The White Supremacist Rampage Against The AAPI Community Is Only Getting More Severe


Two more Asian women were beaten with a cinder block by rampaging white supremacists in Baltimore.

There are reactionaries on the internet who are spreading misinformation about the nationwide groundswell of white supremacist attacks on the AAPI community.

They are saying that this spike in anti-Asian hate crimes has nothing to do with white supremacy or Donald Trump’s rhetoric about the Kung Flu virus. Instead, these people are arguing that the demonization of the police by the media, the calls to defund or abolish the police by woke progressive activists and the glorification of Black Lives Matter seems to have unleashed a massive crime wave in the big cities and that criminals have been emboldened to prey upon law abiding non-White citizens … people like, you know, the 85-year-old Asian grandmothers who are easy prey and live in these cities.

The “white supremacists” are protesting their innocence. They claim that delusional woke academics blame all violent crime on their hobbyhorse of “white supremacy” and that the “journalists” are mentally ill and woke now which determines which stories become a cause célèbre in the corporate media and which crimes are quietly swept under the rug in order to push the antiracist narrative.

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  1. Not only is the suspect a White supremacist, but the victim is too. Asians are considered White-adjacent and reap some of the benefits from White privilege, such as high SAT scores and privilege on eurocentric White supremacist math tests. Therefore this old Asian granny was complicit in White supremacy. She killed George Floyd with her complicity.

  2. Now do the Whites that are attacked by blacks daily. I bet it’s 10 Whites to every 1 Asian.

  3. It is only a matter of time before the blacks turn their sights to the hipster colonizers/gentifiers who moved into their once all black neighborhoods. Then the woke are going to have their eyes open wide. It is only a matter of time.

    • @Robert Browning

      Re: once the blacks turn on their white allies.

      So the woke will get rudely woken up!

      Couldn’t resist that one.

  4. ABC played the grainy video and gave the name Patrick Thompson. A very White sounding name, and the race was uncertain from the video, so the media’s agenda was quite obvious.

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