Black Panther Militants March Through Tulsa

The corporate media doesn’t have much to say about the total shitshow in Tulsa.

Daily Mail:

“The flagship commemoration event to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre was scrapped after three survivors demanded $1 million each to appear.

Monday’s Remember & Rise event – which was also set to feature John Legend and Stacey Abrams – was called off on Friday after survivors Viola Fletcher, 107, her brother Hughes Van Ellis, 100 and Lessie Benningfield Randle, 106, upped their appearance fee from $100,000 each to $1 million each.

Lawyers representing the trio also demanded seed money for a reparations fund be boosted from the agreed $2 million to $10 million, with Oklahoma State Senator Kevin Matthews saying organizers were unable to meet their revised demands. …”

It was one big racial grievance grift.

The LARPers showed up though and threatened “to kill everything White in sight.”

Daily Mail:

“Hundreds of black gun owners marched through downtown Tulsa to honor of the lives lost during the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. 

Members of the Black Panther party and over a dozen gun clubs marched down North Tulsa chanting ‘Black Power’ and ‘Black Lives Matter‘ on Saturday afternoon. 

The 2nd Amendment Armed March commemorated the 100th anniversary of the notorious massacre that saw whites in the Oklahoma City attacking the prosperous black Greenwood district and its residents. …”

This is how it was covered by the real “journalists” at CNN.


“(CNN) – The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin warning that events associated with the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre could be targets for racial violence, according to a source familiar with the warning.

These events “probably are attractive targets for some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists to commit violence,” the Wednesday bulletin read, according to the source.

There are no specific or credible threats at this time that violent extremists are planning on targeting the remembrance, according to a DHS spokesperson, who confirmed that information about the concerns was shared with local and state authorities.

Earlier this week, the White House announced that President Joe Biden will visit Tulsa, Oklahoma, next week in honor of the 100th anniversary of the massacre, in which hundreds of residents from the Greenwood District were killed and the neighborhood was left in ashes. …”

This is how it was covered by NBC Narratives.

NBC Narratives:

“The Tulsa Race Massacre’s centennial commemorations in Oklahoma could draw racial violence and white supremacist groups, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has warned in a bulletin.

“We assess that upcoming commemoration events associated with the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre in Oklahoma probably are attractive targets for some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists to commit violence,” the department said, according to a memo obtained by NBC News.

The memo, released earlier this week, wasn’t specific to any of the several events taking place over the holiday weekend, but it said that white supremacist groups could eye any mass gathering or crowded public spaces without warning in Tulsa. …”

The last five months have been a huge disappointment for Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas. The only “domestic violent extremists” who have been active in the Biden era are anarchists and black supremacists. It was a black insurrectionist who attacked the U.S. Capitol in April.

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  1. How long do these dumb niggers think a “Race War” is going to last – a week? 10 days? The Greenwood thing in 1921 was based af – Whitey didn’t take any shit back then.

    • Back then there was no jew controlled TV news and jew controlled social media to stir up the Negroes or threaten Whites into submission. Talk about a malign influence on society!

    • They’re already being ethnically cleansed from California – down to 5% there now.

    • The only ones massacred were whites that day. Complete inversion of reality. Charges were even dropped against the rapey nog.

  2. In an important rural town in Eastern North Carolina, which, to protect the innocent, shall remain nameless, there was a BLM march last year.

    This town, is a progressive/reactionary model for The New/Olde South, for not only has it protected it’s Confederate statues and flags, it forbad Walmart a place in it, over ten years back, the result being that the entire downtown area has remained intact, and, just as it was in the 1920s, is flourishing and booming.

    By the way, though not perfect, race relations in this town are better than in most any place North or South.

    Yet, on came the rabble rousers from the big cities in the centre part of our state to march in this old town.

    To that end, the sheriff, who happens to be an inordinately big and calm Black Man, coordinated with them, then, when they arrove, led the activists on a route straight through the centre of the town, after which he took them left on a detour to an old restored textile mill.

    As the marchers consumed the plentiful homemade cookies, punch, and cake that had been waiting for them, a few town leaders thankt them for their diligent concern and then the sheriff told them that they had fulfilled their permit, and that it was time for them to go home.

    That was the big BLM march in Eastern NC of last year, and it was a successful hybrid chapter right out of Brer’ Rabbit and Mayberry RFD.

    • “It was one big racial grievance grift.”

      You nailed it !

      It’s been that way , all along. MLK , jesse Jackson and all, just a way to squeeze whitey for the gibbs.

