Washington Post: The One Big Thing Missing From Biden’s Strategy on “Domestic Extremism”

This is saying the quiet part out loud.

Washington Post:

“President Biden’s newly released strategy for countering domestic terrorism, like any shuffling of major national security priorities, deserves close scrutiny, as abuses in the name of keeping America safe are a sadly bipartisan tradition. 

A close reading of the 30-page document reveals a remarkable omission: A clear position on whether the U.S. government requires new legal authority to successfully hunt down, prosecute, and imprison homegrown extremists. That question has been front and center since Biden took office vowing to fight back against politically motivated violence at home, like the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot that forced a halt to a ceremony validating his 2020 election victory. …”

The goal is to “hunt down, prosecute, and imprison homegrown extremists.” The question is whether the Biden administration needs a new domestic terrorism law to have the legal authority to do it.

Why don’t we just start labeling American citizens “domestic extremists” on the basis of their politics, hunt them down, arrest them and throw them into gulags? Wouldn’t that solve everything?

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  1. “just start labeling American citizens “domestic extremists”

    That’s the final goal.
    We’re just seeing the preliminaries.

  2. If the jews in his cabinet have their way, we will all be in gulags or the US equivalent there of. Again, we didn’t fight communism, we imported it.

  3. Domestic Extremism is more dangerous to Americans than the resent drug bust in San Francisco with the amount of Fentanyl to kill everyone in the city!

    This is the logical and evil of our Elites!

  4. “Why don’t we just start labeling American citizens “domestic extremists” on the basis of their politics . . .”

    Actually: Why don’t we (meaning the U.S. Govt.) just start labeling American citizens “domestic extremists” on the basis of their race? is the correct way to frame the question.

    This is the approach the U.S. Government has established by law since the Civil Rights (sic) legislation/Supreme Court decisions going back to Shelley vs. Kraemer in 1948. Under the new Constitution codified by 1960’s legislation White people are responsible for all the self inflicted problems and failures first of the Negro population then of all the other colored people who have plagued this country since the 1965 so-called “immigration reform” law. Looking at the disaster that is the U.S. from that perspective explains the collapse of much of the country.

    If the ruling class were to admit the truth that colored people don’t have civilization in them they would immediately fall from grace. Instead the ruling class doubles down on the lie that ” . . . all men are created equal . . . ” and justifies their destruction of liberty by citing the failure of minorities.

    Since all are equal there should be equal outcomes in life. Since minorities do poorly by every yardstick used to measure things they must be suffering from the miasma of White Supremacy even though they are violent, destructive and thick as a brick. Whites are “domestic extremists” by virtue of existing and no racial color blindness will save White people, especially the “liberals” who “don’t see race, only the human race”.

    Ha! Wait until Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, she will double down again on her hatred of White people including those wonderful “liberals”. They may not see race but race sees them from a mile away.

    • Since when has Bibi Netanyahu gotten involved with BLM, Antifa, told us we have 37 different genders of sodomy, etc.? What does Israel have to do with leftism? To me this seems to be coming out of the colleges and infecting the media. Netanyahu seems a rather traditional chap who would not like to see his main benefactor shoot itself in the foot with global warming quackery and become an impoverished afro-hispanic nation leaving them hanging to dry. Other than wanting to drag us into a costly war with Iran I tend to like the guy, he seems to be pretty level headed and was a good ruler for his people. The enemy is here, not in Israel. Those Hebrews live in the real world and have common sense about reality.

  5. “new criminal laws, in particular, should be sought only after careful consideration of whether and how they are needed to assist the government in tackling complex, multifaceted challenges like the one posed by domestic terrorism and only while ensuring the protection of civil rights and civil liberties.”

    Looks like wiser brats are worried that this new strategy may hit them. And they are right to worry. The Swamp intends to protect itself and it`s biggest problem are not rednecks in the village but brats wishing to replace The Swamp.

    This is not new thing. In almost every communist revolution, at some moment burning eyed fanatics discovered that they are enemies of the people. After the victory, nobody need screaming nuts anymore.

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