Joe Biden Grants Temporary Protected Status To 100,000 Haitian Immigrants

There is nothing more permanent in American politics than a temporary amnesty for refugees from Third World countries. Trump tried and failed to end several of them.

BuzzFeed News:

“The Obama administration previously provided temporary protected status for Haitians who had been in the country continuously since 2010, after an earthquake hit near the capital of Port-au-Prince and, according to estimates, more than 200,000 people were killed. Biden administration officials note that the country has not fully recovered from the earthquake.

The designation of temporary protected status will apply to Haitians — or individuals without nationality who last resided in Haiti — who were in the US as of May 21. It will not apply to those who arrive after that day. The decision to create a new designation allows for an additional 100,000 Haitians to become eligible to apply for temporary protected status on top of the more than 50,000 who already have it. The designation of TPS runs for 18 months. …”


“President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are working to rescue immigrants who’ve been living in the U.S. for decades under a “temporary” legal status. But the Biden administration is simultaneously extending that same status to hundreds of thousands more immigrants — putting them at risk of getting caught in a similar limbo. …”

Biden made good on his promise to Venezuelans a few months ago.

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  1. Of course no such thing would ever be done for illegal Irish or Australians in the US. I really don’t care anymore. It all will just bring this rotten system down faster.

    • Because Whites who come here…have trades or professions, aren’t criminals, don’t expect to be catered to, and have some honor.

      I’ve talked to Europeans who came here, and they said it took forever to get in, and they were required to know English, and prove they have a job lined up. They know that’s all discrimination, because they know about illegals running over the border (or being bussed here), and living off the system.

  2. I thought that we Whites were evil, racist, oppressive supremacists? Why do the Haitians want to live in our country?

  3. That’s alright. Medicare for all, higher taxes on the rich, $15 minimum wage, etc. are coming any day now so it’ll be worth it for whites.

    • “Haitians will be relocated to majority White states”

      You betcha !
      Racial biped bio weapons.

  4. I am curious to know their HIV rate! I head Haitians have the highest rate in the world. Way to go Joe! I know what! Lets just dump them on red state America. God forbid they end up in any blue state!

    • You can be none of them are tested for AIDs, Hepatitis, or anything else. They just let them in, just like the Mexicans. Then we wonder why we have these diseases. The Swine Flu came from Mexico…

      But wear your mask and get that vaccine. Right.

  5. Haitians are about the worst of the blacks, very brutal and aggressive people. I had then putting death threats on me for buying a house in their neighborhood to renovate, ie. “improve”. Really a very savage and brutal people if there ever were any. I wonder whatever happened to the 25% of the Haitian population that used to be white? Oh ya, they KILLED them. Every one, even down to the last baby….

  6. Trump did the same thing. The author is wrong that Trump tried to end these kind of amnesties, he extended several of them.

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