Tucker Carlson: They Did This On Purpose

Can confirm.

There is definitely a gas shortage around here.

New York Times:

“President Biden said on Monday that the United States would “disrupt and prosecute” a criminal gang of hackers called DarkSide, which the F.B.I. formally blamed for a huge ransomware attack that has disrupted the flow of nearly half of the gasoline and jet fuel supplies to the East Coast.

The F.B.I., clearly concerned that the ransomware effort could spread, issued an emergency alert to electric utilities, gas suppliers and other pipeline operators to be on the lookout for code like the kind that locked up Colonial Pipelines, a private firm that controls the major pipeline carrying gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from the Texas Gulf Coast to New York Harbor.

The pipeline remained offline for a fourth day on Monday as a pre-emptive measure to keep the malware that infected the company’s computer networks from spreading to the control systems that run the pipeline. …”

U.S. News & World Report:

“Russia on Tuesday denied any involvement in the cyberattack that crippled an American pipeline responsible for almost half of the East Coast’s fuel supply and lamented that the U.S. doesn’t cooperate more with Moscow on countering devastating threats.

“Russia has nothing to do with these hacker attacks, and had nothing to do with the previous hacker attacks,” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, told reporters Tuesday morning. “We categorically do not accept any accusations against us.” …”

This article is from March 11:

The “journalists” are saying it is because Russia hacked a pipeline.

The FBI has “confirmed” that Russian hackers are behind the gas shortage.

Russia is saying that the FBI and the “journalists” are lying again.

BTW, we’ve been hearing for weeks now about an impending gas shortage this summer. There has also been reports of gas shortages around the country for at least a month now. There was a lot of talk about this before the pipeline was allegedly hit by Russian hackers.

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  1. Blaming “hackers” is the 21st Century equivalent of blaming the Commies in the 20th Century for all problems real and imagined. I have always believed that if anyone wanted to bring the US to a grinding halt all they would have to do is attack the US’s main petroleum supply lines and refineries much like the US crippled Germany by destroying the Ploesti oil fields. I would suggest going to a local supply store and buying at least 3 or more 5 gallon plastic gas tanks just to be on the safe side.

  2. Soon there is going to be meat shortage too. Ten dollar gas is going to be followed by a ten dollar whopper junior.

  3. Commissar Garfinkle is too busy chasing WHITE phantoms to protect America.

    Hell, if someone wants to smuggle nuclear weapons into America, now’s the time.

    Leave it to jws , to fk the nation up.
    Next, yellen will wreck the currency, then the entire economy. Just as her ‘fellow white’ did 90 years ago.

  4. They want, of course, to do away with “fossil fuels” in the name of imaginary “climate change”. Another of their inane arguments will be that “fossil fuels” are too vulnerable to “Russian hackers”.

    Liberals are malignant nihilists who take the side of evil, falsehood, and filth on all issues, all the way, all the time. Attempting to coexist with them is suicidal.

  5. “The FBI has “confirmed” that Russian hackers are behind the gas shortage”

    Commissar garfikle is ready to prosecute enemies of the party.

    Round up the usual suspects.

    (Typical jw, head up their ass, while pursuing their wicked agenda.)

    • IOW, under Trump we had $2 a gallon gas. Under Incompetent Joe, we have $4.00 a gallon gas.
      bottom line-

      Biden is to blame. First, last, always.
      Then the Jews. Keep your hatred straight.
      Ps. 68:2

      “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
      (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

  6. The big stumbling block for these creeps is just around the bend. Forcing people into poverty and humiliating them just isn’t going to cut it.

    They need a war.

    All a available resources will have to be marshaled to resist any attempt at launching some sort of aggressive war. Resistance to this war will cut across racial, cultural and economic barriers.

  7. Ever since the stuxnet attack on Iranian centrifuges, its been common knowledge of potential cyber attacks on infrastructure.

    Why isn’t the Famous But Incompetent ready with preemptive countermeasures ?

    Too busy intimidating WHITE folks .

  8. Tucker is hitting it.

    Plywood 80$, haha haha just crummy OSB is 80$.

    If if if if zog has to use interest rates to fight inflation, á la 1980, we are fkd.
    The economy is far more brittle, than in 1980.

  9. Uh, shortage of drivers ?

    Why Don’t the gd public schools teach kids a viable trade ?
    Too busy with WHITE guilt and holohoax brainwashing.

    • Being a public “educator” is now mostly just a reward for the politically connected. It has little to do with what you know and more to do with who you know, as well as the color of your skin or the sort of genitals you have. Much like being an agent of the FBI or an officer for the CIA.

  10. Cloward-piven strategy.

    Jews are behind the most evil shit, man. I swear to Christ. I’ll call upon the words of MLK, and judge solely based upon character. And the Jews character says they’re evil scum.

    • At this point I argue that the “hackers” are American with Intelligence connections written all over them.

      At this point I have no reason to trust a single thing coming out of Washington.

      However, they GREATLY underestimate the anger and seething hate a once normal American has for them.

  11. Well a lot of inprotant infrastructure in America is run by incompetent retards, so I would not be surprised if it were a legitimate hack. But it could also be a hoax to shift blame for coming high gas prices away from democrat policies. I doubt such a strategy would work, since once gas crosses into mid $4 a gallon territory, people won’t really care what is the cause and will blame the party in power. Biden will be Jimmy Carter 2 (except with half the IQ of Carter and a bunch of stupid millennials running his administration instead of big hitters like Brzezinski).

