Black Mobs Celebrate Juneteenth By Attacking Whites and Puerto Ricans

If a White mob had done this to blacks, it would be a major national news story, but since this is blacks doing it to Puerto Ricans and Whites and blacks are treated better than other races and put up on a pedestal – the exact opposite of what we are told about systematic racism – it is not “a story about race in America” that “journalists” who work for the corporate media want to spotlight as national news.


“A father-of-two was ambushed by gunmen and fatally shot in Chicago over the weekend, police said. His girlfriend is fighting for her life in hospital.

Chicago Police said the man, identified as 24-year-old Gyovanny Arzuaga, and a woman were in the 3200 block of West Division Street in Humboldt Park, when they were accosted by two or three gunmen who opened fire on them.

Arzuaga sustained a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. …”

The mob pulled him out of his car and executed him after a Puerto Rican Pride Day parade in Chicago. They shot his wife in the neck.

Yahoo News:

“The victims of the shooting, which occurred hours after the Puerto Rican Pride Day parade ended, were identified as Gyovanny Arzuaga, 24, and Yasmin Perez, 25, after a GoFundMe was organized for Arzuaga’s funeral costs and Perez’s medical care, according to Fox 32 Chicago.

Facebook video, allegedly of the incident, shows two victims apparently being pulled out of a car bearing a Puerto Rican flag, the report added. …”

In Long Branch, New Jersey, the Juneteenth celebration devolved into a full scale riot complete with vicious attacks on Whites and twerking on moving vehicles.

National File:

“A predominantly black crowd of Juneteenth revelers cheered as a white woman was savagely beaten in the streets of a Long Branch, New Jersey commercial district while the city marked the nation’s first Juneteenth federal holiday. Police from several jurisdictions later responded to the scene while retail employees remained trapped in their shops as the celebration commemorating the end of slavery devolved into a riot. …

Video footage recorded at the scene of the riotous Juneteenth celebration shows a pair of black women ruthlessly beating a white female attendee, as countless members of the crowd surrounded the group cheering on the violence and, at times, throwing their own jabs at the victim of the attack.

Additional video shows a mob of hundreds of rioters tearing through city streets as police struggled to keep the situation under control. As has been seen in recent race riots throughout the country, several rioters took breaks from the action to twerk while others danced on the tops of moving vehicles. …”

At least she wasn’t killed by the “racial justice” mob.

This woman was there to participate in the Juneteenth celebration. She was on their side.

Note: This is the conversation about race that is permitted in the “mainstream.”

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  1. “This woman was there to participate in the Juneteenth celebration. She was on their side”

    Then the stupid race traitor bitch got what she deserved. Now she knows she’s not an “ally”, but just another cracka ho.

    Much, much more to come from the unappeasable, kike-incited nigger apes,

    • Most incidents of black on white crime could’ve been prevented if the victims didn’t associate with blaxxx. That’s all it fucking takes.

  2. This is Jewish rule, chaos, mayhem and innocent people being killed. There is nothing the Jews want more than to lead and rule over us, but God says no. You are unfit and undeserving and every time you try, you will fail and chaos and disorder follow.

    You are witnessing the curse placed on the Jews by God almighty. And the curse will only be lifted when the Jews accept Christ and his teachings.

    • But Bobbie, don’t you know …. da we all be brothas and sistas in da Massa in da Sky, Christ Jeebus? As an aded bonus, we get da privilege of giving our $$$ to our elder brothas and sistas in Christ, da Joos, to have a seat at the kiddie’s table of the cult of the world’s greatest shyser rabbi, amirite?

    • Spot on Robert. Jews create hell on earth wherever they are allowed to have any power or influence.

    • Since Jews are God’s Chosen People, if you worship this god, you have to put up with his favoritism. He obviously likes what they are doing to us. Remember, it’s all “His Will”.

      • Gawd sure has a funny way of “cursing” his Self-Chosen by letting them pile up mountains of stolen shekels & White bodies.

        • I agree. Yet they continually whine and complain about how hard God is on them. Which is why I am not Christian. You basically have to worship the tribe and everything they do.

