Abraham Foxman Is Done With The New York Times

Abraham Foxman is the former ADL national director.

He is a heavyweight in the world of “fighting anti-Semitism.” Now he is canceling his New York Times subscription because Israel is being covered in a less than reverent light. No one cares.

I think it is safe to say that the public image of OUR GREATEST ALLY has been knocked down a peg or two in this latest exchange of fire with Hamas. Jewish power has ebbed somewhat as well when a big shot like Foxman who is accustomed to controlling the media can’t get his way anymore.

As we have seen, young evangelicals are souring on Israel. The Jews themselves are increasingly divided over Israel. Jonathan Greenblatt doesn’t have the same influence and control over the media as Foxman. He has been reduced to commiserating with Charlie Sykes on The Bulwark podcast which gets 174 views. Finally, there has been so much intermarriage over the past twenty years that it has created a big divide between the Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews who are vanishing.

Note: Norman Finkelstein’s power level is rising. Max Blumenthal’s power level is rising.

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  1. I love that Rolling Stones song but I never understood what Mick was singing about until I read the lyrics. There is also a good documentary with that title about the Stones’ bummer of a show in December 1969 at the Altamont racetrack in northern California.

    The porcine Abe Foxman tries to portray himself as a “champion of human rights and civil liberties” but in reality he’s just another hateful and repulsive Israel First jew supremacist. Imagine my shock upon realizing this.

  2. Jignat running an organisation blood-libelling whites gets a small dose of critical coverage of Israel. What a thin skin. The Jews did conduct a massacre here. It’s not made up.

  3. The Lincoln banner is nice. 🙂

    “Social media is now censoring pro Israel content. Facebook just banned a prayers for Israel group that had over 77 million followers.”

    First the Jews banned the White Nats. I said nothing because I was not a White Nat.
    Then the Jews banned the Trumpers. I said nothing because I was not a Trumper.
    Then the Jews banned the Jew worshippers. I said nothing because I was not a Jew worshipper.

    • I can’t look at depictions of the Lincoln assassination without thinking of the intro to the old crime story parody series “Police Squad”.

      “Also starring Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln”.

      • I want to know why the lady facing Mr. Lincoln isn’t shouting ‘Abe! Duck!” Was she in on the kill?

        It also doesn’t do Southern manhood any favors by depicting John Wilkes Booth shooting Lincoln in the back of his head without warning. Not exactly an honorable duel. Southerners no doubt think that Lincoln deserved to be put down like Old Yeller. (Actually, they believe he deserved worse). I guess the President should’ve armed himself.

        • I think the Radical Republicans were behind the assassination, particularly Secretary of War Edwin Stanton who had control of intelligence, security and communications. Bad as he was, Lincoln was too lenient with the South in the eyes of the RRs. Delaying Southern reentry into the Union prolonged RR political power in the congress.

          The South had nothing to gain by the assassination.

          • Was Andrew Johnson a better president for the postwar South than Lincoln would have been? Thoughts, HW?

  4. The Jewish run Press are creating a blood libel on whites over the Tulsa Race Riots. A black attempts a rape on a white girl. The black is arrested. Several armed blacks try to storm police jail to bust him loose then shoot dead several whites outside the police station. Whites retaliate trying to find the gang of shooters in a ghetto area. Blacks ambush whites entering area to secure arrests, blacks burn down their own neighbourhood.

    This turns into an air raid bombing of Black Wall Street and a pogrom with mass unmarked graves.

    • I have asked on the FB page of a major west coast newspaper “How were blacks able to build the Black Wall Street in Tulsa before civil rights legislation and the Great Society but have not been able to replicate it since?”

      None of the resident shitlibs could answer. My answer is that it takes an oil boom! So all we have to do is search for oil deposits in black cities and ignore tge transition away from fossil fuels.

  5. Day of the Blood Libel.


    To my mind it’s a pity that whites don’t organise massive retaliations like this anymore. I’d tend to put this event down to Tulsa being a wild west town with oil money and automatic firearms. It’s pretty obvious that the black shoeshine tried a rape, that his relatives came to spring him from jail, shit some white people, then had a firefight with the friends and family of the dead whites. Then the rest of whites in Tulsa decided to eliminate the blacks from the city the next morning.

