Axios: Crime Jumps After Court-Ordered Policing Changes

Have you noticed the striking correlation between the agenda of progressive activists and what is swiftly becoming our contemporary set of problems in the Biden era?


“Most police agencies in recent federally court-ordered reform agreements saw violent crime rates skyrocket immediately, according to an Axios examination of departments under consent decrees since 2012.

Why it matters: The increases in violent crime rates — in one case by 61% — suggest that there can be unintended consequences, at least in the short term, to the policing changes many Americans have demanded in the year since George Floyd’s death. …

Seattle saw a 27% surge in its violent crime during that period following its consent decree in 2012.

Albuquerque, N.M., a city that saw violent protests in 2014 following the shooting of a white homeless man, later experienced a 36% increase in its violent crime rate. Before its consent decree, the city had seen a 30-year low in crime.

Los Angeles County, a region of 10 million people, saw a colossal rise of 61% in its violent crime rate following a consent decree with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department — an agency with a troubled history among Latinos and Black residents.

Yes, but: Municipalities with less than 50,000 people that entered into consent decrees saw violent crime rates decline.

Ferguson, Mo., a city of 21,000 outside of St. Louis that saw heated demonstrations after the police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014, saw its violent crime rate drop by 7% during the same two-year comparison.

Warren, Ohio, and East Haven, Conn., also experience noticeable declines during the same period following their consent decrees. …”

National Review:

“However, the report adds that municipalities with fewer than 50,000 people saw violent crime decrease following consent decrees, including Ferguson, Mo.; Warren, Ohio; and East Haven, Conn.

Criminal justice scholars told Axios “no one knows” why violent crime rates jump after departments enter into consent decrees.

Stephen Rushin, associate professor of law at Loyola University Chicago, said only anecdotal evidence exists that suggests disruptions in department leadership or changes in tactics can contribute to the rise in crime. Yet Rushin said his study into 31 cities that operated under federal oversight from 1994 to 2016 showed short-term increases in crime followed by a decline.

The analysis comes one month after Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Department of Justice would begin “pattern of practice” investigations into the Minneapolis and Louisville police departments in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. At the conclusion of the probes, both cities could be forced into consent decrees to overhaul their departments. …”

In the realm of law enforcement, progressive activists want to “Defund the Police” or “Abolish the Police” and pass criminal justice reform and have Merrick Garland’s Department of Social Justice launch federal investigations of the police. It is almost like the push by progressive activists to demonize the police and release hardened criminals from prison is driving up violent crime in big cities.

In the realm of immigration enforcement, progressive activists want to “Abolish ICE” and pass comprehensive immigration reform and an amnesty for DREAMers. It is almost like blowing up the Remain in Mexico policy and the House passing amnesty bills and Joe Biden being president and signing orders that gutted ICE sent a signal to poor people in Central America that the time was ripe to come here which is what illegal aliens have been saying to the Border Patrol in recent months.

In the realm of Big Tech monopolies, progressive activists and “journalists” want Big Tech to counter “the rise of domestic far right extremism” and “misinformation” online by censoring and deplatforming their populist and nationalist political opposition. This is having the effect of undermining the free-market consensus and laissez-faire attitude toward corporations on the Right.

In the realm of energy policy, the antipathy of progressive activists to fossil fuels has been followed by a very large spike in gas prices and sporadic gas shortages in some areas.

In the realm of government spending, the eagerness of progressive activists to spend combined with the reluctance of Democrats to tax has led to the onset of inflation in consumer goods.

In the realm of race relations, the adoption of systematic racism and the triumph of wokeness among progressive activists is hardening White racial attitudes and stoking racial division.

In the realm of sexuality, the push by progressive activists for all forms of fashionable sexual degeneration – free love, abortion, divorce, hardcore pornography, homosexuality, gay marriage, “trans” – has led a sterile and aging porn-addicted population with a declining birth rate, severe levels of social isolation, unhappiness and mental illness and an explosion in gender confusion and involuntary celibacy.

In the realm of sectarianism and political polarization, the cultural extremism and mounting assault on traditional values by progressive activists is realigning our politics and creating political gridlock.

In the realm of civil liberties and public monuments, the exact same people who have the same worldview are increasingly comfortable with trampling on the rights and liberties of others, denigrating our heritage and vandalizing the public landscape for “social justice” reasons.

In the realm of “journalism,” progressive activists hold such disproportionate sway and influence relative to their overall numbers in the population that it has undermined trust and confidence in the media.

What should I write about on any given day?

It seems like there is a whole buffet of options which are the consequences of these people and their worldview. We’ve got open borders and violent crime. We’ve got inflation and sterility. We’ve got rising energy prices. We’ve got censorship and the construction of a police state.

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  1. All the years of the alt right writing articles, podcasts, and blogging, hasn’t been as effective at waking up people as a few months of of the progressive left and their menageries of freaks, thugs, and stupid people have been. And they keep doubling down, much to our advantage.

    • The articles, so long as they do show up on google searches provide the path for awakened whites.

  2. The only thing these “people” understand is force. The biggest mistake was conceding to their demands. The govt has been doing it for decades and each time it gets worse are more expensive.

  3. In my small town, in Northeastern North Carolina, The Law cuts down on crime by policing it before it happens.

    Yep, that’s how they do it – cruising the worst streets, talking to suspicious characters, eyeing and following those whose activity gives off the wrong smell.

    Of course, this means that they focus on The Negro streets and neighbourhoods.


    Because that is where almost all the crime arises and occurs.

    Sorry it is so, but, it is, AND, because The Klans have been largely neutered by Uncle Sam, and, thus, The Young Negro no longer fears anybody or anything, this is exactly the kind of policing which must occur.


    I live on a peaceful street in a peaceful community, where you can feel comfortable to take walks at night.

    Not even a break in on my street, in all the years we have been here.

    I am very very grateful to our Boys in Blue here, and, every time a Progressive Candidate, either White or Negro, talks to me in front of the polls, about changing policing, I always say the same :

    “Non-policing is not an option. Either you get the kind of policing we have, or we go back to White Militias. Which do you prefer?”

    And it never fails – they have no answer, at which point, the wife and I will turn right and head in to the polls to cast our votes.

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