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  1. ZOG has nothing to worry about, because those gun owners are flag-waving, law and order inbeciles who will never use their weapons to fight the government or to go coon hunting.

    • Pacifiers for patriotards, which will only be stroked, or maybe used to shoot a nigger crawling through the window at 3 AM.

      • It’s a cope. Your gun isn’t going to win against the power of the State, tanks, airplanes etc (maybe low temp conflict against other people as society possibly breaks down). It’s boomer larp. People who don’t know jack shit and will be crushed. Silver bullet (from the video). Of course.

        This is not 1776 where everyone used muskets and cannons. The disparity in weapon technology and numbers is insane. The 2nd Amendment is a joke. Half the people who shoot don’t have any martial tradition and physical prowess. This degeneration of the very essence of what makes the Right the Right and militarism in general (the notion of always being prepared for possible war and destruction yourself, kin, and homeland) and traditional/historical lifestyles were war and uncertainty were much more common, is on full display in Weimerica. The mockery of an idea that had been corrupted by both time and Americanism. The ideal of the warrior, one who trains is mind, body, and soul, to the art of war (and his craft) is no longer there. In pervious times, guns and weapons were given a huge level of respect and reverence. They were understood to be something used to kill and were not toys. To the traditional samurai, a sword is extension of him. Guns have degenerated from what they once were and are now essentially toys. The way rightwing patriotards talk about guns is like a boy who talks about trading cards and cars. There they talk about different parts of a gun to “collect them all.” They love to shoot at ranges against stationary targets with often no previous training in physical fitness (many of them obese of course). There is no martial ethos in the country. This is not a serious country, and it’s not a serious people.

        It is, in essence, a way to assuage anxiety for those who know the society is in decline. It is a way to give oneself order and stability as anarchy and instability rises.

        Guns and weapons are no longer a rites of passage to manhood; It’s now a right of passage to boyhood. It reminds me of this guy. People in previous eras would not talk about guns like this:

        • “It’s a cope. Your gun isn’t going to win against the power of the State,”

          No, but it does a real number on home invasions.

          They joy of watching YT home invasion videos can always lift spirits.

          • True. I was talking about those who are about bringing back 1776 or whatever. You know the types I’m talking about.

        • “It is, in essence, a way to assuage anxiety for those who know the society is in decline. ”

          It’s a damn good way to flatten a home invader.
          Andrea Blankensip might not have been cannibalized if she had a 38 at hand.

  2. I would not attribute high guns sales to President Biden.

    No, it’s thousands of things that have accumulated since WWII and are rising to their apex in this era.

    • You mean Controlled Resident Usurper Biden?

      Why are people bothering to buy what they will never have the spine to use, and will eventually surrender? The vast majority of those people have zero idea of how we got to this point, and most of them think this started 10 years ago, not a century.

      • @Rob…

        I am not as sure, nor as cynical, as you.

        I have no idea what the intentions of people are with all these purchases of arms, other than, as Mr. Griffin has said – it is a sign of insecurity.

    • “No, it’s thousands of things that have”

      Yeh, like cannibal savages roaming freely in society.

      • @Arrian…

        If you mean the riots, yes, the riots, and the lack of an effective response on the part of the authorities, surely have been a great contribution to the insecurity of many.

  3. @AspireToNothing
    You’re not only wrong, you’re dead wrong.

    You think millions of white Americans have bought a metric fuck-ton of guns and ammo the last decade just to sit on it?
    You think the purged whites from the new “woke” military are going to just suck their thumbs and wring their hands?

    You think that we’re not actual Vets that have seen combat firsthand the last 20 years?

    You think the white cop that’s scared to pull over a speeding black person is going to all the sudden decide to enforce an illegal gun ban and start kicking in doors to confiscate whitey’s guns?
    Joke’s on you I’m afraid.

    The whole Nation is awash in gasoline and the negroes are like chimps that have discovered how to strike a match.

    But you’ll be fine, unarmed, I’m sure of it.

    I nominate you in advance for a Darwin Award at the hands of an armed predator.


  4. The only insecure people are the ones who didn’t buy guns and ammunition despite all the warning signs and sage advice from those here, numerous times.

    I don’t envy you one bit when the collapse happens. You’ll be preyed upon first, as unarmed people have been for centuries.

  5. @ my family is from appalachia, but a lot of us, live now in other parts of thee country, we are not all thee same, different peoples, different cultures and wherever you go, you take your culture and identity, with you, we personally have a frontier spirit imbued in us, its a.personal right and a private issue, i could give you a list of why i support firearm ownership, but you have heard it all before, what next? Knives? Screwdrivers, hammers? But dont fret youngsters, thee society that you want, of only a. Weaponised state, with only state sanctioned violence permitted, you shall soon have it, there is constant warfare between good and evil, thru out all creation, i have more respect for a man, who can use his brains, as well as his fist, but if you are a man, with a family, you have a duty to perform, defending your family, i will do what i have too, to protect my blood, i owe no justification, youngsters mind your own business and leave whats well enough alone.

  6. The legalize crime movement riots last summer has definitely frightened a lot of normal people. Criminals are emboldened. One black thug just killed a Champaign policeman last night:


    The complex it happened is bad. It is fairly new but the location didn’t attract any students or decent people and they ended up going “section 8” full of welfare queens and their hoodlum “baby daddies” and crime is rampant there. Some little bastard elementary kids even burned one of the buildings in the complex down a few years back playing with Fourth of July fireworks inside their apartment. I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old I knew exactly what would happen if I lit a firework inside. These kids are just bad and wild, like a wolf puppy compared to a dog. My dad was a funeral director and remembers a time they were leading the funeral procession past the decedents old home “out south” (the south side of Chicago where whites were run out of their formerly tranquil neighborhoods) and as they were driving a little black kid on a bicycle just stood there and tossed a big rock breaking the hears’ windshield. Any society that allows blacks to breed rampantly and become a big chunk of the population will decline badly. Really, who ordered up all these black citizens? They are a drain on society. When I buy tomato seeds I look for a variety that produces a good crop of tasty tomatoes. Why on earth would I order a variety that produces wild vines that bear very few fruit that are sour and often rot on the vine? How could any society want these equatorial neanderthals? Any honest person thinking clearly would have to admit America would be exponentially better off without black people.

    • “Any honest person thinking clearly would have to admit America would be exponentially better off without black people.”

      That is not an opinion. It is a fact.

      • This IS an undeniable fact. Other nonwhite races are undesirable-there is no question of that-but eradicating every negro from this Earth would improve the quality of life several orders of magnitude. End of story.

  7. “Any honest person thinking clearly would have to admit America would be exponentially better off without black people.”

    They’d be shouted down by the ((media)) and the parroting populace.

    “How could any society want these equatorial neanderthal”

    Neanderthals had a very large brainncase, about 1600 cc.
    Blacks don’t come close, nowhere near.

  8. The best gun salesmen are the marxists who want to take them away from law abiding citizens. Obongo boy was worse than bad, but biteone and commie-la make barry look like a defender of the Second Amendment by comparison.

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