    • “Yet, on came the rabble rousers from the big cities in the centre part of our state”

      Financed by (((whom))) ?

    • How do you suppose the negress Sheriff in Pitt County would have handled the scenario you described?

      • @Flaxen…

        Pitt County is controlled by Yankees, Globalist interests, and a secularist-progressive mindset, and, as such, is quite the converse of the town I described, which is controlled by Chryst, Southerners, and tradition.

        The town I described is much as it was a century ago – both in appearance and behavior, while Greenville does not resemble itself from even 40 years ago, when it was just a sleepy Southern college town surrounded by cowfields…

        • Not really an answer to my question and your characterization of Greenville is marginally accurate..

          • @Flaxen…

            I did answer your question, Sir – just that it was not quite the answer you sought, or, at least, not coucht in certain terms.

            I talkt about Greenville being beholden to money, and, by implication, that the moneyed interests are the ones who put the Negress in charge.

            As to my description of Greenville, it is based on decades of familiarity with the place, both from having lived nearby in Little Washington, from a wife who lived their for years, and our daughters who do live there.

            That said, it would not bother me if you thought of it differently.

            There is more than one side to every story.

            In any case, be well!

    • Though not in sympathy with BLM, I might have joined that march myself, had I known there’d be punch and cookies.

      • @John…

        And you would have been in your right mind, no doubt, Dear John, to have marcht for the punch, cookies, and cakes, for they were caringly created by all the ladies’ groups from civick clubs, Black and White churches.

        The Gospel according to The Southern Cook is a chapter we never fail to attend!

      • I can’t stand eating cookies while drinking cordials, punches or fruit juices.

        Milk only. The fat and the protein ameliorate the sugar in the dough. The black inability to drink milk is a tell. The sweet tooth a giveaway.

        Are you sure you are white?

  3. Will anyone here be participating in Decoration Day activities like the wonderful lady pictured above?

  4. The New Black Panther Party could slaughter every single White man, woman, and child, and half of the White gentile population in the USA would still say, “They’re not all that way.”

    Eventually, their threats will become action.

  5. The whole thing kicked off only after a mob of nigger thugs killed 10 White men. The official report in 2001 found that 39 were killed in all – a far cry from this totally unsubstantiated figure of 300 or more being bandied about by the lying, murderous nigger retard-inciting kikemedia scum

    Plus they even try to smear the White elevator girl victim as a slut because she divorced her husband to come & work in Tulsa.

    • The correct sequence was this.

      Black Diamond Dick attempts a rape on an elevator attendant. He gets arrested. Blacks try to spring him from jail. The blacks gun down several whites. Police attempt to arrest the shooters in Coontown. The police are fired on a retreat. In the morning the sick n tired whites of Tulsa systematically burn down coontown.

      • Plus at least one honest darkie put the blame on a nigger WWI vet who led the armed nigger mob that kicked off the show by killing Whites.

        We know that this is almost certainly the case by the way the goddamned Black Panthers – shit, every nigger mob – acts: swaggering around, destroying property, attacking & threatening to kill Whites.

  6. blacks – in the streets, armed, killing us, and threatening to kill more of us
    whites – don’t do anything guys, that would be bad optics, just listen to pundits and trust the plan

  7. “five months have been a huge disappointment for Merrick Garland and Alejandro Mayorkas”

    They’ll keep saying that, until some incident occurs, then they’ll magnify it , all out of proportion. Then with the aid of fellow tribesmen in the media, they’ll make it a major nation issue to push legislation against WHITES. Just as they magnified the death of a nobody dope dealer in Minnesota.

    The media controls perception !

  8. They threatened to kill ‘everything white in sight’.
    White lives matter!

    That these survivers went on to make at least 100 each means they led good lives……provided by white technology and taxes. In Africa they’d struggle to make 45.
    Whenever I question why I’m a Y waysist, outfits such as this serve to remind me. I can’t love those who hate me and my people in return.
    Today’s groids are angrier at whites than those who lived through slavery, Jim Crow, etc. Yes……… integration, appeasement and desegregation really helped you didn’t it….

  9. It is sad to say this but a lot of blacks are ruled by money and petty revenge instead of Christ and his teachings, forgive and forget they know not.

    The Jews want empathy and understanding for the torment and persecution they endured over the killing of Christ and the Jews are using blacks to get it. When are blacks going to wake up and realized they are being used to inflict pain and suffering on the innocent?

    Black people you are being led astray.

