Poll: American Jews Have Widely Differing Views On Israel

It will probably come as a surprise to some people here that American Jews are hardly a monolith. This is true of all groups though. 2/3rds to 3/4ths of American Jews are Democrats. In spite of giving Bibi Netanyahu virtually everything he wanted, Jexodus failed to materialize in 2020.

Why didn’t Jexodus happen?

Orthodox Jews and Reform Jews don’t think they have much in common. Both groups feel closer to Israel than to each other. Orthodox Jews are also staying Jewish and having larger numbers of Jewish children while the non-Orthodox are marrying Gentiles and vanishing.

Pew Research Center:

“Members of different branches of American Judaism generally do not feel they have “a lot” in common with one another. About half of Orthodox Jews in the U.S. say they have “not much” (23%) or “nothing at all” (26%) in common with Reform Jews, and a majority of Reform Jews reciprocate those feelings: 39% say they have “not much” in common with the Orthodox and 21% say they have “nothing at all” in common. Just 9% of Orthodox Jews feel they have “a lot” in common with Reform Jews and vice versa. In fact, both groups are more likely to express feelings of commonality toward Jews in Israel than toward each other. …

About four-in-ten married Jews (42%) have a non-Jewish spouse, but intermarriage rates differ within subgroups. For example, intermarriage is almost nonexistent among married Orthodox Jews (2%), while nearly half of all non-Orthodox Jews who are married say their spouse is not Jewish (47%). Intermarriage is more common among those who have married in recent years: Among Jewish respondents who got married since the beginning of 2010, 61% have a non-Jewish spouse, compared with 18% of Jews who got married before 1980. Intermarriage also is more common among Jews who are themselves the offspring of intermarried parents: Among married Jews who say they have one Jewish parent, 82% have a non-Jewish spouse, compared with 34% of those who report that both of their parents were Jewish. …”

Orthodox Jews are Republicans. Reform Jews are Democrats. Jewish atheists are also Democrats and tend to be the most progressive and heavily involved in social justice causes. Orthodox Jews feel significantly more invested in MIGA and Israel than the non-Orthodox.

Pew Research Center:

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  1. Meh, there are lots of superficial differences in jewish opinion. But they all pretty much think the same way.

  2. But 90%+ want mass “immigration” and “diversity.” Whenever any politician tries to stop the mass immigration the Jews attack him. Look what they did to Steve King. Look how they screamed when someone mentioned America’s Anglo-Saxon heritage.

    It’s the Jews doing that. Yes, there are anti-white Libtards, there are anti-white blacks, there are all sorts of “diversities” that spew anti-white hate constantly.

    But it’s Jewish brains – and Jewish money – that keeps the Anti-White scam going. Just look at the ADL – until they started attacking Tucker Carlson, 100% of Republicans loudly praised the ADL even as the ADL was attacking white Christians for “racism.” While the ADL was supporting blatant overt genocide against the Palestinians.

    Where were the Republicans? I mean, take a guess, they were all at one of Jeffrey Epstein’s and Joel Greenberg’s “parties” and taking “skinny-dipping” trips to Israel (not a joke, look it up.)

    So you know they will do whatever the ADL says. Look what they did to Jerry Falwell Jr.! Look what they did to Jeff Bezos!

    • Right! Sane with “Asian-American”, etc., etc., etc. I think it is used to indicate, ” not evil bad White Americans who have no identity” — and somehow don’t even exist??

  3. “while the non-Orthodox are marrying Gentiles and vanishing.”

    They’re not vanishing !
    The genetic legacy is still there, just in a latent form.

  4. “while the non-Orthodox are marrying Gentiles and vanishing.”

    Vanishing, my foot !
    How do you think the Ashkenazi evolved ?

  5. That is horse crap. The Jew are united in their goals and ambitions, (((Moshiach and Moshiachian rule))) it is only the means of reaching said goals that are in dispute. Moshiach must be brought into this world without the stupid goyim knowing or else it is not safe for the chosen.

  6. The good part is that the Jews are helping to destroy the Yankee Empire. The best part is that the South now has a chance of being set free and have their own nation after a 150+ year interlude and then can drive out the Yankee and the Jew carpetbaggers and “live happily ever after”.

    May God Save the South!

  7. The Jews may have differing methods and strategies, but they all have the same designs and aims.

    In one of his most brilliant broadcasts ( https://video.natall.com/dr-william-pierce-tribal-thinking ), Dr. William Pierce explained how the Jews think and work:

    “Back during the early part of this century conservatives used to scratch their heads and try to figure out whether Jews were basically capitalists or communists. Jews had become very successful as capitalists in America and
    had amassed huge fortunes. But in Europe the Jews were leading the communist movement, and Jewish capitalists in America were giving thembfinancial aid. The conservatives couldn’t figure it out. It was too much of a puzzle for them. As I said earlier, conservatives are not very bright.

