New York Times: Efforts to Weed Out “Extremists In Law Enforcement” Meet Resistance

Woke progressives are full of demands these days:

Is there anything else?

What else do woke progressive activists need from us to bring on their utopia? In addition to the power to determine who can hold a job in this country or fly on a plane or open a bank account or whether the president of the United States can use social media, they also need the power to determine who can be a police officer based on their political affiliations to weed out “extremists.”

New York Times:

“In the battle to stamp out extremism from the ranks of the police, lawmakers from California to Minnesota have proposed solutions they thought were straightforward.

Some laws would empower the police to do more robust background checks of recruits, letting them vet social media to make sure new officers were not members of hate groups. Other laws would make it easier for departments to fire officers with ties to extremists. …

Police officers, like everybody else, enjoy First Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly, so the challenge for lawmakers is figuring out how to preserve those rights while barring extremists from infiltrating the ranks.

California is one of four states, including Oregon, Minnesota and Tennessee, along with Washington, D.C., that have proposed new laws to give law enforcement agencies more power to exclude officers with ties to extremism. …

There is little hard data on the number of American police officers with explicit ties to extremism, although senior officials have repeatedly characterized domestic extremism as an accelerating threat. “We have a growing fear of domestic violent extremism and domestic terrorism,” Merrick Garland, the attorney general, said during a hearing on Capitol Hill last week. …

For Ms. Bynum, getting a statement of principle against extremism set into law would be an important first step. “Essentially, you have to move the ball,” she said. …”

Unfortunately, there is a “thicket of obstacles” standing in the way of this.

The First Amendment protects the rights of everyone to free speech and free assembly. The Second Amendment protects the right to own firearms. The Fourth Amendment protects people against unreasonable search and seizures. The Tenth Amendment protects the reserved rights of the states. You have no idea how frustrating it is to have deal with all these f***ing amendments.

Note: If you are reading this and think these people are little to eager to boss people around, you are what “fascism” scholars on CNN and MSNBC have identified as an authoritarian.

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  1. It’s always the peaceful ones that are called “extremists and the extremists are coddled and defended.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, Sir, in The South we believe that spare the rod and spoil the child.

        We raised our children to know that you can always politely argue, but to a point, and if you cross that line you’ll face consequences.

    • “Three Fort Campbell soldiers were charged in connection to an gun pipeline that brought illegal weapons to Chicago.”

      “Demarcus Adams, 21; Jarius Brunson, 22; and Brandon Miller, 22, ”

      Must be extremist WHITE supremacist…… probably Amish.

    • RE:Pentagon Announces New Efforts To Weed Out “Extremism” Among Troops

      Maybe they should try weeding out the black gang members that are supplying weapons for the Chicago gang wars ?

  2. I wonder if it’s OK for police officer applicants to be members of BLM, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam or Antifa? Because the JEW York Times neglects to inform us exactly what an “extremist hate group™” is. Are only lower-case white police applicants capable of hate and extremism?

    • Correct. Anything remotely pro-White is “hate”. On the other hand, BLM membership has been okayed by the military. “Extremist hate groups” are by definition “white”/White, because White Supremacy, or something.

  3. “Woke progressives want the power to purge “extremists” from the police and military ”

    It is hard not to notice that those who are intolerant of others, and other opinions, are always busy labeling others, (the subtext being that they are somehow less than human) so that they can conduct heinous acts upon those they label, and feel justified.

  4. ‘Southern Rights Will Be Defended By Southern Men’.

    Love that and love the flag.

    Hope I live to see it true.

  5. Speaking of Jew York City – AOC jumped down Chairman Yang’s ass for Tweeting that he’s “standing with the people of Israel”. I’ll say one thing for Sweet Tits – she’s not afraid to piss off the yids which is more than can be said for 99.99999% of US politicians.

    • I’ve had it with that Oriental bug man. And I thought the jews ordered that dumb spic not to talk about Zionism anymore?

  6. Weeding out “extremists” means weeding out anyone suspected of being even vaguely Pro White. Funny, I seem to recall the days when liberals and all the usual suspects were fierce opponents of religious or political tests.

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