  10. Aw, Unka Ivan, we done heard ‘at story sixtity time befo’. Now tell us da one bout da Wanderin Jew and da lady ain’t got no close.

  11. Niggers march with guns, and ZOG issues a bulletin blaming “white nationalists.” As for the “corporate media” who owns and manages those?

    But aren’t those Black Panther niggers on an FBI leash? I think so

  12. @ thee satanic sin dicate, could possibly stage, a fake attack of some sort, with thee motive of provocation and escalation in mind, stay vigilant everyone.

  13. When the Northern States and their storefront operation in Washington DC collapse, the Niggers’ ostensibly White, Judeo-Yankee handlers are going to go back home to Yankeedom. Leaving them alone with Southern crackers that have long memories, and slow burning fuses.

    What the Northern born, bread and based America Left really want, are White, spoiled, rich Northern and Northwestern born kids, shot dead on Southern soil, in AntiFa uniform. But since the political climate has “changed,” supposedly because of the election of Biden, this is not very likely to happen, anymore.

    Other than desecrating our cemeteries and memorials to our dead, the Yankees and their Jewish cobelligerents have lost interest in Dixie. For now. They’re too busy trying to consolidate power, and cement permanent rule in their fake Capitol in Washington DC.

    We need Southern independence. Which means that we need to get rid of our worthless, scalawagged, Yankee pandering state governments. And do a lot of housecleaning in Dixie. PDQ.

    • The divide isn’t North and South. It’s urban vs. rural. Your state will be blue before mine will. Not that red/blue even matters.

  14. Don’t they understand we support Palestine?

    We’re also Nationalists just like them.

    Hate teh Jooz just like them.

    We are practically natural allies! Why do they still push this Tulsa blood libel against Whitey?

  15. Whites 100 years ago retaliated for a rape and shooting by burning down Coontown. The reason we don’t talk about it is that whites might burn down the various ghetto infestations again.

  16. The media coverage is communist Jewish coverage. Nbc and Cnn are run by Jews with a sprinkling of ” just pay me” goys. The hilarious part is these Jews keep putting themselves into a box.

    Black Panthers are basically the early version of Blm. It’s just Blm has more brainwashed, self hating, communist Whites in their ( bowel) movement.

    All blacks do is whine and lie. They and the heavily Jewish media simply blow off all the crimes they have committed over the last 100 years but will hype up the race riot in Tulsa a century ago. Why not? It’s a hate whitey fest and they are hoping for another black lottery payment. The black lottery sure beats the odds of the regular lottery.

    Joe Biden is a bad dude. He is such garbage that even Northeast Republican Congresswomen Stefanik and Malliotakis introduced legislation to ban flying politically charged messages with the American flag flying over foreign consulates. Of course dirty Biden and his far left appointment in Tony Blinken want to fly Blm garbage ” cuz muh blaxxx” …

    I always knew Biden was a fraud but underestimated just how bad of a guy he is. It would be a great moment if the Catholic Church would ban the early dementia, baby killer supporter, homosexual promoter, race divider in the nearly 80 year old president. But I think the church is too afraid to do it.

    Blacks have the greatest racket ever. Notice they are never ever taken to task on their voting habits? Sure, 90 to 95% are Democrats but they also nearly always vote for the most racist, communist, anti American Democrat there is. Maxine Waters? Currie Bush? Aoc? Tlaib? Omar? Pressley? and on and on. Zero ramifications!!……unless the black politician is speaking negatively of Jews or Israel. Then suddenly the ” oyyy veyy” press gets upset.

    It’s also interesting Whites virtually never get the ” hate crime” label when a victim. Kosher Inc. and its good goys do the greatest acrobatic bull $=× to get around speaking of non Jewish Whites as hate crime victims to blacks in particular. Imagine the hate crime attacks by Jews on non Jewish Whites economically that will never be discussed?

    People are getting really tired of Blm and their 15 minutes of fame. I expect it to carryover to next year’s election when Republicans take back the House- potentially by big numbers- as well as taking the Senate back even if by a couple of seats.

    If the weirdo, pseudo president Joe Biden continues to let our nation fall to garbage, I can see him getting wiped out in 2024. Thus next year’s election will tell a good amount. If the Republicans come in with big time knockout victories in the House and take control of the Senate, Biden is too feeble, boring, fake and old to defend himself. He will be in his 80s for the next election, too.

    Send the most anti White president in American history back to bed in his basement along with his fake ” doctor” wife as well. She is a glorified teacher and not a real doctor. But both are traitors to their country. No doubt.

