Army Recruitment Ads: China vs Russia vs USA

Joe Biden wants to spend $715 billion dollars on this.

China and Russia have opted to become civilization states. Meanwhile in this country, woke progressives who are imbued with social justice ideology are focused on dismantling the traditional social order and turning it upside down. They want to debunk religion, dismantle the nation, deconstruct the gender binary, undermine cultural norms, etc. They want men and women to exchange roles. They value immigrants over natives and homosexuals over heterosexuals. They lionize criminals and demonize police officers. Everything that is perceived as normal, traditional or familiar is automatically suspect.

Insofar as the social justice agenda of progressive activists intersects with the military, the goal is to stigmatize and label people who have normal or traditional opinions and values as “domestic extremists,” purge them and weaponize the state against them while actively recruiting and replacing them with perverts. The FBI wants you to know it is recruiting people who suffer from gender dysphoria or cisgender Millennial women of color who suffer from generalized anxiety disorders. It almost sounds like a punchline to draw attention to what they are doing, but this is their absurd ideology.

The videos below don’t show that China and Russia are authoritarian states. It is more like China and Russia aren’t degenerating as rapidly as the United States. These are the kinds of ads which the U.S. military would have created in the 1970s or 1980s. They’ve stayed the same while we have been declining. We have declared a total war on whiteness and have invented 20,000 new genders over the last decade.

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  1. Well maybe they are really Communists so they want to weaken the US military so China will win.

    That sure as hell seemed to be the case back in the USSR days didn’t it? The “liberal media” (cough) was sure enamored of Communism and the Soviet regime, except when the Communists criticized Israel. Then all of a sudden they worried about “anti-semitism.”

    I mean really they are nothing if not completely predictable.

    • It’s the greedy cheating Capitalist Pig Class that is pushing this Social and Cultural Sewage….Don’t blame Ho……..Ho Chi Minh….Blame multimillionaires Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimond

    • “Communism is when capitalists push globohomo. The more globohomo, the more communist it is.”

  2. Admiral Mike Mullins started the ball rolling on this sewage…Mullins went out of his way to drive Conservative Christian Chaplains out of the US Military…Admiral Mike Mullins:”‘YOU NEED TO FIND ANOTHER LINE OF WORK”

    I have no doubt the Mullins was one of those high ranking US Military Officers who used Male Prostitute Escort services in DC that catered to the likes of Mullins…Sean Hannity had one on his Fox News show all the time…some homo male escort who posed as a Whitehouse press correspondent…

    Admiral Mike Mullins father was a Hollywood Publicist with had lots of closeted gay actors as his clients…Rock Hudson was one of them…

    The US Military was the wedge to homo normalize American Society…It was done to Vietnam violently….The White Boomer Patriots who supported Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2….The homosexual pederasts are going after your children now….And Admiral Mike Mullins has a very big smile on his face about this….

    • The post-US destruction of Vietnam 2021:Vietnam is the number one destination for US male homosexual married couples for homosexual pederast honeymoons and vacations. The US Military really didn’t lose the Vietnam War…Vietnam was bombed into a economic basket case and the US Corpotations swooped in for the Vietnamese Child Labor-quickly followed US homosexual pederast rape of Vietnamese male children….

      If the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class Capitalist Pig Class is allowed to win….these homosexual pederasts are going after the children of White Conservative Christians….This is the Endgame…

    • A lot of the blame can be put on the Boomers. A lot. The Vietnam war was a real one. It wrecked our nation. It was carried out by men who were drafted in the Army, Marines volunteered for that mess. From what I understand the Navy and air force was a draft dodger spot to avoid the combat.

      It might have been the era of peak stupidity in our nation. That and importing the blacks in for labor. Shortsightedness.

      But that was a time when people had very little access to information. So give them a pass. They just didn’t know. Those in charge did though. Absolutely knew, so it’s a blind spot or just evil.

      • Vietnam posed 0 threat to America. Anglo Saxon Elites…greedy to the wick of their Anglo Saxon being…were the policy planners-advisers(‘with some help from Irish Elites such as JFK and Robert McNamara) were responsible for the destruction of Vietnam which persists to this day.

        Moreover, America should have stayed out of the Korean Civil. We should have let Dear Leader conquer South Korea…for if Dear Leader(God bless his soul) had been allowed to conquer the South ……there would have been 0 South Koreans in OUR America in 2021 voting the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America on Nov 3 2024…

  3. It used to be that mental illness was considered disqualifying for the military. Now they actively seek it out. I could see how trannies would be desirable, since they tend to be psychopaths who constantly fantasize about murdering real women and “transphobes.” They’re the kind of people who wouldn’t have any hesitation to wipe random people out in drone strikes.

  4. There’s no PC and diversity quotas to fill in those countries. China and Russia aren’t blessed with the strength of diversity.

    • China keeps a knee on its diversity. Russia has more diversity than you realize, but they don’t promote it.

  5. Not a recruitment video, but pretty close … too bad the Rus’ still love their expat yids in occupied Palestine … and don’t realize that their grandfathers fought for Globo Homo Schlomo in the second phase of the jew instigated white brothers war … oops, I meant “The Great Patriotic War”.

  6. Yes. In many ways, they’re reactionaries against a previous era. They simply want to be the inverse opposite of everything that once was and define this as “progress.” They’re arguably worse than you/conservatives/reactionaries. They simply stay trapped in the past, while deluding themselves otherwise. This is why they’re constantly fixated on historical monuments whatever remnants that remind them, whether books, statues, movies, that there was a time that goes against them and their worldview. And in their rage, they want to destroy it, because it’s the last thing that defies them (if most in the world no longer do).

    The “the other” over their “the own.” The gay over the straight. The woman over the man. The immigrant/foreigner over the native. The trans (whatever other fringe freak show minority) over the majority. The non-white over the white. The exotic/abnormal over the normal/natural. They take whatever from the past and flip it.

    At least you embody the past and yearn to go back (which I think is foolhardy but we’ve talked about that). I can respect that on some level- even if I disagree with you on how the nature of Time works. They’re not only as stuck in the past (if not more), they resent it. You embrace it. They then claim they’re progressive.

    No one truly tries to move on and move beyond. All their brand of “progress” hinges on “I don’t want to be the past.” They think progress is to be simply the “opposite of the past” because they’re two-dimensional (and see things via a linear line). A person who simply resents the past and wants to torch it to the ground lives as much in the past as the person who wants to go back to it because of endearing memories.

  7. “Army Recruitment Ads: China vs Russia vs USA”

    Recruitment ads? I thought in places like that serious about defense they just sent a letter to your home when you turned 18 telling you to show up at boot camp or else?

  8. War with China would mostly be the air/sea battle. There’s really not much scope for land action. However, I could see a Chinese task force steaming off the coast of California,
    while Beijing dictates terms to the 1980’s era government in Washington.

    War in Europe is another thing entirely, as it would pit the Russian Army and Airforce against a mob of fairies, little girls, an assortment of muds and cruds, and led by Lincolnian Neo-Yankee officers who still think that it’s 1863, when they’re not thinking that it’s 1982. If it does break out, NATO are likely to leave the U.S. in the lurch. They don’t really see any reason to fight Russia, if they don’t haf to.

    The Russians and Chinese take war very seriously. The formerly United States do not.

    • I WISH Russia would roll Western Europe. The Russians aren’t perfect, but at least something of White civilization might be retained, as opposed to the mud Caliphate that is currently being seeded..

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