Antifa Threaten To Kill Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice couldn’t be reached for comment.

The DOSJ is too busy waging war against the police on behalf of criminals and indicting “far right” trolls for posting memes which made fun of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

FOX News:

“The Portland Police Department said it has been in contact with the FBI over a menacing video that included a masked individual with an altered voice issuing a threat against the city’s mayor Ted Wheeler.

The Oregonian reported that the two-minute video appeared on Twitter earlier this week and the individual claims to be part of the city’s anti-fascist community.

“Blood is already on your hands, Ted,” the person said. “The next time, it may just be your own.” …”

How could things escalate in Portland?

Could they escalate into a full blown insurgency by domestic violent extremists now that the cops are washing their hands of Portland and quitting en masse? Why exactly are they above the law?

New York Post:

“Portland police and the FBI are investigating a veiled death threat against Mayor Ted Wheeler, days after he promised to “take our city back” from the “anarchist mob,” according to a report.

The chilling threat was made in a video on Twitter Wednesday night in which a self-confessed Antifa loyalist vows to continue rioting in the Oregon city — and includes the mayor’s home address as a warning, The Oregonian said.

“Blood is already on your hands, Ted,” says the video’s narrator, wearing a full-face mask and with an “Anonymous”-style altered voice.

“The next time, it may just be your own,” the narrator warns in the two-minute video — with a menacing chuckle as his address is posted.

“Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign. If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate,” it warns …”

Antifa are in charge of Portland.

The political establishment coddled these people and nurtured this cancer.

ABC News:

“Rose City Antifa is one of the nation’s oldest active antifa groups. Members rarely give interviews, but two who say they are part of antifa agreed to speak to “Nightline” as the situation in their city of Portland, Oregon, has become a prolonged and destructive stalemate.

Rose City Antifa members “Milo” and “Ace” use pseudonyms and they asked that their faces and voices be obscured for this report.

“The use of violence is a tactic of how we keep our communities safe,” Milo said. …”

Could have fooled me.

It sure looks to me like Antifa love the thrill of engaging in violence. We quit engaging with them like four or five years ago because we were being blamed for their violence. They responded by shifting their focus to toppling statues of George Washington and attacking gay Asian journalists and vandalizing museums and attacking the police and setting ICE buildings on fire and laying siege to federal courthouses and even attacking the Oregon Democratic Party Headquarters.

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  1. As far as Wheeler goes, he deserves no sympathy. All he did was support, pander and grovel to those POS. You reap what you sow cuckboy.

  2. Sounds like that old National Geographic article about pre-Revolutionary Russia. Merrick the Menshevik is smiling.

  3. White liberals are the scum of the earth. Subhuman filth that deserve a painful death. I’d sooner give the entire country to Mexico than co-exist with these people.

  4. Everything is on computers now. Antifas funding is coming out of New York City. Biden could shut down the funding in a second if he wanted to. But Biden is an Irish henchman and his Jew masters decide what is what.

    • The fbi could use the RICO stature on blm just like they did against the mob but they won’t because they want dissension as long as it’s the left making the trouble.

  5. That’s a pretty slick and well-edited video – it reminds me of those totally-not-fake videos that ISIS was putting out about 6 years ago when orange jumpsuits were all the fashion rage in the MidEast.

  6. The democrats must have done some internal polling among their constituents recently and found a lot of discontent. I notice the sudden change of tune on things like this and the lockdown.

  7. Anti-White screamers and thugs thrive exactly because of shitlibs like Wheeler who allow them to. What goes around comes around but I doubt he’ll learn anything from it.

  8. The main takeaway here is that ABC news is perfectly willing to agree to hide the identity and voices of these ANTIFA terrorists, but they have an entire department of beat reporters whose job it is to investigate right-wing activity and doxx people.

    That’s all you need to know. They get a thrill out it the “ominous” tone of this video. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if ABC had a hand in producing it.

  9. Antifa reports to the highest level of our occupational government. Wheeler is just a lickspittle.

  10. Strange, none of this is happening in nearby Idaho,
    full of “dem WHIIIITE supreeeeemacists”

    (Merrick Garfinkle is going to make Janet Reno look like a saint.)

  11. Wheeler probably had this video made himself to make it seem like he’s “cracking down on Antifa” when in fact he is the Antifa Mayor.

    It’s a great video – reminds me of Spike Lee’s Bamboozled or the mid 2000’s Anonymous videos for Project Chanology attacking Scientology and Tom Cruise. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, these sort of video were first becoming popular due to the internet then it really ramped up with the early days of uncensored Youtube.

    By the time they were making ISIS splatter flicks all the basic tropes were there. Just another thing the kids don’t do as well as we did get off my lawn!

  12. The ONLY way to end the violence from these wannabe antifa and blm thugs is to take it to another level. Meet their street level pansy ass rioting with an exponential, order-of-magnitude increase in violence known as URBAN WARFARE. Of course this could have been done a long time ago and it would have if the rioters were right wing or White Supremacists. As far as Ted Wheeler goes, if antifa caps his ass, I can’t see a problem. In fact it may hurt them and help us if they do.

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