Israelis March Through The Streets Chanting “Death To The Arabs”

I’m thinking about calling the Biden administration.

Um, hello?

I would like to report an explosion of “hate crimes.”

I’m sitting here watching these Israelis pull Palestinians out of their cars and beat them to death with Israeli flags. Yes, they are screaming “Death to the Arabs.”

I think it might be a case of “hate speech.” It sounds like these Zionists are threatening to commit a genocide. It looks like something out of the movie Hotel Rwanda. Can we move a carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean and fire some Tomahawk missiles at Bibi Netanyahu?


“JERUSALEM (AP) — As rockets from Gaza streaked overhead, Arabs and Jews fought each other on the streets below and rioters torched vehicles, a restaurant and a synagogue in one of the worst spasms of communal violence Israel has seen in years. …

Earlier, a group of black-clad Israelis smashed the windows of an Arab-owned ice cream shop in Bat Yam and ultranationalists could be seen chanting, “Death to Arabs!” on live television during a standoff with Border Police. In the northern city of Tiberias, video uploaded to social media appeared to show flag-waving Israelis attacking a car.

Israel’s Channel 13 quoted a senior police officer as saying Arabs are suspected of attacking and seriously wounding a Jewish man in the coastal city of Acre amid new clashes there.

In a late night television interview, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, whose figurehead office is meant to serve as the nation’s moral compass, said the country was gripped by civil war and urged citizens to “stop this madness.” …”

They are attacking “journalists” now, mam.

They are violating the human rights of the Palestinians, mam. Can we at least impose sanctions on them like we have with Iran? Why are they able to get away with this?


“NEW YORK (AP) — An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media outlets on Saturday. All AP employees and freelancers evacuated the building safely.

AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt has released the following statement:

We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza. They have long known the location of our bureau and knew journalists were there. We received a warning that the building would be hit.

We are seeking information from the Israeli government and are engaged with the U.S. State Department to try to learn more. …”

Al Jazeera:

“Al Jazeera condemns in the strongest terms the bombing and destruction of its offices by the Israeli military in Gaza and views this as a clear act to stop journalists from conducting their sacred duty to inform the world and report events on the ground.

Al Jazeera promises to pursue every available route to hold the Israeli government responsible for its actions. …”

Why isn’t Joe Biden standing up for American values, mam?

This is Joe Biden’s first big test of American leadership on the world stage. The world is laughing at us. We look like a bunch of hypocrites, mam.

The Week:

“The Gaza Strip is once again under attack. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been blasting the area with air and artillery strikes, deliberately destroying numerous residential towers, and is now preparing ground operations. At time of writing, at least 122 Gazans had been killed. Hamas, meanwhile, has launched hundreds of rockets into Israeli territory, killing eight Israelis, but the vast majority of them have been shot down by the IDF’s Iron Dome interceptor system.

What Israel is doing is a war crime: deliberate punishment of innocent civilians in order to beat Gaza into submission. Hamas is guilty of the same thing, but is so wildly overmatched in terms of firepower that the effects do not bear comparison. More importantly, the United States is deeply implicated in Israel’s actions — not only does that country receive lavish American subsidies and diplomatic protection, on Wednesday Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke with Israel Minister of Defense Benny Ganz, reiterating America’s “ironclad support for Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and its people[.]” President Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau, and “conveyed his unwavering support for Israel’s security and for Israel’s legitimate right to defend itself and its people[.]”

It was a green light for attack. …”

The standard seems to be … Israel can do whatever it wants.

How is this any different from Trump letting Israel have its way?

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  1. I am not surprised by this. In fact, I am surprised that they, The Palestinians, and The Israelis, have made it so long without very much of this.

    In the end, when two, or more peoples, live on a land, someone is going to be in charge, and the others will feel marginalized, resentful, and peevish.

    I know Modern People like to believe we know better, and, thus, we can dispence with old-fashioned things, but nations have not been millenia-long segregated by ethnicity and race for shits and grins.

    It has been this way precisely because of what I just said – two people cannot live in a land and feel happy.

    In my travels over the world, and in my many conversations with people from many countries, never once have I found an example of where multiculturalism producet satisfaction, well-being, and stability.

    Want a classick example of this?

    Just go to Slovakia and Hungary and talk to The Whites about The Gypsies, then go talk to The Gypsies about The Whites.

