Tucker Carlson: “Equity” is Anti-White Racism

Woke progressivism is distinct from progressive liberalism.

Ibram X. Kendi is guru of the new governing ideology of the Democratic Party. It is the liberal part which has been jettisoned and which has been replaced by critical social justice which neatly divides the world into oppressor and oppressed races. The cishet White male is the ultimate oppressor. That’s why you have to discriminate against those people and trample on their rights and liberties.

The goal here isn’t a liberal one which is to get rid of racial hierarchy and segregation to make everyone equal and to treat everyone as individuals because we are all human beings. Instead, the goal is to turn the world upside down and construct a new racial hierarchy in which Whites are explicitly at the bottom because of various racial grievances. This is why woke segregation is being rolled out in Chicago.

Since they have gone woke, the “libs” have recently abandoned all of their most cherished beliefs. They no longer believe in free speech. They believe in censorship now. They no longer believe in civil liberties. They now want the government to have the power to invade your privacy and trample on your civil liberties. They no longer believe in due process. They believe in mob rule now. They don’t believe in colorblindness anymore. They believe in racial discrimination. They no longer believe in live and let live. They now believe in moral purity and conformity. They don’t believe in equality anymore. They believe in “equity” now. They love rich people and neocons and corporations now too. They don’t believe in non-violence anymore. They support violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter now.

The new progressive era is antiracist, but it is not liberal or populist in any meaningful sense anymore. It has subtracted those things and driven out those people.

Note: Progressives are novelty chasers. Colorblindness was a fad and a tactic which had its time. They’ve moved on from it like disco fell out of fashion.

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  1. Well, there you have it : a major national journalist, with a top-rated show, nonetheless, has said what signs in the Deep South, near 20 years back, were saying :


    For all those who constantly have poo-pooed and slurred Mr. Carlson, here is another reason why you were, and, if you maintain the same view, are wrong.

    Certainly Dr. Duke loves Tucker Carlson, as do I, my wife, and, indeed, my entire area of The Rural South.

    The cat’s out of the bag now, or, at least, as far as the National discussion is concerned, and it will never be put back in.


    • @Ivan he is a control valve. His hi pitch rants “were all the same. Why would anyone ever care about race” are poison. He is a silver spooned elite who was born into power. I dont dislike the man but I also dont think he would ever defend myself or you. Not saying much on Israel is he? When James Fields got railroaded for life did the Tuck say anything or did he cuck?

      • @Captain Shill…

        Okay, but, I’ll tell you this, My Friend : you can pick anyone apart for where they were born or what they don’t do.

        Why not celebrate a man for what he does do, if what he does do is beneficial to others?

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