    The answer to the puzzle, of course, is that Jews are basically neither communists nor capitalists. But they also are both when it suits their purpose. I’ll repeat to you an anecdote told by Lazar Kaganovich, the bloodiest and most powerful of the Jewish Bolsheviks during the height of communist power in the Soviet Union. Kaganovich was known as the Butcher
    of Ukraine and the Wolf of the Kremlin and was personally responsible for the murder of millions of Ukrainian and Russian farmers and workers. In 1957 Nikita Khruschev himself publicly accused Kaganovich of murdering 20
    million Russians.

    Kaganovich told the anecdote to his American nephew, Stuart Kahan, who
    wrote the official biography of his uncle, which was published in this country
    in 1987 by William Morrow and Company. Kaganovich’s own uncle, Levick,
    had told the young Kaganovich as a boy in Ukraine the basic rule by which he expected the young Jew to guide his life. I quote: “Whatever is good for the Jews,” Uncle Levick had said to him. “Follow only that line of reasoning.” Actually, Kaganovich mentions several other occasions on which his Uncle
    Levick impressed him with the same rule of conduct, the same rule to guide
    his thinking, during the time when the young Jew, who was a yeshiva boy,
    was attending his first communist meetings in the synagogue in Kiev.

    The interesting thing about that in this connection is that wealthy capitalist
    Jews have written about the same rule being pounded into their own heads by
    their elders when they were boys: “Always base your decisions on what is good for the Jews. Always choose the policy which benefits the Jews. That must be the rule which guides your life, my boy.” That is tribal thinking. And it
    is successful thinking. And neither conservatives nor liberals understand it.

    In the 1970s, after it was apparent to astute observers that communism was
    bankrupt and would not last much longer in eastern Europe, thousands of Jewish intellectuals in America who formerly had supported Marxism, began
    changing their tune and announcing that henceforth they would be conservatives. Today they are called “neoconservatives” or “neocons.” And Gentile liberals felt betrayed. They believed that their Jewish fellow travelers had let them down, had betrayed the cause of liberalism. They didn’t understand that the Jews had no more been genuine Marxists or genuine
    liberals in the past than the neocons are genuine conservatives today. They
    were just doing what was good for the Jews, paying lip service to whatever ideology was best for the Jews at the time, and as the times changed, so did the ideology.

    Today, despite the abandonment of Marxism and the large number of Jewish neocons around, Jews generally are still regarded as “liberals” by most people. That’s because, regardless of whether they support Al Gore or Bill Bradley or George Bush, Jr., for President — regardless of their economic policies or their party affiliation — they virtually all are for gun control, for open borders, for multiculturalism and more “diversity,” for racial mixing, for
    permitting homosexuals to be Boy Scout leaders, and so on. But the essential point, which both conservatives and liberals fail to understand, is that the Jews don’t base their policies on any inherently “liberal” tendency. They base their policies on what’s good for the Jews. And that also means, in nearly every case, on what’s bad for the Gentiles, on what weakens the Gentiles, on what makes easier prey of the Gentiles. Tribal thinking.”

  8. Organized Jewry does not need Israel to thrive. This was proven long before Israel even existed. Furthermore, intermarriage with gentiles does not lead to a decrease in the number of Reform Jews as Jewishness can be passed down from matrilineally or patrilineally according to them.

    There is also the case of how Ashkenazi first came into existence through the intermarriage of male Jews and female Europeans. This took place over a thousand years before Reform Judaism.

  9. There are also some class divides as Sephardic judes tend to look down on Eastern European jews (Ashkenazi) as being country bumokins & rubes here in America.

    It is actually similar to White class differences perhaps.

  10. About every two or so generations, Jews deliberately relax their standards and allow intermarriage for genetic reasons. Too much interbreeding is bad, even for them, so now and then they allow their young to marry out. Of course, the outlier is encouraged to either convert to Judaism (best case scenario) or at least agree to raise their children as Jewish.

    Normally, they swing for the trees and go for high-ranking wealthy young gentiles that further consolidate family fortunes. If not that, then gentiles who are famous for great looks like models and actors.

    If you believe her matrilineal line was NOT Jewish – as some here suspect, but Slav, Ivanka Trump was encouraged to convert to Judaism in order to marry Jared Kushner as was his sister-in-law, the model, Karlie Kloss to marry his brother, Joshua Kushner.

    Dating myself, but approximately forty years ago, when I went to Florida to attend a wedding, one of the bridesmaids (who was also related to the bride) was in the process of converting to Judaism so she could marry her boyfriend.

    Any fans of Downton Abbey should remember that the American heiress who married the Earl had a Jewish father and, during that period, it was not uncommon for wealthy Jews to move to Europe and marry the children of aristocrats who had titles and land, but were cash-squeezed.

    I also read that Jews cleaned out a lot of orphanages during WWII, adopted and raised them as Jews so that the next generation wouldn’t be so inbred and susceptible to some truly horrible diseases.

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