Trans Girl Has Meltdown After Being Misgendered At Popeyes and Threatens To Call Corporate

The workplace has become increasingly harder to navigate in recent years.


“A video of a transgender delivery driver confronting a Popeyes employee is going viral, after the employee allegedly referred to the driver as “sir.” Posted on Reddit by Laura Hobbs last Friday, the clip received thousands of views and sparked a wide conversation surrounding gender pronouns …”

The second video below is even funnier.

Commie DickGirl apologizes for her privilege and talks about the intersectional struggle against the systematic oppression of the cisgender patriarchy and talks about the need to abolish the police and abolish the border. These are the people who the CIA are trying to recruit.

Note: If we fired all of the worthless academics who are employed to come up with this nonsense which spills out of the universities, would society be worse off?

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  1. Though I always do it in a polite manner, I always address gender-confused people by the appellation that matches what I know to be their birth gender.

    ‘Yes, M’am’, for ladies surgically altered to be semi-men, and, ‘Yes, Sir’, for men who could not stop at wearing their mama’s clothes, but, had to hack it off as well.

    Though I respect their right to engage in any delusion they wish, I am not going along for the ride, period.

    • @Ivan – I’ve always done that reflexively, relying on my instincts to know which is which. I’m starting to hesitate, though… It’s getting more and more fraught.

  2. Tranny Freaks are Tranny Freaks…they ain’t women….

    The video:Who ordered this sewage?

    Our new America:Tranny Freak nuclear missile nuclear submarine crews!!!!!! That’s the ticket!

  3. “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”
    – Uncle Charlie

    • @Terry…

      I agree, and, with a whole system of profit being built upon it, it is reasonable to expect the demonry to be further proliferated.

  4. This degeneracy was inevitable when liberalism and jews infect our politics, academic curriculum, popular culture, and mass media.

  5. My mother in her 70s still works as a psych nurse at a behavioral health unit. She remembered when once in a while you would see one trans person needing psychiatric help.

    Just recently they have 5 on the unit!

  6. These things belong in mental institutions, not roaming the streets. Not too long ago they would’ve be ,locked up until the jews changed the mental illness laws.

  7. Moral considerations aside if your grip on your fantasy is so fragile that a pronoun can reduce you to hysterics, perhaps you shouldn’t get castrated in the first place; your mental problems pre-operation were to such a degree as to be incurable by surgeons and chemicals. You have been a fool and accept it without being a pest to others.

  8. Did nobody ever tell it that sudden bursts of testosterone-fueled aggression are unladylike?

    • No, Dear Ricky, ain’t nobody ever told that thar’ feller ’bout thet, ‘cuz he ain’t from The South!

  9. The wrong word here is “girl” as austin powers would say “thats a man baby”

    What would tthe transboy here do it the popeyes employee was black?! Oh right nothing because its a little punk bitch who would be terrified to speak to a Poc in a agressive tone like that

    • Spot on. The Popeyes in that video is the Huwhitest staffed one I’ve ever seen. Dick-girl needs to try her drama out with some rill Popeye’s niggaz.

  10. This has been causing me considerable heartache when shopping at my local supermarket lately. There is a big Polynesian person who appears to be endeavoring to present as a woman, as much as one can in such a uniform, who is very tall for a woman and has a somewhat borderline vocal tone (no deeper than a woman of that height I’ve met who definitely was a woman).. but not the obvious ‘dude putting on a high pitched voice’ voice.

    I’m about 50/50 on it being a tranny, but I _can’t be sure_, so I’ve had to resort to simply not using sir/ma’am, as I would with anyone else in such an interaction (including the kinda cute butch dyke-looking gal who works at the same place, of course), as I try to do to show some basic respect. We shouldn’t have to deal with confusing situations of this sort.

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