  3. I always find it illustrative of our diverse future when Puerto Ricans gesticulate wildly in Spanish, so you know they are not Black(?). It’s like the “pot calling the kettle black”, so to speak.

  4. Big black run cities are zoo’s. Glad I don’t live near one. My, ain’t diversity wonderful. Good to see celebrations in the spirit of saint Floyd, murder, riots, etc.

  5. All understand that Chicago Hispanics are definitely going to retaliate for this brutal, cowardly murder of this Puerto Rican couple.

    The Latin Kings were one of the only groups that resisted the organized BLM riots, mass looting last year and they were very effective. All Blacks coming in to Hispanic neighborhoods like Cicero were meat with LK armed with mostly guns and the Blacks were driven out of Hispanic areas with no looting.

  6. Juneteenth chaos is yet another tool in the Neoliberal toolbox to confuse and mix races, and prevent ethnic cohesion and ethno-socialism from appearing. Juneteenth is beneficial to the elites.

    Meanwhile criminal killings are happening elsewhere on a much larger scale: Almost one million Brazilians were on the streets on Saturday, protesting against the U.S.-installed Neoliberal Bolsonaro regime’s herd-thinning “herd immunity” policy, which has caused up to 500,000 unnecessary deaths in Brazil and infected many neighboring Latin American countries with its homegrown Amazon/Brazilian variant. By contrast, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba with their very strong national public health systems are some of the few pandemic success stories.

    • ” By contrast, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba with their very strong national public health systems are some of the few pandemic success stories.”

      Cuba, arguably has a “strong national public health system”, Venezuela not so much. I don’t know about Nicaragua’s public health system. All have strong police states. However, Daniel Ortega took a very hands off, “it’s just the flu bro’ ” stance with Covid 19 in Nicaragua. Costa Rica, on the other hand, has a strong public health system and is doing the best it can to vaccinate, but is still in a mess with Covid 19. This is likely because they like to party a lot there, tourism is big there and sick Nicas coming across the border to CR.

      And Cuba is an island, which gives it a decided advantage in controlling global pandemics.

      Me thinks you’re tooting your horn too loud for socialism.

      • Re: “you’re tooting your horn too loud”:

        Not nearly loud enough. Cuba’s success you cannot deny, and has little or nothing to do with being an island. Other islands including those with limited travel access have had much worse outcomes with this extremely infectious virus.

        Although Venezuela is under partial blockade and heavy financial sanctions by the U.S., weaponizing the pandemic by preventing importation of many essential drugs and medical supplies, the aim of the Chavismo public health system remains true and it is functioning, and hence, Venezuela’s Covid infection and death statistics are much lower than neighboring Neoliberal Brazil and Colombia.

        Nicaragua is a different case. It also struggles against U.S. sanctions hampering its public health system, but took a Belarus-like “no masks required” approach to the pandemic early on, but seems to have the lowest infection and death statistics (per capita) in Latin America, and one of the lowest in the world. Communist Belarus took the same approach and had a worse outcome than some other East European countries.

        Flaxen, you seem to have been absorbing the propaganda (such as the NPR hit piece) claiming Nicaragua’s very low numbers are fraudulent. I think the truth is somewhere in between: the numbers are lower due to severe lack of testing, not to fraud. Remember the U.S. did very little testing for several months in the beginning, and hence, the best scientific estimate for the REAL death toll in the U.S. is about 900,000, almost 300,000 more than the official figure.

        Incidentally, genetic studies of virus strains of the constantly mutating virus proved last year that the U.S. was the direct source of infection for all of Latin America, as well as most of Africa and some European countries.

        What’s happening in Venezuela right now:

        Re: “sick Nicas coming across the border”:

        You haven’t been told which Central American country HASN’T been bleeding refugees. I wonder why.

      • Costa Rica is something like 80% white. Which is probably why they don’t need a military, don’t send illegals to other countries and is a pls e people would actually consider visiting.

