obviously the testing ground during the blumpf era

    To think he once was a outstanding medal winning decathlon athlete

    • You have to wonder what the hell the Jenner/Kardashian sex life was like during their marriage.

  7. Bruce Jenner might have had a chance had he not shamed himself by publicly displaying his autogynaphillic perversion. Had he just kept his transvestitism a secret, or at least a dismissible rumor in the tabloids people might have taken him seriously. On the other hand his 15 minutes of fame were 45 years ago and probably nobody under 45 who didn’t see him on the Wheaties box as a kid would even know who he was.

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