Daily Mail: Halve the Size of Your Steak to Save the Planet

Decision time.

The experts are saying that the future of the planet hinges on my decision to eat only a 4oz steak tonight. We trust the experts, right? They know what they are doing, right?

Daily Mail:

“For some, a big juicy steak is the star attraction on a dinner plate.

But the meaty treat should take a back seat if you want to save the planet, an expert has said.

She also warned, however, that going vegan can take its toll on the environment too.

Halving the weight of your steak could be ‘just one thing’ people can do to cut their carbon emissions, said Sarah Bridle, a physics professor working on food and climate change at Manchester University.

And in a move that may outrage beef enthusiasts, she recommends sticking to a cut weighing 4oz. …

‘So if we get an 8oz steak and chips, for example, that itself blows the amount of greenhouse gas emissions for food for one person for one day from that one meal. But if it was half the quantity of steak, that would be below the global average of food impacts for one day.’ …”

Yes, the people who insist that “science” can’t tell the difference between male and female and that race is a social construct are confident about this prescription. White people may not exist, but the 20,000 new genders which were made up on Tumblr over the past decade are all real and you can be banned from social media for “deadnaming” people because that is “transphobia.”


“The Group of Seven leaders on Sunday concluded their summit by agreeing to reaffirm their previously-established goals to create a turning point in climate change issues in 2021.

The big picture: The G7 leaders emphasized their commitment to a green transition that would cut emissions, halt and reverse biodiversity loss and “increase prosperity and wellbeing.” They did not announce specific new goals. …”

I don’t trust progressive activists.

Why are the childless weirdos and cosplay enthusiasts out there warning the rest of us about going extinct? Isn’t their lifestyle the cause of declining birth rates?

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  1. Yuk. Been a vegetarian since I was 19. Uncle Adolf got this right. We might need to become vegetarian or more vegetarian to make a homeland. Cattle are wasteful.

    • my humble opinion is that world population should be decreased to around 500 million through sterilizations or maybe masks infected with Ebola or Novichok who cares and I couldn’t care less about restriction of meat consumption
      I work in farming in South America and I don’t consume meat, if some grotesquely obese American mulatto or “white” is whining who the fukk cares

    • Do I tell you which kind of kale or greens you can eat? Do I tell you how to wash your spinach? No, I let you chose what you want to eat and do of your own free will. Why can’t you treat me the same way? Too Christian for you is that kyke? Why do hate Christ? WTF did he ever do to you?

    • carpet bombing Africa and parts of Asia is all we need to do. Use the useless airforces.

    • Cattle are wasteful…

      Cattle are TASTEFUL.

      There. Fixed it for you. Now, “Arise Peter, KILL and eat!”

      Obey God. Stop being a culinary faggot.

    • Fish and chicken(dinosaur descendants) are just fine, and taste better than our fellow mammals.

  2. This is utterly insane. As long as third-world sh#tholes and “developing” nations continue their wanton rape and plunder of the environment and its resources, the size of one’s steak completely irrelevant.

  3. The Chinese came out and told the G7 crowd that the era of western supremacy is over, and that America and EU (aka East America) can no longer dictate to the rest of the world how to run their countries. These idiots say they want to compete with China, but they have nothing to offer. What is the west’s vision for the future? Eat bugs, become serfs, and give all of your money to billionaires so that they can become trillionaires? Cut your kids’ genitals off and send them to work as elite prostitutes on Epstein island? What do they offer other countries? More IMF loans that for decades have only resulted in them becoming poorer than they were before? The western regime can only win through force, and their ability to use force is rapidly diminishing because they decided to wage war against their native people.

  4. Yes goy, do with less, while the Chinese fish the seas empty and desertify the land.

    We need to send your food to Africa, while they breed like rabbits, then we send millions of Africans to your nation

    Got it, goy ?

  5. Bugs aren’t so bad, goy.

    If you want a little meat, now and then, rat burger will only be 12$ for 4 oz.

  6. So the near extinction of the North American Bison was a good thing? What’s all this?

  7. I hold my steak size down to four oz. on my own and only eat it about twice a month for my own personal health maintenance and economic reasons. The point being, I don’t need a government mandate to do that any more than I need one to start eating whatever next generation Frankenfood some government panel of “experts” (headed up by some Dr. Fauci type character) and some Big Corporate Food Corporations might come up with.

  8. Honestly not even that big on steak, its a fools game on chewing and on savouring flavors. Rather have a philly cheesesteak or a good burger instead

  9. Extinction rebellion is insane Its like flash mob theater for cultist weirdos I doubt any of those people are in anyway pro white

  10. Just to do MY part, I am going eat another half of steak, on top of the 8 ounce steak, and enjoy 12 ounces of tasty grilled ribeye! Some of us can’t go vegan for various dietary reasons, and load up on the carbs.

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