        One of the narratives being pushed is that illegal immigration is our fault because we have politically and militarily interfered in these nations and we are also responsible for climate change. I ask in response, why doesn’t Costa Rica have these problems?

    • Anonymous

      Fidel Castro respected both Socialist Nationalist A Hitler and Conservative Catholic Spanish strong men Spain’s Francisco Franco and Chiles’ Gen. Pinochet.

      Hitler put in effective government socialist programs like national health insurance, guaranteed a living wage for German workers.

      German workers really liked Hitler because he really was

      A socialist workers party leader that promoted the best interest of German workers.

      • By “respected,” it seems you’re implying that Fidel admired brutal fascists like Hitler, Franco and Pinochet. Ha! Of course Fidel is not perfect. His “support” of Pinochet is nuanced:

        “Hitler put in effective government socialist programs”:

        He was merely a populist reformer selling a fake, deadly substitute for real socialism. The “socialist programs” he put in were designed to prevent the development of socialism in Germany, and prepare a war to destroy it in Russia. He was ANTI-communist.

    • ” By contrast, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba with their very strong national public health systems are some of the few pandemic success stories.”

      My uncle died , this last year and in his will he left me a bridge in lower Manhattan.

      You want to buy it ?

  7. I guess Abraham Lincoln, Charles Sumer, William Seward, Thaddeus Stevens, Benjamin Butler, and the rest of them got what they wanted because now, Blacks are going to take over this country and subjugate the White population by force if they have to. These rich elites won’t live by the crime scenes and retreat to all White areas but they will force all of us to be around these savage invaders,

    The Yankee’s post war goal of destroying Whites is almost complete.

  8. These Kosher conservatives and ‘based Jews’ are really good at describing the symptoms. I wonder if they will ever name the disease?

  9. This is of course horrible. But we should still capitalize on a really bad incident. The Anti White Js, Leftists, critical race theory types would certainly capitalize on a real incident, since there aren’t any they make up hoaxes.

    Here’s an idea.

    Put up wanted posters, rewards for information leading to the arrest, prosecution conviction and execution for these cowardly murderers.

    $25,000 Reward

    If anyone wants help in how to do this, I’ve done it successfully many times.


  10. Juneteenth is going to be the day Blacks especially feel entitled to butcher whites who are in range.

    Avoid the groid. Biden is a sick old pervert.

    • Yep. A few more years and this will be full on Purge day for blacks if there is no pushback from Whites.

  11. I wonder what those Republican cockservatives who supported Jumeteempf as a way to own the libs think of it now?

    • A perfect example was Mike Pence’s boot-licking tweet which even included, incredibly enough, a black power symbol. The words pandering
      c–t come to mind…

  12. I feel awful about what happened to that young Puerto Rican couple. How are the ZOG politicians and media commentators going to spin that terrible crime so that it makes Whitey look bad? They are the ones who are responsible for pushing that god damn Jumeteempf nonsense on the coloreds, hoping it would encourage them to attack White people, not Puerto Ricans.

    • Remember when they wanted independence for PR so badly, they tried to assassinate Truman? Whatever happened to the PR independence movement?

  13. The more the jews and their gentile idiots give these animals the more they want and will take. They can’t be appeased. Fear is the only thing they understand.

    • In general, that’s true. However, one company I worked at hired a Nigerian engineer who had a masters degree in engineering from Ohio State. He had not yet had the full background check to access all areas of the plant. One day, the US Marshals showed up and removed him in about 30 seconds. Turns out he was wanted for forced entry and rape in the town he lived in previously.

      • He must have been passed through with flying colors. The joys of diversity. Keeping another qualified white out of a college program.

  14. Some big South Florida Gay Pride parade had the lead car driven by a 77 year old gay dude who must being going senile and accidentally hit the acceleration and lost control of the vehicle and ran some other gays over. Debbie Wasserman Shultz was there and she was ragging on about it obviously not in the know that it was an accident and the driver was a gay dude in the parade, from her tone she assumed it was a Trump supporter and was all ready to have another incident to hammer away at normal America.

    • The car crash as terrorism is so annoying. People don’t realise that cars do crash all the time.

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