Geraldo Rivera Unloads On FOX News Panel

Do you know who the real victim is here?

Bibi Netanyahu is the victim who expands his territory.

Israel is the victim of Hamas and the Palestinians crammed like sardines in the Gaza Strip. If anyone in the world is being oppressed and treated horribly, it is these people.

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  1. I’m a bit surprised at Geraldo going after his kinsmen this way, but hey, maybe his Puerto Rican side is in control.

    • @Memebro…

      There are many in Israel, those to The Left who comprise The Labour Party, who either largely or totally disagree with the direction of Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians.

      That said, The Likud seems to have a better job at persuading other Israelis, over the last 25 years on what the policy ought be, and so here we are.

      • Even the most liberal Jews in Israel still think Israel should be a Jewish state.

        • @Ricky…

          Of course, Dear Ricky – would you expect White Southerners to not think The South should be a White Southern State, just because the Indians were here first, and still are here – not to mention Negroes?

    • @Memebro it is all part of the act. He said it himself “i am a Jew and a zionist”. The difference between him, Republicans, Bibi and the whores reading from their AIPAC script is he and some Jews on the left prefer to slow pacify the Palestinians from their land and the Earth. The whores, Bibi and Trumpies want the Palestinians wiped off the face of the Earth now

    • @Memebro

      The Liberal Zionist Jews like Rivera are in a really tough bind, because the reality of Israel blew their cover. The are all fanatical Zionists, but they hate Netanyahu because he is making it impossible for them to keep up their pretense at being “liberal” and people are starting to notice they are really just anti-White.

      Trump really messed it up for them too, they hated him, but he would openly say, “look, Jews, I gave you everything you wanted why aren’t more of you voting for me?”

      Jews are in a lose-lose position here, because they can’t go against their own family members in Israel. I don’t mean “family members” is some abstract ethnic sense. I mean literally the Brooklyn Democrat progressive activists who supports BLM and hates Southerners, his actual father and brother are on some hill in Palestine murdering Arabs children.

      It is great because Jews, “qua Jews,” are being discredited and no one is going to listen to their anti-white hate anymore.

      The ADL is quickly becoming toxic to both the left and the right.

      Good! Great!

      BLM is funded by Jewish money, not Black money. Mass immigration is being pushed by Jewish organizations, not “Hispanics” in Texas.

    • @Rainer they sell their soul for a paycheck. Watching this mediocre bimbo cheerlead for extermination while collecting Zionist payoffs is more disgusting than anything on tv and that includes all the new child trannie shows

  2. America (yes, you, white goy) will be held responsible for everything the Jew does.
    You deserve what is going to happen to you.

  3. Those cunts…(((Rivera))) should’ve told them that Pissrael started this by confiscating the homes of rags in jewrusalem (to add insult to the injury of stealing the entire country in ’48). What was Hamas, which represents the Pals, supposed to do? Suck Bibi’s syphilitic schmuck? That’s the job of the kikes’ ‘Murcan whores. He also could’ve said that the Entity engages in collective punishment of civilians when it bombs apartment buildings, while lying that they’re trying to get “terrorists” that live in them: if that were true, they wouldn’t issue the CYA evacuation warnings a few minutes before the bombs fall.

  4. Glad to see Jerry Rivers recognize the humanity of the Palestinians.

    (Several decades ago when Geraldo was a corespondents on 60 minutes he went by the name ‘Jerry Rivers’ to blend in with America’s then pre-dominately Anglo-Saxon culture. Later as Hispanic culture became more popular he went by ‘Geraldo’. At some point he fully let down the mask and admitted he is a Jude.

    It is interesting to juxtapose Geraldos shifting racial identities with America’s demographic changes over time.)

    Jude’s like Geraldos are okay by my book and so I think attempts should be made to convert them to the Christian religion.

    The real problem in this world is racial Zionists like Avigdor Liberman. A few bad apples ruin the whole barrel.

  5. Geraldo is just another limited hangout, some truth but not the whole truth. The Jews must control the narrative even after they are forced to give ground. What is the purpose of Israel? Is the Jew Geraldo going to tell us Israel existed to bring the Moshiach into this world? No way. Geraldo and all Jews crave the Moshiach must have the Moshiach and will do anything to bring the Moshiach into this world. And Isreal was created as the seat of power for the Moshiach.

    • @Mr. Browning…

      “Geraldo is just another limited hangout, some truth but not the whole truth.”

      That, Sir – is an outstanding comment, both for it’s accuracy, but, as well, it’s civility!

  6. Don’t worry the Semite monotheists will calm down once Uncle Sap pays both tribes enough money.

  7. I always liked Geraldo. He used to live across the street from my dad’s family in the Lower East Side, when he was still known as Jerry Rivers.

  8. I’m sure his good buddy Sean HAnnity will give him a good tongue lashing for criticizing his beloved Israel.

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