    • “I’d tend to put this event down to Tulsa being a wild west town with oil money and automatic firearms”

      You don’t know Okies.

  6. Jews are liable for the blood of Christ and both the Times and that Foxman critter are going to hell. There is no rift in Jew goals. There only is exists a difference of opinion in how to reach those goals. Foxman and the Times want the same thing. They are in complete and total agreement on the Jew goals —the destruction of Christ and Christianity and us in chains.

  7. 1. NYT is the most over-the-top ultra-Zionist pro-Israel you can possibly be and still claim to be “liberal” – really, not even “liberal” but “not genocidally Jewish Supremacist.”

    2. This latest crisis has really, really clarified a lot, especially on the “alternative right” side of things. The Zionist shills all exposed themselves as Israel-firsters. There are publications claiming to be “right” that started hysterically publishing Hasbara hoping to stem the bleeding but just wound up spending the very last of their credibility.

    And of course when the chips were down, the Jeffrey Epstein Republicans all came out of the closet and helped identify themselves, which will help us know who to send to Gitmo come the revolution. I’m looking at you, Matt Gaetz and Ron DeSantis and Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz and …

    … I mean it’s probably easier to list the Republicans who are NOT kiddie-diddlers being blackmailed by Mossad.

    Sibel Edmonds predicted this back in 2002 and just a few years later the highest ranking Republican in Congress, Dennis Hastert, was exposed as a blackmailed pedophile – just like she had predicted.

    Let’s see who starts defending Gaetz and DeSantis as they get indicted in the next 12 months. “But, but, only a few of those girls we were drugging and trafficking and raping were underage – most of them were a day over 18! They are all sluts anyway!”

    I’m sure Anglin, et al, will have a field day.

    • “… I mean it’s probably easier to list the Republicans who are NOT kiddie-diddlers being blackmailed by Mossad.”

      Is there even a single one?

  8. Yes, as you point out, good on Norman Finkelstein and Max Blumenthal for not being intimidated by the Jew mafia. Both suffered severe attacks and had their careers ruined for sticking to their principles and not bowing down.

    I nominate them both for the Righteous Among The Jews award.

    • Finkelstein could probably gain honorary Aryan status if he would come around to the truth of the camps.

  9. If we only had a White leader who fought for our race the way Abe fights for his. Of course people like Abe would never allow it.

    • We got soft somewhere between Tusla and Soweto. Reading about the Tusla riot, I am enjoying the account of the coordinated dawn assault on Little Africa by Tulsans. There’s a reason accounts of it got buried by journalists and pols. And it isn’t what blacks claim. The entire community cut out a cancer.

      • Yeah, my understanding is that the blacks started it and the Whites finished it. Imagine what would happen to BLM if we hadn’t gone “soft”.

  10. Wow! – if Mr. Foxman thinks that The New York Times is ‘anti-semitick’, what’s next ? : Bugs Bunny is anti-wabbit?

    • You put anti-semitick in quotes, as if someone else wrote it that way. They didn’t. You are the one who turns -ic into -ick or -ik, for some unknown, dumb reason.

      • That’s just Ivan doing his traditional southern gentleman routine, which apparently includes archaic orthography. He seems like an affable fellow, but the way he carries on, it’s hard to resist the temptation to tell him to utterly go fuck himself.

  11. 1965


    Dancing Israeli Art Students on a NJ Rooftop on 9/11

    13 year old Mary Phagan’s Corpse

    Leo Frank

    The ADL

  12. Physiognomy Israel.

    camel schnoz + beady eyes + lumpy asymmetric face + fleshy lips = malignant liar

  13. If Israel disappeared off the map tomorrow, international Jewry would still remain. Neoliberalism, anti-racism, degeneracy, etc. did not originate in Israel. The most we can hope for as support for Israel declines is less war and thus, less Muslim refugees in Europe. Though, we may see more Jewish refugees. And it is premature to say there is a decline in the number of non-Orthodox Jews without knowing conversion rates for their spouses and children. Even if it were true, the number of key institutional positions one needs to control to have great influence on society is relatively small.

    • @John…

      White Gentiles do not have a history of living as tiny minorities in many lands as do Jews, therefore, White Gentiles only know the pattern of falling out with each other and remaining divided – not that of constantly helping each other out.

      That said, there is a great awakening going on, and that is very promising.

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