  2. Which option is in the best interests of whites?

    A.) Keeping diaspora Jews in white countries as a restricted minority.
    B.) Relocating diaspora Jews to Israel.

    I choose Option B. Option A is too susceptible to being undone by weakness in future generations. Just look at what happened in the Soviet Union after Stalin died.

    • @Nikandros…

      I totally agree with you that Jews need a homeland, whether that is somewhere here, in Israel, or in the zone Lenin set aside for them next to Mongolia.

      In the end, it will be best for everyone that Jews have a place where they can do their thing and not be in any Gentile hair, so to speak.

      That said, my heart goes out to Palestinians, for who can blame them for being marginalized in their own lands?

      In the end, a two state solution, which mirrors Biblical time segregation, is the only thing that can work in Palestine, though, the two parties have to choose that, instead of having it forcet upon them by aliens in The West.

    • B. All of the world’s jews should move there. Israel should also find a new sugar daddy, but I doubt any other country besides the US would fall for it.

    • Again, the solution is to deport Jews to the middle east to live under Arab rule as dhimmis, like they did for hundreds of years. With Israel, they will constantly be waging war against Arabs while sending the refugees to Europe, as they do now. Israel literally runs the refugee centers in Europe (and also sends them to the USA). The best solution is for Arabs to keep Jews as second class citizens.

      Jews should never be allowed to have a homeland because they are “contrary to all men,” as the Bible says.

  3. Islam Plans to Destroy Israel by 2022
    They have it all worked out.

    There is a date recurring obsessively in the proclamations of the leaders of the Arab-Islamic world: 2022. It is the year that they have reserved for the end of Israel. “By 2022, possibly earlier, Israel will be destroyed” has just said Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi of Iran’s Supreme Council for the Revolution, the right arm of Khamenei.

    A year ago, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad said that the Palestinian Arabs will liberate all of Palestine “within eight years”. So – in 2022.

    • @Juri…

      Israel is a fully nuclear-armed state.

      If anyone attempts to conquer them, it will be The Dead Sea, all over again.

      Not my sentiment,s but, stone cold objective reality.

      • Yep. Jews force us to defend them. They made it clear long ago.

        In a September 2003 interview in Elsevier, a Dutch weekly, on Israel and the dangers it faces from Iran, the Palestinians and world opinion van Creveld stated:

        We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.[11]

        So when someone again trashing Trump or somebody else for sellout, then uprooting Jew is sophisticated job and straight all out attack is not the best solution. Hitler tried and we know how he ended up.

    • What will happen in 2022 which will leave Israel defenseless?

      I strongly believe that the USA will lose its reserve currency status and be totally bankrupt, thereby unable to pay for, much less mobilize its troops to defend Israel.

      I have seen articles where most Israeli citizens have European passports. Many of them used to have American passports, but I think that’s turned into a dead end for them. But the big destination for Israeli ex-pats (if they lose Israel) seems to be the Ukraine which hosted the old Pale of Settlement where they allegedly lived in the schtetls for centuries until they were expelled after a Russian czar was assassinated.

      I suspect the expectation that the American currency will collapse is what led to the Orange Revolution which violently deposed the legally elected and popular President Yanukovych who wanted to get along with Russia and replaced him with an Israeli installed puppet President Yuschenko who hated the Russians. Yanukovych ended up exiled to Russia. Even the gentile puppet wasn’t enough and he has since been replaced by a Jewish president, a former comedian who, I guess, auditioned for his future role by playing the president on TV.

      In any case, for all the huffing and puffing about the Samson Option, the fear of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is still as an effective deterrent as it was to the USA versus the USSR and India versus Pakistan/China. All the hysterics over Iran going nuclear from Netanyahu is not that Iran will blow up Israel, but that Israel will lose all its kosher population, essentially dissolving itself.

      Let us hope and pray that, with our WOKE military, too many White military men in the upper ranks refuse to defend a government that actively seeks to purge most of them anyway and reduce their racial brothers and sisters to a helot class.

      When White military men refuse to engage, that’s the end of the ZOG forces both here and abroad.

      • @clytemnestra57

        I think the US has already lost its reserve currency status. It has happened slowly, but steadily, since 2008. Now I think it is a more or less fait accompli.

        • ITA wth you, BH Even back in 2012, there was a company I temped at who worked with a lot of overseas vendors and those vendors refused to be paid in American dollars. This company had to convert our money to that which countries the vendors were based.

