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  1. Its long been a strategy of banks to use FED money to buy up real assets while inflation eats away at normal peoples wealth. They also get to diversify these neighborhoods with methods outside of unpopular government legislation and regulation. This is definitely part of the great reset agenda, they have destroyed the independent small business class, the landlords through eviction moratoriums, and now they are outpricing even the wage earning middle class. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

    • Blackrock is also setting up a private investment bank in China that looks like a proto-FED to me. If the Chinks are going to wake up they had better do it soon.

      • @KT-88…

        The same thing will happen to The Chinese that has happened to everyone before – they’ll develop a great national economy, build their power and wealth, only to have it suckt out of them by those who, purportedly, have arriven there to ‘help’.

  2. Biden’s crew was actually talking about how single family zoning is bad because it is racist and changes the climate before the election. So it didn’t really come out of nowhere. It’s pretty obvious that these “private sector” firms like black rock are just acting in conjunction with the government to push the desired agenda, much like the social media companies do in the realm of tech, or Elon Musk has been doing recently with crypto.

    I am suspicious of the two recent major ransomware attacks, too, both of which happened to target areas where the regime desires to impose austerity (oil pipeline and meat processing). One indication that at least the first hack of the pipeline was done by the feds is that the feds claimed they were able to recover the Bitcoin ransom, which is pretty much impossible unless they were the ones who hacked it to begin with.

  3. What’s the problem ?
    A small west coast bungalow only costs 800k.

    Your housing is bundled into a portfolio and sold to corrupt CCP party officials, to protect their billions, when they have to flee China.

    The gulf Arabs have already bought 2/3 of Scotland and many country estates in England.
    Now, they can buy up much of American housing and be your new slumlords, with jwish management, just like medieval Spain.

    Oh, multiculturalism, embrace your poverty.

    Selling off America, to try to cover part of the impossible national debt.

    • Re: “corrupt CCP party officials, to protect their billions, when they have to flee China”:

      Yes there are billionaires in China, and in Russia and Iran, which all suffer from varying degrees of capitalist greed, or should I say, human greed (as in “The heart of man is desperately wicked”) – but are all healed or preserved by some measure of socialism that the Empire of the Almighty Dollar works to destroy.

  4. The logic of Mr Ratcliff’s position is meaningless if not completely incorrect. By that I mean so what if some investing or pension firms are stupid enough to purchase a bunch of houses? You see, that’s actually a good thing that simply extends the housing bubble out a bit and makes it slightly more severe. After all, we’re currently seeing the largest real estate bubble in my lifetime and YOU WANT these radical price swings in order to be able to profit when the dollar is constantly losing value.

    You see, the radical swings in real estate prices do have varying causes and degrees but are ALWAYS cyclical in nature. Wait for the crash, buy as many houses as you can get a hold of, renovate and rent them out until you sell out during the next bubble (now) if you want, wait for the next crash- and repeat. Do that over and over again during your lifetime.

    After the last crash I bought a half dozen houses for 10 cents on the dollar. Today only a decade later they’re worth 15x’s or 1500% more than I had paid. So if anything, now is the time to sell….not buy. The next crash and opportunity to buy is coming though….2022 or so. That’s when the mortgages that were federally forbidden to foreclose on due to COVID until this month complete the foreclosure process and BEGIN to hit the housing market. Likely even combined with an increase in interest rates just to make sure it’s dead. Smart investors simply wait in order to buy low, sell high as we always do.

    • If the housing market is going to crash soon, why are firms like Blackrock buying so aggressively right now? Seems like a crappy business model to buy into a market top.

    • @RE Investor So if people bought a home during good times, and sell it now, they may never get back into a home, since inflation just keeps moving things up, no matter that there are good periods intermittently.
      I don’t know how you could afford to buy 6 homes at once. If you have that much money, this whole thing doesn’t affect you.

  5. “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”

    That is Klaus Schwab who is saying that not some Chinese guy. The Chinese are just the patsy who is going to be blamed if this great reset crap fails.

    The virus was created to get this great reset going and it is failing, badly. Plan B is the cyber-pandemic. Klaus is going to turn the lights off for months, and blame it on the Russians and the Chinese. You watch.

    Neo-liberalism has failed. It is going to crash. They need something new and to bring about this new way there must be a crash.

    • ““You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy””


      We’re going to do to y’all what we wish, and y’all will just have to deal with it.

  6. Sad to say, but the New Era of Thieving got going in earnest under President Reagan, when he hired Alan Greenspan and another 5 presidents, and all their congresses, kept him on.

    During that time Smalltown America, formerly America’s great fort and charm, has been completely pillaged, practically our entire manufacturing shippt out to other countries to benefit a few.

    Healthcare has gone up astronomically in my lifetime, to the point where it is common for retirees to lose their one investment, their homestead, to those expences.

    School is unaffordable, though, in light of what school has become, maybe that is a good thing:)

    Usury has been allowed to increase from 12% to 21%, and now, not only can someone buy another person’s debt from another company, even a defunct company, they can chase a man to his grave.

    So now we have the beginning of the great real estate boondoggle.

    Stay tune for Government Channels (NPR, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS) to either tell you it is a good thing, or, at the very least, to attempt to find the silver lining in it.

    When will all the government-institutionalized banditry of The Working Class stop?

    Decorum prohibits me from answering the question…

  7. @Mr. Griffin…

    I love the little symbol portrait at the top of your blog page.

    It will be so.

  8. “Germans tend to rent and not own”

    Germans have bent the knee to their (((landlords))) ever since a guy with a funny mustache was defeated. I’m certainly not going to accept the same fate lying down.

  9. Moammar Gaddafi lived in a tent. He said he would never have a house, let alone a palace, as long as even one other Libyan still had no house. But our “democratic” rulers live in palaces or big houses, and some own multiple houses, while millions of commons are homeless.

  10. Communism disguised and free market capitalism. jewrock buys up all the houses at 20-50% above cost and makes you rent from them.

  11. I don’t know what kind of an asshole thinks the average house should cost half a million bucks or more, which it does in parts of the country.

    • “(who) thinks the average house should cost half a million bucks or more”:

      Who thinks it should includes all the building contractors, who make obscene profits forcing people into essentially Levittown boxes that begin to fall apart in a few years.

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