Poll: Most Americans Don’t Support Juneteenth Becoming a Federal Holiday

Juneteenth is about to become a federal holiday.

In the entire Congress, there wasn’t a single Republican senator who opposed making Juneteenth a federal holiday and only 14 Republican congressmen voted against making Juneteenth a federal holiday.


“The House voted 415-14 on Wednesday to make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

The big picture: All those voting against the measure were Republicans. The vote comes one day after the Senate unanimously approved the bill and three days before the holiday. …”


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Most states officially observe June 19 in some way to mark the abolition of slavery in the U.S. As the date approaches this year, a new Gallup poll finds just over a third of Americans report having a lot (12%) or some knowledge (25%) about the “Juneteenth” celebration. Another 34% reporting knowing a little about it, while 28% report knowing nothing at all.

More than two in three Black Americans (69%) say they have a lot or some knowledge about Juneteenth, compared with 40% of Hispanic Americans and 31% of White Americans.

Democrats are more likely to be familiar with Juneteenth than independents and Republicans, with close to half of Republicans, 45%, saying they know nothing at all about the observance. Younger adults are also more likely to be familiar with it than older adults. …”

Who are these people representing?

93% of Republican voters and 69% of Independent voters have either never heard of Juneteenth or oppose making it a federal holiday.

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  1. It’s another made up holiday to appease the blacks. Reagan gave us mlk day just like his buddies in the GOP will give us another spade federal holiday. Useless as tits on a bull. The Republican control the senate and they could have stopped it but being called racist is worse than kryptonite to these the GOP losers.

  2. My family is not accepting any new holidays, after a war has been waged against Confederate holidays, monuments, and Southern history, in general.

  3. The GOP Loser Party pandering to blacks … again… You can’t cure stupid!

    Looks like I’ll be sitting out another one of Murica’s popularity contest next November.

  4. How will it be celebrated? Rioting? I could really care less. Reducing GDP another 1-2% just hastens the collapse.

  5. I don’t know why they don’t just call it “Abolition Day”. Juneteenth sounds retarded.

  6. It’s a no win in this era for a senator or many Congress people to vote “no” on this. In close races the media pile on would never end. Ok, so it’s a holiday. People get a day off. Blah, blah, blah.

    Now if we see real change on more wall going up( about time, Texas!!), less legal immigration with an increase in White immigration and more pressure on leftist filth media, I can live with another whatever holiday.

    We are in this suck up to blacks era. Been going on for decades in truth. It’s just the Democratic Party has become so militant and outrageous as the party’s racial demographics continue to shift.

    So color me ” not shocked at all” the entire political establishment buckled on Juneteenth. Two ” black holidays- Mlk the other- will suffice for a long time now. But guess what? Do you doubt a national Latino holiday is coming next? Diversity has consequences of many things. A pressured holiday is just one of them.

  7. Sounds like I should put on my Confederate ballcap on Juneteenth, and wear it in public, as an act of silent protest against the corrupt American government. As I stated in a blog post a few weeks ago, there is nothing about America worth saving except the memory of our ancestors.

    • @Joe…

      I’d agree with you, Sir, that we ought put on a Confederate ballcap on Juneteenth, only that we already are wearing the insignias and flying the flags of the same every hour of every day…

  8. Liberals mustn’t worry. Much of the lack of support for yet another day for negro adoration and White self-flagellation is due to most USers not having heard of Juneteenth. Many of the “conservatives” who say they oppose it will also come around. That’s the way it went with sodomite mock marriage and every other item on the liberal agenda, and that’s the way it will go with this. US “conservatives” are liberals too because the US is a fundamentally liberal country with a fundamentally liberal national creed, so to be something other than a liberal who believes in “equality” is to be un-American. US “conservatives” eventually agree with liberals on everything; it just takes them a bit longer.

  9. As a state level employee I am getting tomorrow off & I called one of my Democrat relatives to let them know and they were pissed blacks are getting another holiday (after MLK JR day.)

    And this is a guy that voted for Obama! Methinks the Far Left is pushing too hard.

  10. I favor the “Juneteenth” holiday. It’s one more day the government offices will be closed and one day less that they can interfere in our lives.

    It’s too bad the Black thug shot in the middle of some violent, antisocial act is so common, because if we had a government holiday for every single one, there wouldn’t be enough days in the year to cover all the time off government employees would be taking.

    In any case, it’s just more virtue-signaling nonsense from the Wokerati to postphone imposing a reparations tax. And the reason they don’t want to do that is the changing demographics from what was once ninety percent White sheeple to be fleeced to simply a majority of Non-Blacks who are no push-overs.

    California has always been the trend setter.



    And it’s not just them. The backlash is building. There was a confrontation at McDonald that was captured where some Black woman got irate and attacked the manager and got her behind beaten by a White employee. The Black woman was handcuffed and taken away by police. There was another incident where another Black woman got bounced out of a gay bar.

    I honestly think that a lot of this stuff that Democrats are initiating and the Republicans are co-signing is DESIGNED to annoy more than White people. For example, there is no federal holiday for Cesar Chavez. There is no federal holiday for Navajo Code Talkers, so the more obsequious pandering what passes as our elite imposes on the rest of the country the more resentment of Blacks it’s going to generate and not just in White “racists.”

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but I notice a number of Blacks bending over backwards to be polite and return courtesy for courtesy. I assume they are smart enough to see through the words of people who claim to love the to recognize the damage they are doing.

    I don’t think TIIC want a HOT race war; they want to instigate a cold race war on several fronts so they …. the Goodwhites can manage all the diversity they keep imposing on us Badwhites. The best thing us Badwhites can do is lock up and hide our assets, get rid of all bling that makes our lives an attractive nuisance and simply withdraw our people – especially our children – from the poisonous Anti-White atmosphere they generate.

    Remember that even though our taxes pay for these schools, these districts only get paid by the number of children who show up; we can kneecap them very effectively by taking our kids out and then letting those children of so-called people of color deal with the overwhelming sense of entitlement being encouraged in Black children.

    Moreover, as far as I am concerned, every time some self-righteous Woke White teacher gets the snot beaten out of her by Non-White students, an angel earns his wings and proves there IS a God! Whites need to stop saving our enemies from themselves. Quietly use this Fake Covid Crisis to withdraw your kids from this toxic environment and then teach them at home, giving them such a great education that they will be the only Sighted in the Land of the Blind. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Find the will!

  11. Another fake ass holiday, sort of reminds me of a podcast I heard long ago called “Will Stonewall replace Fathers’ Day?” about how communists replace the traditional holidays with new holidays for communist thugs and murderers. Well, we have huge corporate gay pride commemorations in June and now this phony holiday. I only remember hearing about this “June Teenth” in the last 5 years. Nor do I even remember any blacks mentioning this before?(Nor did any of the blacks at work even mention “Kwanza”) It’s just shocking how fast these people are moving, Trump really scared them, they know they have been guilty of a capital offense with their treasonous cultural poisoning, flooding the nation with invaders, and shipping our prosperity to China and want to tie down Gulliver before someone more competent than Trump awakens him to the mortal threat.

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