Rising: Here’s Why UFO Disclosures Are Not A Pentagon Ploy For More Funding

UFOs are a divisive topic in the populist Right.

I’ve noticed that it falls along roughly the same lines as the previous debates over whether COVID was a real virus or an elaborate worldwide hoax or whether the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. There are some people who are certain that UFOs are real and being covered up by the government, some people who are just amused by the debate and some people who are UFO skeptics.

The Bulwark had an article yesterday which made the important point that UFOs were mainstream and most people believed that UFOs were real in the 1960s and 1970s. This changed in the late 1980s and 1990s and it had become a fringe topic by the early 2000s. For as long as I can remember, UFOs and aliens have always been a part of our culture. There have always been UFO sightings and people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. There were movies about this in the 1990s like Fire in the Sky.

My view of the subject is that nothing has changed in my lifetime.

I recall being fascinated with UFOs in my childhood. I don’t think that UFOs are drones because I was most interested in the subject in the 1990s before drones existed. I incline toward the view that UFOs are real and that we are being watched but these things are not hostile and have always been around. I think we are seeing them more often due to better technology.

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  1. Nope, false, it’s all a scam for more Pentagon funding.

    The declassified CIA documents about Roswell and the first reports of UFOs make it quite clear that it was Air Force propaganda used for various reasons. They even started the whole “Alien Abduction” mythology.

    Sorry, no little green men. Boomers watched too many of those 60’s Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek.

    Did you know that the Rockefeller Foundation funds the major “UFO Disclosure” groups and has since the 70’s?

    If the government was “covering up” UFOs, then why do they spend so much time – over 50 years – publicizing so-called ‘UFO sightings’?”

    • Literature over the centuries makes little or no references to “unusual unexplained objects seen in the sky” and then – Boom! – the mid-20th Century is full of media reports on them. It’s stuff like that that makes me think that the yids are right – the goyim really are just stupid cattle that can be easily manipulated.

      • Before the US government invented UFOs, people saw fairies in their gardens, they saw ghosts in photographs, seances to talk to the dead were as popular as UFOs at one point in the USA. Whites as as little as 100 years ago in America, were practicing witchcraft to keep demons out of their homes.

        I think Father John was on the right track when he called the UFOs demons, as the descriptions of the visitations by abductees are similar to descriptions of visitations by angels and demons in the Bible. The aliens are either angelic in bright lights with a message or a warning, or they are demonic anal rapists. So my conclusion is UFOs were invented by the government as a scientific religion replacement for atheists.

  2. Do the TPTB make popular Right wingers do this UFO stuff in order to to discredit them – David Icke, Ernst Zundel, etc. Even Weev Wanglin is recognizing it for the ridiculousness that it is.

  3. If the UFOs are ETs they will either let us no…or they won’t which means UFOs are either optical illusions or mental illusions…….It’s potentially fringe physics stuff like area 54 alien technology…

    There is really weird physics and it’s called quantum entanglement-verified many times over….Einstein-Bose condensates are weird and exotic as is topological quantum matter…and exotic matter….

  4. It may be a scam to divert attention from the fact that Biden’s senility is getting worse every day and the whole “Biden” Administration is dysfunctional and destructive. But the UFO frenzy can only last so long and then they’ll have to come up with something else.

  5. I think they are meant to be a distraction. Think “Report From Iron Mountain”.

    As though aliens are going to cross interstellar space to get here and then put on airshows.

    • If there are aliens incognito roaming around planet earth they better stay away from the diversity in places like NYC. I don’t care how sophisticated their ray guns and forcefields are, the nogs will still put a beating on them and throw them on the subway tracks.

      Then again some of the “diversity” walking around look like they could have stepped out of a spaceship from billions of miles away except many of them are so fucking stupid they look like they couldn’t change a lightbulb.

  6. The UFO thing started after WWII. Nuclear weapons, TV, FM radio, radar, high-tech electronics such as digital computers, jet aircraft, ballistic missiles, surface to air missiles etc. all came in a rush into public view immediately after WWII. Many of these technologies, such as TV and FM radio were up and running before WWII and were known but hadn’t been rolled out nationwide until after the war. Most of the public had not seen these technologies although many had read about TV which was broadcasting publicly in the NYC area starting in 1939.

    With the Cold War, nuclear weapons testing, the arms race with the USSR and several dangerous international crises such as Berlin and Formosa tensions were very high amongst the civilian populace in the U.S. This coincided with space travel starting with Sputnik I in 1957 which increased the nervousness of the general public.

    This was really the period when there were many UFO sightings, a time of high public anxiety coupled with a tidal wave of new technology widely available to all. UFO sightings before WWII were rarely made, the public’s mind wasn’t prepared to see UFOs until after the turmoil and high tension of WWII and the post war era.

    Although always present to some degree UFO sightings seem to wax and wane depending upon the public’s mood and level of anxiety. There has yet to be any definitive proof of UFOs such as actual spacecraft wreckage. All the “evidence” so far is radar/infra red sensor anomalies and unusual visual sightings. Display anomalies in radar/sonar/infra red sensors is actually quite common and not indicative of extra terrestrial craft.

    After 75 years of UFO sightings one would think there would be at least a little hard evidence available of alien spacecraft, not just “sightings” open to interpretation and various conspiracy theories to account for the lack of evidence.

  7. I never saw a UFO but I don’t believe we are alone in the vast universe. Is there intelligent life besides ours, I don’t know?

  8. If aliens DID exist, then the government would do everything to prove it to us so they could justify an increased budget. Their Climate Change grift would be nothing compared to Aliens.

    Yes, intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe. No, it’s not visiting us (or only our world leaders in secret while flying in and out of the water).

    Technology-wise, the elites are decades ahead of us. They are showing themselves now. Why? What comes next.

    • First we need to prove that this “vast universe” that you are referring to actually exists and then we will go from there.

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