          So, yeah, I think that many have already figured that it’s unofficially gone though the Usual Suspects are hesitant to pull the trigger just yet on the American dollar.

          I suspect that the authorities of the original designated host, CHINA, has made it clear to The Eternal Guests not to expect a soft landing over there when they jump ship and India is certainly acting like a shark that smells blood on the water.

          Of course, they didn’t factor with the internet back in the early nineties and social media and any prospective hosts seeing what happens to a country on Jews in real time. That didn’t factor into their calculations at all.

          I’m enough of a hopeless optimist to think that, if Whites just keep calm and prep, that we will survive and even thrive in the very hard times ahead of us. White mean are amazingly resilient, resourceful and creative when they aren’t being oppressed by demoralizing forces.

          Let’s just hope and pray they nail the door shut behind the current crop of subverters and traitors when they finally leave the mess they made behind.

  4. It doesn’t matter which clown is occupying the White house, it’s “Israel First”. The only president not dancing to Israels tune was Carter, and that was one of the reasons the establishment granted him only one term.

    • MEH. Everyone forgets what happened the LAST time Iran/Hezbollah huffed and puffed at Israel.

      We got the big stare-down from Netanyahu during his stare-down at the United Nations after his hysterical yammering about Israels existential threat from Iran.

      He then went to Congress to gripe about then President Obama. Both sides gave him several standing ovations, but no attack on Iran was authorized by the Democrat-controlled Congress. Only the Republicans would step up and make the USA Israel’s useful idiot once again, which is why Sam Francis always referred to the GOP as The Stupid Party.

      No after, loud, gushy proclamations of love and devotion to Israel, a resolution was drafted supporting Israel’s right to DEFEND ITSELF. Uhh, that’s not what Netanyahu came for. So all mention of Iran was dropped.

      If Iran ever gets fully armed, Israel will be dissolved by the Israeli citizens when they all make tracks to whatever country can be bribed to take them.

  5. How many “Jeffrey Epstein Republicans” are jumping up to defend the foreign apartheid regime in Palestine?

    Ever since the Mossad asset and “mini-Epstein” Joel Greenberg just flipped and agreed to provide testimony about his child sex trafficking to the “top levels of the Florida Republican party” Matt Gaetz, Tom Cotton .. and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who spent a lot of time flying on private jets to Israel too … are all out there in front of the cameras saying, “Support Israel! Please support Israel! I don’t want those videos leaked to AMI like they tried to do to Jeff Bezos!”

  6. Who is going to be the first to scream it out? “I stand with the Christ killers”. I want to hear it until it is ringing in my ears. Who?

  7. Was the Pre Roman Judaea really full of Jews or just a ruling class that were Jewish who were a majority in Jerusalem and a few other towns? I have my suspicions. Were they vampires feeding off a lumpen population of Canaanites Arabs Egyptians back then too? How the fuck do they sustain themselves around hosts like this?

    • The Levant has always had different tribes mixed together without clearly defined borders like in European or Asian nations. It’s called a “mosaic society.”

      In general, all ancient cultures were built around a core of educated people in a citadel with a temple in it and the illiterate peasants in the country side would change their ethnicity and religion based on what citadel was ruling over them at the time. That’s pretty clear from the Bible. The people ie peasants were always drifting towards other religions and the priests and scribes who lived inside the city walls were trying to keep them in line.

      Ancient Greece was the same way. Rival fortified citadels on hill tops, each with it’s own patron deity and temple, fighting over control of the fields and peasants between them.

      • The Greeks managed to unify for a while though with Alexander’s heavy hand.

      • Sparta never did the walled citadel thing. Their helot Messenians never adopted Laconianian identity right up until the time the Thebans broke into the Penoponesian and the Servile Messenians promptly built 6ft thick walls with a 6 mile circumference on their own old hilltops. All linguistically Greek and unified to a degree with Alexander. Middle East had a different pattern.

  8. The good news is that I have noticed is that I’m seeing rather more eye rolling than I used to for things Israel. Many younger people in particular, just don’t care about the obsession with Israel. Support for Israel dies one boomer death at a time

    • Zios are getting crushed on social media and comments everywhere.

      The corporate media is also taking a more critical tone towards Israel than they ever have.

