Mayor Lori Lightfoot Declares “Systemic Racism” Is a Public Health Crisis In Chicago

I thought we were done for the day in ridiculing Lori Lightfoot.

After consulting with public health experts at the CDC, Lori Lightfoot held a press conference this afternoon in which she declared that systematic racism is a “public health emergency” in the city she governs. In fact, it is a more pernicious threat than COVID-19 which is also invisible.

Chicago Sun Times:

“One month before the stay-at-home shutdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Lori Lightfoot boldly declared that “poverty is killing us” and vowed to end it in Chicago “in the next generation.”

On Thursday, the first African American female and first openly gay mayor of Chicago made an equally bold political statement. She declared systemic racism a public health crisis.

Lightfoot said she can do nothing less after a pandemic that forced black and Hispanic

Chicagoans to bear the brunt of the layoffs and deaths. It exposed Chicago’s ugly underbelly — higher crime rates in neighborhoods of color triggered, in large part by disparate access to health care, healthy food options, jobs and economic opportunity.

No wonder there’s a 9.2-year gap between the average life expectancy for Blacks and whites and a broader “death gap” in some African American neighborhoods.

Lightfoot noted that “80% of health outcomes are due to social factors, including housing, safety, education, economic opportunity — every single one of which have, through our history as a nation, been impacted by systemic racism. … That’s why we’re making this declaration today. Because we can no longer allow racism to rob our residents of the opportunity to live and lead full, healthy and happy lives.”

The mayor said she need look no further than her own parents to see how the “insidious nature” of systemic racism impacts the body and the mind in ways that are “just as, if not more, deadly.”

It “puts a cap on someone’s humanity,” destroys their “perception of themselves” and leaves them with “lasting mental illness, such as depression, anxiety and anger that turns into physical ailments.” …”

Yeah, that’s it.

“Systematic racism” is why Chicago has gone to shit. It has nothing to do with Zimbabwe-style Afrocentrism Marxism and Zimbabwe demographics producing Zimbabwe-like results.

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  1. Before Lightfoot Chicago cops were racist as fuck and kept the nicer parts of town pretty safe. I think I can safely say those days are over.

  2. Is this how it ends? Incompetent deluded blacks deliberately running metropolitan America into a brickwall?

  3. I’m not going to read anything by the Chimpcongo Scum Times or any other “news” publication that uses a lower case w when referring to whites and an upper case B when referring to blaxxx. A Day of White Vengeance is coming.

    • “A Day of White Vengeance is coming.”

      Really? I’ve been hearing that since the 90’s but still we all sit on our ass doing nothing. When it comes give me a heads up so I can buy plane tickets so I can get in the action. Currently enjoying life in Asia with zero blacks for hundreds of miles.

  4. By the time this dimwit is done, they are going wish for some racist cops to keep the peace. Or at least somebody like Tony Soprano to beat heads in. That woman is an ugly ugly person.

  5. If she was Whites, she would have been forced to step down when she said I will not speak to White reporters but since she a black dyke, she has more rights and her speech is protected.

  6. declared that “poverty is killing us” and vowed to end it in Chicago “in the next generation.”

    Every black leader has the same pattern,
    Talk about ideals that soar above the clouds and actions that end in the gutter.

    Always the same.

  7. Easy Peasy, take from the rich Jews and give to the blacks. Oh wait Lori is married to a Jew so that ain’t going to happen. Instead she is going to blame dirt poor, peace loving whites for black misery and not do a damned thing about anything.

  8. Incompetent negro health care workers, however, truly are a public health crisis in Chicago. Does that fall under racism? Maybe that’s what fisheyes meant.

  9. In all fairness the mayor of another failing city, Portland, is a white male (but certainly not a man).

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  11. Who are the blacks going to blame when all the Whites are gone? Another bad thing for them….the other races aren’t going to put up with all their BS and bad behavior.

    • “Who are the blacks going to blame when all the Whites are gone?”

      Not to worry, jws will replace them with Chinese, in less than a generation.
      Blcks are too dumb to see it.

  12. Is there a way to include a graphic in the comments here?

    We made a great Farstar comic that just “notices” the crazy looking and acting BLM, LGBT mayor, Je* governor of Illinois.

    Our mayor is a cross between Beatlejuice and Don King.

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