Poll: Portlanders Are Scared To Visit “Trashed” Downtown

In Portland, they have succeeded in “reimagining” policing, which is why their downtown has been trashed and overrun with anarchists, homeless people, drug addicts and criminals.

The Oregonian:

“Residents across the metro area say downtown Portland has become dirty, unsafe and uninviting and many anticipate visiting the city’s core less often after the pandemic than they did before.

Those are the worrisome findings of a new poll of 600 people in the Portland metro area commissioned by The Oregonian/OregonLive. Asked for their perceptions of downtown, respondents frequently used words like “destroyed,” “trashed,” “riots” and “sad.” Many cited homelessness as a particular issue, and said there is an urgent need for the city to find housing and support people living on the street. …

The city has become too expensive to live in, she said, and doesn’t have enough basic amenities like toilets, handwashing stations and trashcans so homeless Portlanders can care for themselves. She said the city has moved far too slowly, for far too long, to address critical needs and she’s not optimistic the crisis will resolve itself anytime soon.

Yet the poll also suggests a fundamental deterioration in residents’ perceptions of downtown, and respondents indicated the city has suffered a black eye that may be difficult to erase:

The top reasons people cited for visiting downtown less often in the past year were worries about their personal safety (67%), homelessness (60%) and protests (60%). COVID-19 was the other major factor (49%).

63% of all respondents perceive downtown as less safe than a year earlier.

A cleaner downtown (70%) was the most common thing people said would make the city center more appealing. Other top responses were less crime (67%), restaurants, bars and theaters reopening (61%) and fewer protests (55%).

Only 20% of all poll respondents — and 32% of those living in Portland — say they consider downtown to be safe at night. Perceptions of safety were strongly correlated with the frequency with which people said they expect to visit downtown after the pandemic. …”

I blame the “far right” and “white supremacy.”


“PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Everywhere you look, the City of Roses has become the city of trash and filth.

Portland may be slowly emerging from the pandemic but the downtown district is fenced off, boarded up and dying. The city’s homeless problem has worsened. Violent protests have damaged the heart of the city and continue to destroy its reputation. And the mayor and other leaders seem overwhelmed, ineffective and ill-equipped to stop it.

“I was raised in Portland, Oregon, so to me I think of the old Portland,” said Los Angeles resident Molly. “I know now it’s changed tremendously and there’s a lot of trouble up there but I remember when it was a wonderful place to live.” …”

Sounds like a model for the rest of the country!

We’re still waiting to see what comes out of Antifa’s vow to “escalate” against Ted Wheeler. It appears that they are wearing out their welcome in Portland. Most people are tired of the endless chaos. When the rest of the country thinks of Portland, they now think of a war zone.

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    • Fuggin eh. What’s the super cliched expression or saying for this? Something, something reap, what you something, something sow or what have you?

  1. The other day I watched the B movie “The Favor” just to see the old Portland I remember from the 90s before it went downhill with a majority of bad people just like Sodom and Gemorrah. It looked so wholesome in that movie, such a shame and such a beautiful city to end up like this.

  2. “Many cited homelessness as a particular issue, and said there is an urgent need for the city to find housing and support people living on the street. …”

    They belong in rehab boot camp to try some “tough love” rehabilitation, they are degenerate addicts who can’t function in society, not some down on their luck honest people like in the Grapes of Wrath. What the dumb liberals want is just to waste good money on a very bad investment. You see the same sort of human garbage in that documentary “Seattle is Dying” one bum was even hanging out in a garbage can giggling just like Oscar the Grouch.

  3. Even 20 years ago, downtown was a haven for the homeless, most seeming to be teenagers, or assorted drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. For the last 10 years, the homeless population seems to have increased exponentially. Since then it has become increasingly unsafe to go downtown.

    You cannot walk around without someone coming up to you, panhandling; but it’s even getting that way just about everywhere in the Portland area. There are temporary homeless camps springing up everywhere, the police move them along after a few days, and they set up a block away. The city has preemptively started setting out port-a-potties to prevent what is happening to the cities in California.

    Generic crime is on the rise here also. Used to be just lots of drug deals going on, it has expanded to include lots of property and auto theft. Most of the violence is still in the downtown and surrounding areas. Lot’s of illegals / third-worlders swarming in, and of course their crimes are hidden from the public.

    Past time to move…

  4. LOL, they vandalized the Dem party building. This is the way the truly woke say “thanks” for your help. The stupid shitlibs will learn nothing from this and keep on rooting for those that just made war on them.

    • All I can do is ghoulishly laugh away as insane leftists attack other insane leftists. May the smug affluent pay handsomely for their transgressions.

      I moved out of the United States a decade ago. America is not the place I grew up and is turning into a hellish landscape. I have no pity, I have no mercy, empathy I see as a weakness. So enjoy your hell you have created with your own hands. America you are now officially the movie idiocracy.

  5. Compared to California & Washington State Oregon is incredibly poor. The State is barely proper up by taxes paid by Intel & Nike.

    Things are getting so bad that Oregon may go the way of New Mexico and become, paraphrasing Trump, ‘a sh*t-hole state’

    The only thing I see saving Oregon is the infusion of people leaving California bringing their dollars.

    Still Oregon is so degraded that I plan to retire to Montana. This place is just too far gone.

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