  17. The black race riots and the white reaction to them in Tulsa 100 years ago didn’t kill “Black Wall Street” (such as it was, and it wasn’t that much). It was rebuilt after the fact. What killed it was the ’60s, civil rights, affirmative action, “the white man’s ice is colder,” making it and other similar districts in other cities superfluous and passe.

  18. Most of the media is concentrated in Jew York city Time Square creating racial tension where non exist.Left alone white people go about their business and blacks be out of sight and out of mind.this is how China state media have dealt with Tibetan,to them they don’t exist.

  19. I’m being totally serious when I ask if this event really happened, did it? I consider myself a history buff but I had zero knowledge of this Tulsa race riot. The first I heard of it was from the trailer of the Watchmen HBO series, and what it depicted was f**king outrageous. If it is real it has probably been mythologized to supernatural proportions. This really sounds like a tale right out of the book of woke or religious like the killing of all of Egypt’s first born.

    • @Daniel – Yes, it actually happened as described by commenters above. Like all things in the vast and never-ending category of black grievances, it has been fictionalized out of all reality to deify the guilty…Blacks.

      • I lost all respect for HBO when they did that to the watchmen series I didn’t think they be even worse then synder film adaption Also the whites be gone commercial that mad men actor Jon hamm did was especially despicably evil

    • Yes, a black did try to to rape a white girl as she operated an elevator. The cops did arrest the black. A gang of Niggers tried to get into the jail claiming they wanted help the popo. The blacks shot approx 8 white people. The police pursued the gang of blacks back into coontown area and suffered from a hail of bullets protecting the black gang and had to retreat. There were exchanges of fire across a train track until 2am. At dawn every white man in Tulsa with a gun surrounded Coontown and a general assault began to cut out the cancer of Little Africa. That’s how it used to be done.

  20. Meanwhile, while our mentally challenged and extremely violent and murderous enemies threaten our lives with impunity, Jared Taylor puts up another overbearing demand to acquiesce. Taylor is at best a news aggregator, which he does poorly.

    Taylor sure is a strong-willed in his acquiescent, complicit demands. He is very commanding in his orders to his readers to be weak and give up. Be nice. That is the most important thing. Commenting at his website is a “privilege.” Privilege, the favorite word of oppressors. This, that, and everything else, in fact everything, is a privilege, not a right.

    It turns out there are no rights because someone else controls your means to actually practice your rights of speech, and every other right. Therefore it is a privilege.

    Taylor’s attitude is shocking in light of recent developments. That he actually doubles down on his demands for polite acquiescence is beyond repulsive. It is true, brazen, unmitigated gall. It is also evil, not at all descent, not at all ethical or morally sound.

    Taylor is part of the problem, controlled opposition. Taylor’s message is “go down to your deaths smiling and exhibiting excellent manners while they rape your wife over your dying body.” Don’t be rude while they plot and actually put into effect your literal demise.

    Our news aggregators are building castles, living the high life, and collecting a few, very few, articles.

    Don’t let that bother you though because, hallelujah, there is going to be another conference! Another conference is what we need! That will straighten everything out! What we need is for our news aggregators to have conferences, and a castle or two.
    Let them live in castles, after all they aggregate news and have conferences. And they demand that we exhibit good manners toward murderous terrorists.

    • Private Laws and the Right Hand. The left though do talk about Unearned Privileges. That’s their escape clause when you take away their rights to do stuff they like. We don’t you know they earned that privilege!

  21. Black nationalists march and threaten to kill Whites and the jew media is silent. White nationalists march, threaten no one and the jew media calls it a domestic terrorism, racism, White supremacy, etc. Be careful what you wish for sambo, you might just get it. Deep down they know they are inferior and that’s why they hate us and themselves. Evey and jealously

    • “Deep down they know they are inferior, and that’s why they hate us and themselves. Envy and jealousy.”

      No, Dear John – you do not personally know Jews well, for, if you did, you would know that they think themselves the cleverest and most capable sorts who, when confronted with any Gentile criticism, even of the most innocuous and tepid sort, they always put it down to the jealousy of inferior beings.

  22. Is the tulsa race riots basically the holocaust for southern blacks now?! Cocksuckers Cnn and nbc gave the black militia the most positive angle. Not even saying a bad word about them saying they should be able to have a provocative assault rifle march demanding more gibs for something that happened 6 decades ago that was essentially a defensive measure against a violent riot

    I noticed one of the articles said massacre. Whats stopping them from adding the word genocide to it I’m sure thats the next step after talking to big nose communist advisers

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