Merrick Garland Testifies Before Congress

Who are the “domestic terrorists”?

It certainly isn’t the people who are embracing the idea of leading a violent insurgency against the police in the Pacific Northwest. It is not the people who are laying siege to federal courthouses or who set ICE buildings on fire or who caused over a billion dollars in property damage in nationwide riots. It is not “terrorism” when you engage in leftwing political violence and your daddy is someone like Sen. Tim Kaine or Mayor Bill de Blasio. The real “domestic terrorists” are the people who are assaulting “our democracy” by making fun of pretentious, unlikable politicians like Hillary Clinton on Twitter.


“May 4 (UPI) — In his first appearance on Capitol Hill as U.S. attorney general, Merrick Garland asked lawmakers on Tuesday for a budget increase of $85 million to investigate and prosecute domestic terrorism. …

Garland said the department’s budget includes a $45 million increase for the FBI to fund domestic terrorism investigations and $40 million for U.S. attorneys to handle rising caseloads. …

The department budget also proposes a $304 million increase for programs that support community-oriented policing and address systemic inequities. …”

The Department of Social Justice needs a BILLION DOLLARS to fight systematic inequities and invest in “community policing” while working around the clock to sabotage the actual police. Why on earth should Congress subsidize progressive activists who want to undermine local police departments or the FBI to persecute American citizens with populist views when it wouldn’t pay for Trump’s border wall?

USA Today:

“Among the biggest funding requests are $1.2 billion for community policing, an increase of $304 million from last year, and a “historic investment” of $1 billion for the Office of Violence Against Women, which provides services to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. 

Garland’s budget request would bolster funding for the FBI and U.S. attorney’s offices by $85 million allotted for domestic terrorism investigations and prosecutions. During his confirmation hearing, Garland said his “first priority” as attorney general would be the far-reaching investigation into the Capitol assault Jan. 6. Since then, the Justice Department has charged more than 400 defendants across the country. …

Garland seeks $209 million for the Justice Department’s civil rights work – a $33 million boost from last year – citing the need to enforce voting rights and prosecute a rising number of hate crimes against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. The attorney general promised to make enforcing civil rights a priority and moved swiftly to revive federal oversight of police agencies accused of abuses, oversight that languished under the Trump administration. …”

What is “community policing”?

Is that like where you have a leftwing lynch mob police their own community? What if the community police officers do not respect the rights and liberties of people who do not share their political views? Would they have the power to hound those people out of their communities?

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  1. “$45 million increase for the FBI to fund domestic terrorism investigations”

    To fund entrapment, infiltrators and agents provocateur.

    • @Arrian,

      The federal bureau of instigation’s hostage rescue team (hrt) was given a 10 million dollar increase in their budget, after their criminal acts against the Weaver family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The (((feds))) illegal actions against White dissidents is is never lacking for funding.

  2. Community party, community policing, community organizer same as—–

    communist party, communist policing, communist organizer. Same.

    Communist is a derivation of community.

    Communism was created by Jews as a means to reach the goals of the Jews.

    And what are the goals of the Jews??? Moshiach and the destruction of Christ and Christianity.

    You stop these kykes cold by bringing up their goals and their ambitions. And the hatred they have for the innocent Christ. It is that simple.

  3. Peter Brimelow
    That’s some co-ordination! “Censorship footnote: as we go to pixel, there has been not one Regime Media report on Nick Fuentes’ Travel Ban. Nor has it been mentioned in Respectable Right mouthpieces like National Cuckview, the Daily Cucker, or Cuckbart.”

    No Republican has taken the initiative to oppose Biden’s anti-white agenda.

  4. “No Republican has taken the initiative”

    Republicans are spieless.
    They won’t take a solid stance on any issue.

    Republicans: slow democrats.

  5. They will spend billions going after nonexistent “White” supremacy while ignoring the real threats and racial groups.

    • They actually have it correct. Whites organizing is the biggest threat to their “Democracy”.

  6. “Ze gentiles must haff no organized resistance against us, ze chosen pipple of Zion!”

  7. Merrick Garland is Weimerika’s Felix Dzerzhinsky. He is the kommisar of the Neo-Red Terror.

  8. Merrick Garland is straight out of the Eternal Jew. Looks like a throwback to the 30s too. An expression full of malice and fanaticism.

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