Southern Baptists Narrowly Vote To Stay Cucked


Well, so much for that


“NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Southern Baptist Convention tamped down a push from the right at its largest meeting in decades on Tuesday, electing a new president who has worked to bridge racial divides in the church and defeating an effort to make an issue of critical race theory.

Ed Litton, a pastor from Alabama, won 52% of the vote in a runoff against Mike Stone, a Georgia pastor backed by a new group called the Conservative Baptist Network that has sought to move the already-conservative denomination further right.

Litton, who is white, was nominated by Fred Luter, the only Black pastor to serve as president of the United States’ largest Protest denomination. Luter praised Litton’s commitment to racial reconciliation and said he has dealt compassionately with the issue of sexual abuse within SBC churches, another hot-button subject at the gathering of more than 15,000 church representatives. …

Delegates rejected a proposal that would have explicitly denounced critical race theory. Instead they approved a consensus measure that does not mention it by name but rejects any view that sees racism as rooted in “anything other than sin.”

The measure also affirmed a 1995 resolution apologizing for the history of racism in a denomination that was founded in 1845 in support of slavery and for “condoning and/or perpetuating individual and systemic racism in our lifetime.” …

Voters gave final approvals to constitutional amendments excluding churches that affirm ethnic discrimination or act against the convention’s “beliefs regarding sexual abuse.” Still to be debated was how those standards on abuse apply in practice. …”

I’m not discouraged by the outcome.

The fact that Russell Moore and Beth Moore were ousted and that there was even a vote on this stuff which has been the status quo since the 1990s is a reflection of what is going on among Southern Baptists at the base level. There is still a growing class divide between ordinary Southern Baptists and their leadership. The same is true within all the churches where White racial attitudes are hardening.

This cultural divide within the Southern Baptist Convention between ordinary Christians and their cucked leaders is the same divide we discuss every day on this website between White college-educated professionals or PMCs and the White working class. There was a huge divide among evangelicals between elite evangelical Never Trumpers and their base who were Trump superfans.

If you have a college degree or a post-graduate degree, you are much more likely to have cucked views on race and care about “respectability” and feel compelled to signal that you care about all the other fashionable obsessions of your social class. These are the people who now dominate all of our institutions. The “messengers” of the Southern Baptist Convention can’t bring themselves to condemn CRT, but we know from the polls that this sentiment isn’t shared by Southern Baptists who are overwhelmingly against it.

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      • “In the end, ALL THE CHURCHES will serve Antichrist.” – Fr. Seraphim Rose

        “Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God.” – I John 2:22

        What is the denial of Christ’s Incarnation? DENYING THAT GOD INCARNATED IN THE FLESH OF ADAM- a pure, white, sinless flesh, of the genetics of the First Adam.

        Everyone KNOWS this. THEY HIDE THEIR SHAME, as Adam and Eve hid themselves from the Lord God, when the first sinned – which some have said was the sin of miscegenation of Eve with Satan. (Check out Christogenea, and many of the older commentaries of the first centuries, the Celtic Church, etc.)

        How? Why? Because the very WORD, ‘A-dam’ means ‘fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush’
        Characteristics ONLY of the WHITE MAN.

        As Genesius’ Lexicon points out “The Arabs distinguish two races of men; one RED, RUDDY, which we call WHITE, the other BLACK.” (the rest of that definition is BS- no one believed they were of ‘one blood’ until at least the 1600’s!)

        “And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.” – I Cor. 15:45


        Therefore, ANY assembly that WORSHIPS THE NON-WHITE, is a DE FACTO HERETICAL ASSEMBLY – a ‘synagogue of Satan’ as St.John calls it- which is a ‘cohencidence’ as to who is following SATAN. Because the same CULTS that worship the N-word, also IDOLIZE the JEW!!!

        The SBC was an aberrant CULT, before. It has now damned itself thrice.
        The only thing any SBC can now say, is “ANATHEMA, ANATHEMA, ANATHEMA.”

        They are ACCURSED.

        “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” II Cor. 6:17

  1. I notice that the AP (Asshole Press ) has implemented an openly hostile, jewish policy of using the lower case w for whites and upper case B for blacks. The AP stylebook used to be the bible for how news articles should be written.

