Peak Antiracism

I feel like we have crossed an invisible threshold where America’s obsession with “antiracism” at the expense of civilization has become much more polarizing than it was in the past. It has become a punch line, a political club used in bad faith and a transparent grift and racket.


Washington Post:

The fact that these people are being so widely mocked across the entire Right is a recent change. There is more resistance to these people than there was in the past and a greater willingness to roll your eyes and shrug off the charge of “racism.” The ADL and SPLC have lost a lot of their power.

Note: Change happens gradually then suddenly.

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  1. ‘Change happens gradually then suddenly.’

    How very very true.

    Just like cancer – it grows and grows in your system, perhaps, even, without you noticing, and then, suddenly, one day – you’re in pain.

    Same as with love – a relationship slowly fizzles and festers in the heart of at least one of the partners, until, one day, there is talk of a divorce.

    There is no reconciling this country : you either wish to live with Traditional White Americans, and in accordance with the laws and social mores of Traditional White America, or you don’t.

    Simple as that.

  2. Trying to change the names of Beloved birds to fit some woke criteria, isn’t going to work. The names have been around for centuries and are embedded into the culture, in stories, folklore, science, common culture. People will just ignore the changed name’s. Silliest thing I ever heard. Many of our native birds, especially the wood warblers, have names of where they happened to be found, that have nothing to do with the birds actual habitat, palm warblers for instance, have nothing to do with palm trees. Magnolia warblers aren’t found in magnolia, just by accident, etc. Mississippi kites are found in other states, etc, on and on. But the original name is kept out of love of tradition. Boy are they really helping send people our way with so much stupid.

    • Let’s field test efforts to rename birds.

      We’ll start with crows, ravens and blackbirds. Any suggestions what we should rename them?

  3. I hope I live long enough to see some kind of backlash against all this insanity.

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