  12. Here in Germany, gas prices went up by the equivalent of 32 US cents per gallon at the beginning of the year, as part of an environmental package. And that’s on top of the higher prices based on the world market’s increased crude prices as things slowly get back to some semblance of normal post-Covid.

    So glad my wife bought that hybrid last year, and so glad my car has an eco mode.

    • @Countenance…

      Vielen Dank für Ihre Meinung. Ihr Englisch ist echt toll!

      My wife and I deal with the challenges of energy costs a different way – we live an old-fashioned life at our house, in our garden, with our neighbours, and in our small town.

      We often go a week without driving anywhere, sometimes two.

      Alles beste!

  13. Well, what would be the “truth” if they are lying? Is this some sort of strike by the industry to shock the consumers into realizing how economically destructive the global warming quackery is? They say “you don’t listen to the scientists” well, they don’t listen to the economists who can guarantee their stifling the energy sector will produce mass poverty and an unprecedented decline in the living standard. We had “wind energy” back in the time of Columbus and the Little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike by the Dutch Windmills. Could this have been a liberal group that sabotaged this? Or maybe the Kremlin did do it and doesn’t really care about any ransom and the “Dark Side” is just a fake excuse to hide hostile attack by some foreign power, China, Iran, North Korea? Soros? Despite all the kooks going on about “Zionism” I doubt the Israelis are very eager to see their primary sponsor turn into an Afro-Hispanic “Democracy,” go broke, and leave them hanging? I’m sure they don’t like the democrats either. The Biden regime will only fall if the elites decide they have tired of such incompetence and don’t want crazy, moderinist, “woke” little girls destroying everything. Are they starting to have buyers regret?

    • I can see several ways the Biden regime could take advantage of this.

      1. Gas was already set to be over $4 per gallon this summer and democrats would have taken the blame. If they have the intelligence agencies fake a pipeline hack, then they can shift some of that blame away from themselves and blame.it all on the hackers

      2. It could be used as an excuse for further crackdown on the internet, to combat “digital terrorists.”

    • “I doubt the Israelis are very eager to see their primary sponsor turn into an Afro-Hispanic “Democracy,” go broke, and leave them hanging?”

      The USA is not Israel’s only major host country. Jews always play both sides of any conflict, such as the conflict they’re brewing between China and the USA.

    • If they don’t want this country turned into Brazil 2, maybe they should tell their kinsfolk to stop chipping away at us from every conceivable angle. An alternative theory is that it’s a parasite’s nature to drain its host, with no thought to the consequences.

  14. So very very grateful to The Biden Administration, President Obama, The Democrat Party, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and the many Deep State elements within The Federal Government.

    Oh, yes, I am!

    Why, you ask?

    Because practically every time I turn around, I see they are doing something else to remind Southerners why we ought be in a new/olde Dixie Confederacy, and NOT, in The New England Yankee United States of America.

    Truly, I cannot express my thankfulness!

    An idea?

    Cut off the vegetable oil supply next, so that frying becomes nearly impossible, and, after that, charcoal briquets, so that Southerners cannot grill.

    Yep, by the time Southerners have a few months without frying and grilling, The Potomac will see the battleflag again – lots of them.

    • Ivan, please also never forget the Never-Trumpers, without whom the takeover of the government would not have been possible.

      We knew Mr. Trump was loud and crass, (he’s from NYC for chrissake), but he cared about the country, and we knew enough history to be rightfully fearful of those who “want to make the world a better place” coming to power.

      So thank you Ben Shapiro, George Will, David Frum, Bill Kristol, David French, you Bushes, you McCains, Mitt Romney, you Cheneys and the rest. Without you the seizure of power by the left might never have occurred. You are all useful idiots. Your places in infamy are assured.

  15. Why was the Colonial Pipeline connected to the internet? So the operators could watch porn?

    • Efficiency and easier operation are the excuses, of course. But pipelines weren’t on the internet 40 years ago, and we seemed to get by just fine. I would think they could be connected in a closed, self-contained system.

  16. Inflation is not being caused by the Covid checks which went to pay for working class people’s rent-taxes. These people are not living a life of spoiled luxury. Spoiled brat Tucker is creepy on this point-as is his friend Sean Hannity. Perhaps Tucker-Sean and the slut Laura Ingraham should volunteer to make slurrpies at 7-eleven?

  17. Yes, Russia “hacked” the pipeline, just like Russia “hacked” our oh-so sacred democracy. Anyone that knows anything about “cyber” security would know there are so many ways to mask your traffic that there’s no way to be sure where any so-called “attack” came from. They also know if they add “cyber” to any word, it goes right over the normies heads and sounds complicated and scary to the masses. The “intelligence community” says it came from Russia, therefore it must have come from Russia. Don’t think for yourself or question what we say goy, or you’re an unwitting Russian asset. itsallsotiresomg.jpg

    • It’s possible the Russians are testing infrastructure. I can well imagine that their oilfields are under attack right now.

  18. If only you knew how bad things are.

    For the last two generations they’ve been deliberately training young programmers to have no idea how a computer works, and the security of CPUs was deliberately broken by the NSA after 9/11, because according to the US Gov, having security holes your CPU makes us more secure from terrorists.

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