      This is a great example of Jewish foolishness. The longer this goes on, the more they hurt themselves. If they were smart, they would end it now and say “we made our point.” But they are power drunk and don’t see what everyone else can, that they are losing ground in the court of public opinion.

      I guarantee will we see a significant reduction in the public’s support for Israel by the end of the year, if not sooner and that this fact itself will be a big news story.

      • @ATBOTL…

        “This is a great example of Jewish foolishness. The longer this goes on, the more they hurt themselves. If they were smart, they would end it now and say “we made our point.” But they are power drunk and don’t see what everyone else can, that they are losing ground in the court of public opinion. ”

        I totally agree.

        Pride comes before a fall, and I find Jews, as a whole and at this time in history, unbelievable arrogant and dismissive of anyone’s feelings and views but their own.

        Of course, they have experiencet a lot of success in the 20th century, that time I refer to as, ‘The Jewish Golden Age’, and success, i do not care who you are or in what venue you achieve it, leads to problems in the head, heart, and soul, which, in turn, brings about a downfall…

  9. I think Israel is collapsing along with the west they destroyed. Nukes are not going to save them although they will do massive damage to other civilian populations. Their “Final Solution” will be of their own making.

  10. Funny, political leaders from parties are standing together supporting Israel and their right to defend itself from “terrorism” but when Whites defend themselves from the same terrorism, we are the terrorists.

    What the jews are doing in Gaza might have a positive affect on Whites in the US and the west. It shows the double standard and jewpocrisy of the media, govt and the politicians.

  11. Well, we’ve got a senile old coot in red diapers in charge and pathetic weaklings like Blinken in the State Department so it’s no wonder that the world is destabilized. When the cat is away the mice are at play. And Blinken really thought the world sees this pathetic farce going on as “America is back”? They see this incompetent, idiotic shitshow going on exactly the way heritage America sees it.

  12. The Zionist state has several million nonjews that it uses as human shields in case other countries try to attack it. Remember when they accused Saddam Hussein of using human shields? That was just another case of kike projection.

  13. It’s safe to say that a large majority of the Jewish rioters are Middle Eastern Jews, who are basically Arabs.

  14. The U.S., as the ultimate guarantor of Israel’s safety, wealth and military security is in rapid decline and at some point, probably in the near future will be unable to bear that burden any longer. The evidence of rapid decline is readily at hand. For those who are old enough to remember the last few decades the changes wrought by the ruling class in terms of rapidly increasing diversity, crime, blight, debt, economic inequality and a mile long list of other bad things stand in sharp contrast to the recent past.

    Economic statistics reinforce anecdotal testimony with reports of declines in manufacturing, import substitution for necessities, massive unpayable indebtedness, declining health, infrastructure failures and various social disorders (Antifa/BLM) indicative of a society in decline. Add to this bleak picture the rise of China as a global competitor and U.S. national failure is almost guaranteed. U.S. political leadership is shortsighted, incompetent and unable to solve problems. China is ruled by a vigorous, intelligent, dedicated, nationalist, ruthless leader with vast popular support. China has followed a wise policy of growing a high tech manufacturing society and military while the U.S. leadership is concerned with trannies and diversity.

    Israel knows the score and has been reaching out to China for the future while still getting every ounce of help it can out its U.S. vassal state. As things go from bad to worse in the U.S. it’s unlikely economic, military and even political help will be as forthcoming for “Our Greatest Ally” in the future. It’s also unlikely China will want to become the next bank and arsenal for Israel leaving them in a difficult position. Their deliberate weakening of the best host they ever had may be their own undoing in the long term.

    • @12AX7…

      “Israel knows the score and has been reaching out to China for the future while still getting every ounce of help it can out its U.S. vassal state. ”

      There is a lot of truth to this.

      Jews have had a lot of success, over the ages, this by finding where the opportunity is, and getting on top of that like a surfer rides a wave.

      One example of this is how so many Jewish businessmen have shifted their investment efforts from this country to China, and, indeed, all over The Third World, over the last 20 years.

      I leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth, this because it feels like there is a sheer machiavellian opportunism there, without any regard or affection for the place where they live.

      I think Jewry has a burgeoning publicity problem which, contrary to thought in certain circles, is not going to be reverset or tamped down on by screaming, ‘Anti-Semite’ day in and day out.

      At a certain point, such mechanisms create a resistance that they can no longer overwhelm.

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