Poll: Joe Biden’s Expansion of Refugee Admissions Is Unpopular With Bulk of Voters

Joe Biden didn’t want to do this.

He caved to the pressure of “journalists” and progressive activists in spite of his own better judgment. Predictably, refugee resettlement is an issue that cuts against the Biden coalition with moderates, Independents, some Democrats and suburbanites. The same is true of immigration policy where all the polls consistently show that it has become the biggest winning issue for Republicans.

Morning Consult:

Note: The true numbers here are likely even starker.

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  1. I continue to wonder when The Average White Voter will figure it out that The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government will continue to import Darkies, by the bushel, until The White Vote simply does not count.

    Of course, recognizing that would entail some consequential action, on the part of the citizenry, and, my goodness, we certainly cannot have any of that, can we?

  2. Just imagine the stink when they crouch over like that and expose those unwashed, unwiped cracks to the air through their flimsy linens. Mosques must smell worse than anything.

    • No one ever asked us. No one ever asked us to “vote” on any of this.

      When did the United States become “a Nation of Immigrants”? Or is this just parlayed from when the Europeans came over, and now, it’s used against us?

      “Well, YOUR ancestors were immigrants!” (Like it’s even the same thing.)

      When did the US become “The Melting Pot”?
      It was never founded on any of that. It seems like these concepts and memes became prominently quoted over and over, to justify the large number of nonwhites coming in.

      Just shame whites for not wanting to support millions on the public assistance system, or giving them your jobs.

      “Give us your tired…” Oh yes, it’s all about bringing in more and more welfare recipients.

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