CNN Host Eats Brood X Cicadas On Live Television

Some of you thought that eating bugs was a meme.

James Carville’s generation of Democrats used to emphasize what they had in common with ordinary people and how food brought people together. In contrast, progressives these days are motivated by social distinction. They emphasize how they are different from the masses: speaking in “woke,” eating bugs, toppling statues and anti-whiteness appeal to a distinct social class of White people.

Note: In Europe, nationalist and populist leaders like Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orbán have happily exploited this.

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  1. Will this stunt boost clobbered CNN ratings? More importantly, you heard the meme: “Eating bugs is the future”. Will it gain traction?

  2. As someone who lives in the Gulf South, I have mixed feelings about this.

    Every year we celebrate “crawfish season” here. (We also call them mudbugs). Biologically speaking, fresh water crustaceans are not all that different than insects like cicadas. I mean in all practical terms, as long as cicadas don’t carry harmful bacteria or microorganisms, I don’t see any reason to not give them a try.

    I find it a little weird to eat the exoskeleton along with the fleshy parts, so that is obviously not very appetizing. We don’t eat crawfish exoskeleton or legs (other than perhaps pulling the bit of meat out of the claws) same with shrimp. You peel the shrimp, even if the boiled shrimp turns out soft enough to eat the whole thing. Nobody eats the shells.

    But that’s not the point. These people aren’t prepping us to eat these things because it is really some kind of delicious delicacy that we’ve been ignoring all this time. I’m sure they are edible and a taste can be acquired for them. The reason they are insisting that we desensitize ourselves is because they are going to push this on us. They are going to tax the beef industry into oblivion. They are going to allow health insurance companies to raise rates on beef eaters. I could even see rationing in the future. This isn’t about “oh look, let’s try this new interesting food idea and see if it catches on”. This is about creating a paradigm where change is forced upon us in the name of a new global religion.

    It isn’t going to be, hey, how about steak on Friday and cicada enchiladas on Taco Tuesday. This is about “how about cicada meatloaf on Friday and Cicada casserole every other day of the week. No more beef for you, peasant!

    • I think it is a mass experiment to see how much humilation and degradation the masses will put up with.

      • You’re absolutely right.
        Commonly called a “shit test”.

        And Americans fail, almost every time.

      • This is far less extreme than drag queen story hour and taking kids away from parents who want to block their 5 year old son from having his testicles removed, because cartoon network or blues clues told him that he is gender queer. Given how much they got away with, it’s not surprising they try this now. Remember: it’s all about signaling you are above the plebs and their reactionary bugphobia! But yes: somewhere a nose his rubbing his hands and laughing. Because bugs are 100% not kosher to eat and “they” will never eat the bugs, or own nothing and be happy.

  3. You know cows also produce milk and milk is very important for growing children.

    What is going to replace milk in small children’s diets?

  4. This eating bugs thing is just completely insane and something out of the film They Live. Few years ago I thought is was just clickbait for enraged goyim but libtards just keep doubling down on it and saying its the answer to all the worlds problems

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