Josh Hawley: Democrat Rhetoric On Israel Is Contributing To Anti-Semitic Violence

I voted in the 2016 election.

I sat out the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Donald Trump’s obsequious relationship with Jewish donors and Israel is one of the top reasons why I didn’t vote to reelect him. I don’t support MIGA or Israel First.

It is true that Republican voters are pro-Israel. It is also true that younger voters, Independent voters and younger Republican voters who are nationalists are much less slavishly supportive of Israel. I think it is safe to say there is a consensus on this issue regardless of how various online personalities relate to each other. It is an applause line with older Republican voters who are Dispensationalists.

BTW, Israel is an apartheid state and Bibi Netanyahu is an ethnonationalist. The whole conflict in Gaza was sparked by Jewish settlers driving Palestinians out of their homes in east Jerusalem. The Gallup poll below was also taken before the latest outbreak of violence.

Note: Right now, the “carry me out on a slab” tweet is the biggest issue that people in our precincts cite as a gripe with Josh Hawley. Similarly, Ron DeSantis signing the anti-Semitism bill in Jerusalem may have impressed Jewish donors, but is by far the biggest turnoff to nationalist voters.

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  1. Hawley, Harvard Law. Not a good sign, not at all. They will carry him out on a slab before I ever cast a vote for Hawley. He worships our persecutors. Scratch Hawley off the list.

  2. Dance for those Shekels! If anyone thinks Ron DeSantis is different I have some time share options you might be interested in.

    • Dago DeSantis is starting to get quite a bit of positive buzz on FoxNews and in mainstream Conservative circles – he’s the darling of Trumptards and Boomers and he has solid Shabbos Goy Credentials with his trips to Israel and anti-1A “Muh-Antisemitism” laws – he may already be the Tribe’s Chosen One for 2024.

      • You are correct about DeSantis being the heir apparent to Zion don in the hearts and minds of Trumptards and boomercons.

        It would not surprise me on iota, if DeSantis chose the negri junior senator from South Carolina as his running mate.

  3. That infamous ‘slab’ tweet was truly revolting. A man who grovels before Jews like that is a man devoid of any honour and shame and thus can never be trusted.

    • Little chance he’ll get carried out on a slab defending his dwindling, hated White constituents. Putting a foreign power ahead of your own people is tantamount to treason.

      • That’s all they do, is talk about Israel. They never stop. I’ve never seen a politician worry about Hungary, Luxembourg, Finland, etc. It’s always Israel, because they are the Top Management and the Human Resources Departments of the United States Corporation.

  4. The Jews are a clever enemy, devilishly clever, it is almost like Satan himself inhabits their Synagogues, and does his work primarily through them, like it says in the book of Revelation, the Lord Jesus said to John, they are the Synagogue of Satan.

    Consider how they create groups in their vicinity, Hezbollah, Hamas, included, and then set them up as the token enemies. Rather nice to be in control of your enemies. Very clever.

    True, they lost control of Hezbollah long ago, but consider how they continue to fund and support Hamas, even giving them little low tech worthless rockets to shoot at Israhell.

    Then Bibi can do some provocations and tell Mossad to tell Hamas to shoot some rockets, and the whole world forgets his election loss and his trial for fraud. As the Lord said, in this world the children of darkness are more clever than the children of light.

    So here in America they do the same. We have to discern who is Mossad and who is not. Josh Hawley fails the smell test. DeSantis is doubtful, very doubtful. Another Ivy League Yankee Zionist.

    We must be as clever as serpents (Jews), said the Lord Jesus. Hawley shows his real self, and it is not America First. Rejected!

  5. It’s probably correct. The way Democrats do attack Israel is to suggest that Israelis are white. A nigger in Brooklyn will use that pretext to punch a Hasid. So he’s not wrong. But yeah, it’s a bad sign. Hawley will fuck over whitey sooner or later given the power.

  6. Easy to lament these sycophants, but really a .85 favorable from the R’s on israel? We got a long way to go…

  7. Why Josh? Why? Why do you defend those who killed the innocent son of God without cause or reason? Because you are a filthy whore, is that it Josh?

  8. Shills and sellouts like Hawley just can’t help themselves when it comes to sucking up to jews and Israel.

  9. If you work for the Jews, you don’t work for the American people. You work for those who hold white Christian Americans in utter contempt, you work for those who seek our ruin.

  10. Hawley apparently has no qualms about Israel’s wanton killing of Palestinian children with American weapons.

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