    • @Spahn – Yes that practice was made official months ago. I’ve seen many in the pro-White sphere using the same practice — even on this website.

  2. “Southern Baptists Narrowly Vote To Stay Cucked ”

    They won’t stay together.

    No, just as has happened with The United Methodist Church, and just as will happen with the political structure of the country, they will come apart at the seams, into at least two, perhaps many more, parts.

    In the end, segregation will once again prove it’s worth, because Traditional Americans cannot live next to many of the new breed.

    No, it’s simply impossible, if, that is, anyone is to have a moment’s stability and peace.

    • “racism in a denomination that was founded in 1845 in support of slavery ”

      The only good attribute the SB ever had .

  3. Some of my family is Episcopalian and my local Church has a gay pride flag and BLM flag. It makes me ashamed.

    I also have a large portion that is Southern Baptist. They are hardcore Trumpers.

    • Bill, Then NEITHER is Christian.
      THE SBC’ers for what I wrote above.
      The TEC’s for being abominations before the Lord.

      IF you have any interest, the Orthodox Church in some areas, has a Western Rite. That’s about all that I can suggest at this point in time. I’m not a Dispensationalist, but I feel as though Almighty God is going to judge Christendom in a conflagration that will destroy millions – even if it is the Gates/Fauci False Prophet schema, via the ‘prick’.

      God is not mocked. And boy, have WE mocked the Almighty for a Loooong time.

      • @Fr. John+ …

        “That’s about all that I can suggest at this point in time. I’m not a Dispensationalist, but I feel as though Almighty God is going to judge Christendom in a conflagration that will destroy millions”

        You do not have to be a Dispensationalist, Father, to see that this country, having wandered further and further away from Him, is now fully embroiled in an ever expanding self-inflicted curse.

        So, I take issue with your verb tense, I thinking that it, the curse, is not GOING to come, BUT … already HAS COME!

  4. I have to agree with Ivan. He beat me to this comment.

    It is time for the rural and small town member churches of the SBC (make no mistake, these are the bulk of the dissidents in the convention) to break away and reorganize under new leadership and by-laws.

    I would argue that the biggest fault line in this narrow, almost 50/50 vote at the SBC in Nashville isn’t race, but rather, traditional Baptist values on family, marriage, male leadership in the home and community, sexuality and gender roles, drug abuse, etc among other areas where faith and culture converge. No doubt there are racial concerns brewing too, but at this point I think it’s unwise for these dissidents to press too hard on those issues.

    If anyone with any influence in the SBC dissident church community is reading these articles, you need to take a stand and form exploratory committee with other churches on forming a new denomination. This is a perfect example of ground zero where the comfortable idea of secession will start taking root in people’s minds. Start small at the local level, like the Buckhead neighborhood. Weaken these cucked church organizations by breaking away and denying them funds. The multi-headed Hydra of Globohomo has to be smothered one organization, one institution, one head at a time.

    • @Memebro…

      Thank you, Sir, for your kind affirmation.

      Yes, I agree that traditionalist churches, not just of The Southern Baptist Denomination, but, of all, need to segregate themselves away from those who have hijackt our faith into something of the Modern Culture.

      In the big picture, this country is going to come to look much like Afghanistan – the government in full play, and relying on big cities, yet, holding little sway over vast tracts of land where the small town and rural environs are.

      Quite amazing to think of where we have come since my childhood – that a time when Americans were so united, and now we are so very very far apart…

  5. Tens of thousands of Masonic Deacons in there. Most of them child molesters. In the SBC Freemasons are the Overlords.

  6. Why anyone would stay in an SBC Church now is beyond me. There are tons of Independent Baptist Churches out there.

    Technically John MacArthur is a Reformed Independent Baptist and he is very good at being against this So also Justice Theory non-sense

    Pastor Steve Andrson is another Findamentalist Indeoendent Baptist (IBP) and he has created documentaries about the evils of Zionism!

    There are alternatives! (P.S. I am a Free Lutheran myself)

  7. Created by a Pharisee to convince the goyim to worship the tribal deity of the Jews as God while accepting pacifism, egalitarianism and universalism. It remains their most successful psyop.

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