FOX News Is Spreading ADL Propaganda

FOX News wants you to know that Jews are the real victims. The Israelis are the victims of the Palestinians who Jewish settlers are driving out of their homes and turning into refugees whom they are imprisoning in Gaza. The Jews here are also the victims of bad publicity and a few scuffles.

The same Jews who censor the internet and who are leading the charge against our civil liberties and who support open borders and who want to cancel Tucker Carlson’s show and have the cable companies drop FOX News are under assault by a vicious wave of anti-Semitic attacks.

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  1. The ADL attacks Republican voters constantly and the Republican politicians do nothing but suck up to them.

    Now the ADL is attacking the only Republican TV channel and the only Republican on TV that has an audience under the age of 65 …

    … and the Republicans jump to defend the same people attacking them and their own voters?

    What’s going on here?

    Oh, right, Jeffrey Epstein, Joel Greenberg, Les Wexner … Matt Gaetz and RonDesantis…

    Plus all the money of course and they will get good TV coverage if they kiss Netanyahu’s feet on camera.

    Ugh, the Republican are in an S&M relationship with Israel.

    Considering Republicans won’t stop the immigration, is there a single reason to vote for them? Nah, vote 3rd party.

  2. The obsolete media is just poison, at best a distraction.

    Your one man journalism and commentary stands miles above the network swill.

  3. FOX has always shilled for jews and Israel. Hannity is the biggest shill of all with the others running a close second. It brainwashing through indoctrination.

  4. “If you support attacks on jews or Zionism you’re anti white.”
    ” Laura Ingraham is a hot babe! I wish I could be the father of her adopted brown children.”

    – Israeli Sock Account

  5. This support for Israel by the GOP evangelical Christian base is founded upon distortions of biblical teaching. The Jews were the chosen people in order to bring Christ into the world in the flesh. When that was accomplished they rejected him and demanded he be crucified. At that point their purpose ended. The early apostles were Jews and all are invited to Christ, but Israel and the Jews have no “bonus points” at all in terms of being in a state of grace.
    Yet evangelicals are still told to support them, even as they try to shut us up or shut down our social platforms. This is why orthodoxy is growing while the megachurch Zionist protestant churches are nothing more than spiritual megaplexes.

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