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  1. Hannity gave Judge Roy Moore a 24-hour ultimatum to clear his name of any sexual misconduct and now here he is legitimizing de-Jenner-ate.

  2. What’s with those stupid high chairs c/w foot stools? What is wrong with normal sized chairs, I’d like to know.

  3. Will this twisted stunt finally turn boomers against Hannity? Freepers want Jenner to go away and are angry at Hannity for giving Jenner attention.

  4. Every time I see that guy/girl, my eyes hurt. Can’t Republicans do better than this? I know, to ask is to answer…

  5. The fact that we’re supposed to take freaks like Jenner seriously tells you all you need to know about “conservatives” and Republicans.

  6. Well, if your goal is to destroy the Republicants Southern affiliation this is a great start.

  7. Several idiots on FreeRepublic actually want Trump fag Grenell to get in the race.They are hopeless.

  8. Society of freaks (such that the media presents).

    Hannity is just a stooge, doing what his producers direct him to do.

    Again, we desperately need our ownown media.

  9. I listened to most of the interview without looking at the TV screen, because I was too busy shitpoasting on Gab or something. Bruce sounded very honest and sincere about wanting to clean up the mess that his adopted home state has become. He impressed me as a serious candidate, not some wacky tabloid celebrity looking for attention.

    And then I turned around and looked at him: an aging female impersonator running for high office as a publicity stunt.

    • He never got it chopped off, did he? Libtards have turned on him, now that he’s wearing the wrong color.

  10. A possible Love Connection? Sean and Cailtyn buying an adorable little weekend getaway townhouse in Trump Heights together.

    • Will Mel Gibson be Hannity’s best man at their wedding? The Reverend George W. Bush II could
      officiate if they can’t find a negro reverend like Rev. Al. to do the job.

  11. As long there’s an (R) next to the name, “conservatives” like Hannity will support you. Pussies like Hannity are sellouts and frauds.

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