Poll: Most Americans Are Critical of Government’s Handling of Situation at U.S.-Mexico Border

George W. Bush doesn’t think immigration restriction is a winning issue.

Pew Research Center:

“The government receives negative ratings for how it has handled the situation at the border. About two-thirds of U.S. adults (68%) say that the government is doing a very (33%) or somewhat (35%) bad job of dealing with the increased number of people seeking asylum at the country’s southern border, while fewer than half as many (29%) say it is doing a very or somewhat good job. …

However, majorities in both parties say the government has done a bad job of dealing with the influx of asylum seekers at the border: 86% of Republicans rate the government’s performance negatively, as do 56% of Democrats. …”

Some highlights:

72% of Republican voters think illegal immigration is a very big problem. The polls continue to show it has become their top issue.

51% of Republican voters now say that illegal aliens should not be allowed to stay in the country. The polls have flipped on the issue as support for amnesty has evaporated.

92% of Republican voters want to decrease the number of asylum seekers coming here. 68% of Democrats want to reduce the numbers. Progressive activists are isolated on the issue.

46% of Republican voters want to deport illegal aliens. The nativists are now the largest faction inside the party while only 26% of Republicans support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. This is another recent change. This poll might even be understating the strength of the “deport them all” faction.

Can you spot the extremist?

What is the difference these days between the “far right” position on immigration and the “mainstream” position on immigration? It is people like George W. Bush who are the minority now.

In 2017, 61% of Republican voters thought that illegal aliens should be allowed to stay in the United States whether it was through a path to citizenship or permanent residency. This was the the height of the Alt-Right surge. Today, only 48% of Republican voters think they should be allowed to stay, which is another indicator that White racial attitudes are hardening.

Note: We have seen a similar decline in Republican support for gun control.

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  1. “46% of Republican voters want to deport illegal aliens.”

    We are a nation of absolute, stonewall, morons.

    Why is that number not in the very high nineties +- 1% for schizophrenics, and other deplorables.

    54% of CONSERVATIVES think the law should be applied.

    We are fucked.

  2. Here’s my own solution that wold end this, like yesterday.

    Terminate the parental rights over the minors – accompanied and unaccompanied.

    Charge those “parents” who came with them with child abuse/endangerment and put them in a self-supporting prison (to take care of our stoop labor issues) for ten years.

    Put the children up for adoption under a fost-adoption program for “special needs” children where American parents are paid to take care of them with the understanding of what hot messes these children might be after what their sorry excuses for “parents” put them through.

    Once we start treating these unaccompanied minors like children who need protection instead of meal tickets and gateway visas that must be cashed in, what passes as their families will stop this.

    Allegedly, Americans across the board are having fewer children and these children (if not too traumatized) can fill the gap, so such a policy would be a win-win situation if we didn’t have politicians on both sides of the aisle with shit for brains.

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