Poll: Half of Voters Support The Border Wall, Matching Record

Did anyone ever call you a “high time preference” wignat?

It never occurred to some of the geniuses of White Nationalism that allowing progressive activists to dictate American immigration policy for a few years might be an experiment worth trying. Maybe they would start doing things which are so unpopular with Independent voters that it would shift public opinion in our direction and lead to a bigger backlash than the one in 2014 that gave us Trump?

FOX News:

“The latest Fox News survey finds support for building the U.S.-Mexico border wall is up — and now matches a previous high.  This comes after the Biden administration halted the majority of border wall projects in late April.

While voters have mixed views on the wall, the 50 percent who favor it today matches the record set in 2015 — and the 46 percent opposed is a new low.  That marks a reversal from December 2019, when 44 percent favored it and 52 percent were opposed.  

The shift comes mostly from women (+8), Whites, (+7), Republicans (+6), Democrats (+5), and Blacks (+5) being more likely to favor it now compared to 2019. …

The number saying immigrants hurt the country has risen 15 percentage points since 2019 when 24 percent felt that way.  …

Increases in the portion saying “hurt” are seen across the board: independents (+21), Republicans (+20), Whites (+18), men (+16), women (+14), Blacks (+11), and Democrats (+8) are more likely to think immigrants hurt rather than help.

White voters are also more likely to think immigrants are more harmful (45 percent) than helpful (41 percent).  In 2019, 27 percent said immigrants hurt and 44 percent said help. …

President Biden is in negative territory when it comes to handling immigration (38 percent approve vs. 57 percent disapprove) and border security (40-56). …”

The experiment with open borders is having a predictable effect.

Even more important than building the wall, Joe Biden’s approval rating on immigration is down to a lopsided 38 percent approve vs. 57 percent disapprove. The politics of immigration have shifted across the board to the Right which is why even with Joe in there and Democrats controlling the House and Senate that there is no chance that comprehensive immigration reform will pass Congress.

Note: In our camp, there were some people who believed that Joe Biden would be a terrible president, but having him in there would be more of an opportunity to rebound from the Trump years. We remembered how Obama’s second term had been good for us and had energized our movement. There were other people who genuinely supported Joe Biden for some reason out of hatred of the Republicans.

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  1. I’m glad the public is moving in our direction on immigration!

    We need a national ID system, mandatory employee verification, severe punishments for employers who hire illegals, and teeth in the law’s enforcement. If illegals can’t get work or government bennies they’ll be gone.

    After 2020 and seeing people put on the no-fly list for trivial reasons, we might not want the wall. If this place disintegrates you’d like to at least be able to jump the border if you can’t escape any other way.

    • “We need a national ID system”

      NO, NO, NEVER !
      you don’t realize the tyrannical consequences of that. That is tooooo dangerous.

      Their are other solutions.

      • Agree. Illegals can get a driver’s license, which allows them to vote in most states. They don’t have to be citizens to get housing, food stamps, free medical care, free utilities, Medicare, or even Social Security. They are entitled to limitless free stuff at the taxpayers’ expense.

        No “ID” will stop this. No one is going to ID them and send them back, when they are being brought here.

        No one is going to tell an illegal that they cannot get benefits. They qualify for benefits and public assistance more than any true American citizen.

        This shows EXACTLY what is going on.

  2. The Wall would only be symbolic at this point. There are at least 30 million illegal aliens in this country. And as Arrian has already pointed out our consumer and debt-driven economy requires them to be here.

  3. In our camp, there were some people who believed that Joe Biden would be a terrible president, but having him in there would be more of an opportunity to rebound from the Trump years.

    That’s fair enough, but there’s obviously a limit to how far that logic will get you. Take it too far and you might conclude that by the time the country is 90% non-white, WN will be poised for a huge win.

    • @Silver – Exactly right. Also, were any permanent gains secured by the backlash to Obama’s election? Seems not.

  4. Even if you build an Israel type wall with gun towers and sensors, they will still come in through other ways. The ones that are already here will multiply like roaches keeping their number2 growing until we become Mexico 2.0. They have to go back.

    • Most of them are not walking/ running across the border. They are being bussed and flown in. If you look at the 80-year old Mexicans coming here, as part of one of their “extended families”, they aren’t walking here.
      And you’re right. If you don’t arm the border, nothing will change. There were videos of the border guards being attacked by mobs of “hispanics” with bricks and glass bottles, but the border guards never pointed a rifle at them or threatened them back. This is just a big YES, COME ON IN.

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