Joe Biden Signs Juneteenth National Independence Day Act

In the span of three days, the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act sailed through the House and Senate and was signed into law by Joe Biden. The Republican Party put up virtually no resistance in Congress to a bill which is supported by exactly 7% of Republican voters. The same was true of the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes bill because these gutless cowards were afraid of being called racists.

Note: Last year, the Supreme Court looked into the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch saw a mandate for transgenderism.

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  1. You can thank the Republicans for another made up black holiday. Without them, it would’ve never made it to Biden.

  2. For those of us more traditionally minded, we can observe June 19th as the anniversary of the day on which Julius and Rosenberg were fried.

  3. Harris looking over Biden’s shoulder: “It signs the order with its pen or else it gets the stairs again.”

    • LOL! Maybe she has a high frequency pulse gadget to over-load his ear piece to cause vertigo. He probably can’t even hear above 12Khz so it would just affect his balance.

  4. The irony is lost on the Negroes that as they sing their ridiculous “national anthem” the portrait of that Virginia plantation owner and slave holder, President George Washington is looking down on them. If President GW could have foreseen the decline in the country he helped establish and the rise of the colored races he probably would have called off the war of independence and remained a loyal subject of the Crown.

      • The control of money/taxation – it’s why Washington crushed the Whiskey Rebellion. “Taxation without representation” was just some jingoistic BS. Washington led 13,000 men to crush some Western Pennsylvania German farmers.

  5. Tell me, Bernie, just how are blacks are “oppressed” today, other than by the consequences of the behaviors they choose?

    • I think the Chinks are more interested in becoming America’s new landlords than blowing this place up. The option of launching a nuclear attack on Seattle is certainly tempting but not financially profitable.

    • They aren’t going to nuke it. they are gonna drive their boats up to the shore and resettle what we ruined.

    • I really do hope China becomes the dominant world power in the 21st century. That is the only hope I can see for humanity moving forward.

  6. Now that Juneteenth is our most sacred and important national holiday I’m sure the darkies will calm down and start becoming astronauts an’ shit.

  7. I don’t understand…is Juneteenth not a celebration of white men CHOOSING to liberate blacks?

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