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    • I wouldnt wish the Romanov’s fate on my worst enemy. Murdering women and children in cold blood after making them watch their parents execution? No thank you

      • I was being tongue in cheek. Obviously I wasn’t talking about the innocent children. And also I’m a strong admirer of Czar Nicholas and Alexandra.

        However, being a woman doesn’t give anyone a pass. For instance, I feel no loss at Ethyl Rosenberg getting her just deserts.

        • When the reprisals against the sjw’s, **itlibs, and other Marxists commence, (and they will), I sincerely hope they are cruel.

  1. What’s going to happen, is what happened to every empire whose government and military become this stupid they are going to get in a fight somewhere, and like the Romans, french, English, Chinese, Japanese, and on, and on, they are going to learn bloody and painful lessons about how serious warfare is. It is NOT fought and won by lesbians, gays, transvestites, etc, but by healthy normal young men. We WILL learn this eventually, they always do . But what will be the cost in blood and treasure to learn this all over again?

    • “It is NOT fought and won by lesbians, gays, transvestites, etc, ”

      They’ll just be assigned to the rear echelons,
      while the ‘evil WHITE supremacist’ are put on the front lines.

  2. Tucker is so predictable. Takes it to the edge and then totally fails to continue the line of thought instead goes to the tired nonsense Martin Luther King myth. It is so tiresome.
    He also does not mention that we are different which results in different results. It is pathetic and a waste of time doing more harm than good

    • That’s because Tucker is a respectable conservative. Respectables never go beyond a point that will offend our worst enemies and always end with ritualist praise of them.

    • Re Tucker so predictable – Thanks for the heads-up. I won’t waste my time watching the moronic drivel.

  3. The Military was going to protect the the southern border with Kushner/Trump. The Us Military can’t even role out the vaccines with Kamala/Biden!

    • When they were deployed to the border, the troops whined about having to eat MREs when there was a Jack in the Box in town.

  4. The US Navy is an Imperial Power, so it just makes sense it would be infected with the imperial ideology of “anti-racism” meaning, anti-whiteness.

    Plus military officers are just CEO’s – white collar bureaucrats – who wear their resumes on their chest, like the narcissistic braggarts they are.

    Navy has suffered a number of humiliating failures in the last few years and modern missile technology has made the surface Navy all but obsolete. There are only two types of boats – submarines, and targets.

    But the perfumed princes want to command a nuke carrier so pour billions more into floating targets for cheap missiles.

    The 9/11 Pentagon attack specifically hit the Department of Naval Intelligence and not a single solitary sailor had the courage and honor to do anything about it. Also it was Trump that let Jonathan Pollard go.

    • On 9/11, the military went 0 for 4. Even the civilians went 1 for 4 (if you believe the official story).

      • That Pollard wasn’t executed on the spot proves that the US military is 100% worthless with zero honor and every mother should be ashamed of allowing her sons to serve.

        The US Navy is a DISGRACE to America I hate them.

  5. Racist is a code word for Heretic.

    Whites are devils. Blacks and browns are angels,

    If you do not BELIEVE you are racist, you are a Heretic.

    Ibram X. Kendi is a high priest of the Religion! of Political Correctness.

    This Religion! is taught in our schools using government funds.

    What makes it a Religion! instead of a religion? No one is allowed to question it. If you question it, you will be shouted down, beaten up, doxed, slandered, sued by people with deep pockets, deplatformed, demonetised, imprisoned. You may even be murdered.

    Joe Biden, Admiral Gilday, the Democrats, the Republicans, the mass media, and the universities are its fervent disciples.

    • So why bother? What exactly are we fighting for? A Ban on CRT or White Spaces?

      I am so disgusted… I may leave politics entirely.

      Politics gets us Nowhere. Happy Juneteenth.

  6. The American military was probably the most instrumental institution in the process of integrating the country. So fuck ’em.

    • There are actually whites who believe the military will protect and save us, when the great race war begins. They believe they are great honorable family guys. LOL. The military will not be on our side.

  7. “Has anything like this ever happened since the days of Rasputin?”

    Yes, this has been an ongoing process in all branches of the military, for decades.
    The surest way to get a career officer to run and hide under his desk is to say “a complaint of racial discrimination has been lodged within your command”.
    The blood will drain from their face.

  8. “The American military was probably the most instrumental institution in the process of integrating the country. ”

    It has been, since Truman ‘integrated’ the forces in 1948.

  9. Mike Gilday is Irish.


    Irish blood was specifically selected for high positions of authority in the military and policing because the Irish are loyal to the Jews cause, the destruction of Christ and Christianity. Ask yourself where are all the Polish generals? They are Catholic. They have a history of military service. Where are they?

    The Polish also have a history of animosity towards the Jews and that is why there are no Polish in high positions of authority.

    • Don’t forget what three star UN Admiral Mike MULLINS did to the US Navy…another Irishman…

      But I did drive past Francis Gabreski USAF Base the other day…there’s’ a Pollack…one Pollack….I hope your right about the Pollacks….

      JFK gave us integration at gunpoint…..and the 1965 Immigration Reform Act…Teddy’s monument of permanent WHITE GENOCIDE to JFK….

  10. Piss on the jewS military and the illegitimate anti-White government they serve from a great height.

  11. Culture of Greed = capitalism = Imperialism = global hegemony, which requires the most powerful military and largest arsenal in history. The Military (imperial mercenaries) must be very well paid, especially the top brass, who like any other successful, shrewd business executives are motivated not by ideals but by opportunities for personal advantage and wealth accumulation. They will read, believe and do whatever advances their career. Yet there is a better side to human nature….

  12. They say they are “anti-racist” but what they are is Anti-White.

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for Anti-White.

  13. Hindu “American” F-15 USAF Fighter Jet Pilots will be strafing the Minority White Working Class Population protesting post-1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT POLICY….This is the endgame…..SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!

  14. Why does Tucker Carlson believe that quoting Martin Luther King will protect Native White Working Class Americans?

  15. How many more years before we long to invite Mr. Putin to come over here and take out this trash? Some of you think that I’m kidding!

  16. Wait a minute isn’t it ‘racist’ for White American soldiers to fight yellow skinned Han nationalists in the next world war?

    In the military anti-racism is code for surrender!

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