National Journal: New Poll Warns Democrats About Overreach

If you turn on PMC TV, you will notice that they are weirdly obsessed with the “insurrection” and “GOP infighting” and Liz Cheney and Trump while most of their audience are over Trump. He isn’t the president anymore and everyone except the media has accepted this.

The political play here is that Democrats want to divide Trumpists (80% of the Republican Party) from non-Trumpists (20% of the Republican Party) and hang onto suburban voters in the 2022 midterms which could prove to be a monumental challenge with COVID gone and without Trump being president and dominating the national political conversation. This is why they are running hundreds of segments about Liz Cheney and why George W. Bush and the Republican establishment are so based.

National Journal:

“Conducted between April 27 and May 3, the survey finds that Republicans are tied with Democrats on the generic congressional ballot (45 to 45 percent) in these swing states and districts. Republicans are showing more enthusiasm for their party: The percentage of Democrats showing the highest levels of engagement dropped from 85 percent just before last year’s election to 57 percent in this month’s survey. By contrast, 68 percent of Republicans say they’re still highly engaged, compared to 84 percent before the election. …

In these battlegrounds, Republicans are holding onto more than 87 percent of “non-Trump conservatives,” a constituency more skeptical of the former president, with just five percent defecting to Democrats. A clear majority of “moderate Republicans” (70 percent) are also sticking with the party for next year’s midterms, with just 13 percent preferring Democrats. Republicans are holding onto the softest part of their coalition, while maintaining the enthusiasm of the Trump base in opposition to Biden. …

Biden is also losing ground with independents: Just 35 percent of these swing voters approve of the president’s performance, while 47 percent disapprove. Democrats are winning a mere 17 percent support among independents on the generic ballot, with 34 percent backing Republicans and a 45 percent plurality saying they’re undecided. …”

It is not working:

Republican enthusiasm is higher than Democratic enthusiasm.

There are relatively fewer non-Trumpist moderates in key battleground states.

Democrats aren’t winning over the non-Trumpist moderates.

Democrats appear to be in big trouble with Independents.

It is still way too early, but early indicators are that this midterms strategy just isn’t resonating.

Speaking as an Independent voter who is currently angry with the Democrats, the top things which are pissing me off are as follows: the assault on our civil liberties by Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas, online censorship, systematic racism and “domestic extremism” or wokeness spilling over into every aspect of the Biden administration, the collapse of the border, rising violent crime and the war on the police and our ongoing cultural degeneration currently symbolized by the “trans” issue. There are other lingering concerns which I am watching like gas prices and the rising cost of everything due to inflation.

We’re labeling people like you “domestic extremists” and treating you as a national security threat and purging your kind from law enforcement and the military is a dealbreaker for me. Weaponizing the intelligence agencies and using the law as a partisan weapon to repress the Right while turning a blind eye to chronic leftwing violence in places like Portland is also a dealbreaker.

I think the Democrats are going to shortly find out that this new approach of theirs to dealing with systematic racism and “domestic extremism” is going to have the effect of raising the stakes for the people who they have labeled and pathologized as the “far right” who normally don’t vote in elections. By attacking the fundamental constitutional rights and liberties of these people to speak in public or hold a job or serve in the military on the basis of their cultural and political beliefs, they have created a new incentive to remove them from power that might overwhelm dislike of the Republicans. We’re not in the Obama era anymore where the feds are content to ignore these people and leave them alone.

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  1. Many Democrat figures, and their media corellaries, are now very busy warning The Democrat Party about the habits of their methodology, vis-a-vis the coming midterms.

    Having watcht emphysema sufferers keep smoking till their last breath or meat- bread, and potatoe guys keep on keeping on after they are diagnosed with colon cancer, I think we can safely say these warnings will be futile.


    Because they, most of The Left, cannot stop themselves.

    No, on they will continue, until they hit the nadir, at which point The Democrat Party will either cease to exist, or a whole new generation of leaders will arise who will adopt the already proven formula of New Deal Era Politicks.

  2. The Dems control everything of importance in the current political paradigm, even the courts. I would anticipate the left doubling down, not backing off.

    We haven’t even gotten close to having the momentum among normies to push back in a meaningful way against this entire complex of institutions.

    Congress is meaningless while the executive is able to do whatever they want without congress’ approval via the bureaucracy, the pentagon and the union of corporate/government power along with complete support of all media.

    Not by a long shot.

  3. Remember reading of a study posted to Twitter.
    Basically, Dems know activism tanks polls but it changes social attitudes over time.

    Essentially, boomers yelled at will vote R but privately become less racist. So long term win

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