The Ruling Class Hates You

I kid you not.

They want to censor you.

They want to put you under surveillance.

They want to label you a “domestic extremist” for opposing their agenda.

They want to take your guns away.

They want to nullify your constitutional rights as a citizen.

They want to tear down your monuments and dismantle your culture.

They want to Africanize your culture to degrade you.

They want to teach your children to hate themselves and their ancestors.

They want to sow gender confusion in the minds of your children.

They want you to eat bugs.

They also don’t want you to own anything and be completely dependent on them.

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  1. The US is run by a tribe of subversive parasites. All you have to do is just listen to them pander and grovel at their every whim.

    • Never forget, Dear John, that The United States’ is, first and foremost, a corporation, or, at least, the government acts like it thinks it is…

  2. I am very surprised that the Fed doesn’t jack interest rates up so that the banks can take over millions of houses in foreclosure(after the Fed backstops the banks like they did in 2008, of course) and then turn around and rent them back to the serfs. Another reason I think the Fed may raise rates is because the plebs are starting to make big wage gains which, of course, big business can’t tolerate.

    • You are completely dead wrong. You would be correct under the past model. The current model is endgame zero rates. The money creation curve is parabolic since 2008. That means endgame.

  3. I’m not interested in property unless there is a regime change. No thanks. The propaganda is ironically correct.

    • The Derek Thompson headline is unironically correct. Private property ownership is a good idea in the abstract, but not when upper class White liberals use restrictive zoning to prevent construction of new housing units from being built so that they can keep out the “Bad Whites” and the uppity non-whites. White Liberals need to have their neighborhoods diversified and integrated. End restrictive zoning.

  4. “The Ruling Class Hates You”

    To tell the truth, I don’t think about them much, other than, in response to this, to say that they’ll be taken to the woodshed soon enough.

    After that, they’ll change their tune, or keep it to themselves.

  5. Bankers are about to learn how much it sucks being a landlord. Who’s going to maintain each individual house all around town? Evict for nonpayment? Deal with noise and trash complaints? Repaint walls, shampoo carpets? This is going to be a lot more complicated than reselling mortgage backed securities.

    • No one will care about these inconvenienes. The goal is to have us own Nothing. This Republican Inc Strategy is such a Self Own, when the blacks and SJWs say White people care about Power over even Land?

      They are correct about that.

  6. Why isn’t there a significant decrease in property taxes for single family owner occupied homes? You always pay property taxes, to paraphrase an old TV ad, property taxes are forever.

    There are local income taxes of various sorts that keep climbing to support politicians in the fashion they have become accustomed to. The single family homeowner pays these too.

    @Brad, do you have a link to the Atlantic story? Is it hidden behind a paywall?

    • “You always pay property taxes, to paraphrase an old TV ad, property taxes are forever”:

      Not true in China, still no property taxes there, although globalist forces are desperately trying to impose. Look for real freedom and ethno-national democracy OUTSIDE the Imperial system.

  7. “They?” It’s not them, it’s us. I finally stopped to talk to the mulatto woman who moved in several lots down to figure out if she was some leftist CRT proponent.

    She was lovely. I took a few starters out of containers and helped her plant flowers. During that quiet time, I sussed her out. They left the city to move to an area to grow a big garden. We also talked about the fact that the South is kind of different. Talked about cooking, very surface stuff.

    Planting flowers, I asked her what she thought about this whole critical race theory thing and she did not know what I was talking about. Her mulatto children were at the summer camp at that time.

    Life does not exist online, it exists down here. Buy up the property around you or reap the consequences. That is all I can say.

    They may be fine. But what if they are not?

      • Around here, apparently. This area has been 100% White for decades. Now, I even like the gal. This is how they do it.

      • Something funny she said when I brought up CRT. She said, what is curt? LOL! I diverted to talking about small vs. large curd cottage cheese.

        We are wasting time.

  8. Will Blackrock destroy its own subdivison in the name of diversity and inclusion?

    Blackrock Section 8?

    • If they are compensated by the government to do so, then they will gladly do so.

  9. They want to import LEGAL immigrant Hindus…Sihks….Pakistani Muslims….Chinese….to nullify the Native White Vote on Nov 3 2024…Nov 3 2028…Nov 3 2032…

    The scale of the nonwhite vote=non white LEGAL IMMIGRANTS+‘the US born nonwhite children of nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…

  10. I walked out onto my back acreage today & looked around and didn’t see any ruling class around so I went back inside and had my beautiful wife make me not one, but two homegrown tomato sandwiches with Dukes mayonnaise. I washed it down with some of her sweet tea and lemon. I might just get on the tractor and do a little bush hogging today before the heat sets in.

  11. If you read and listen to juice media a lot, you wind up posting about “woke” this and that, a word Americans don’t use. You are also fixated on eating bugs, a topic Americans have no interest in, and do not talk about

    I just missed the storm, got west of it into Louisiana yesterday, but traffic was awful. Maybe ZOG will decide on a big Hurricane season, maybe not.

    Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar, anyone familiar with these teachings knows they hate us. What they fear most of all is being called out by name.

    So they give us all these other names to use. The liberals, the elitists, the 1%, the Globalists, the whatever, just not, not, not, the juice.

    But yes, they hate us

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