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    • @John Wayne…

      I am very fond of Orban, too.

      He seems to have a complete grasp on the most fundamental of issues, (racial and cultural security) which, oddly enough, most leaders seemed to have lost, or, at least, act as if they have….

  1. So Brits that want to live free of national usury and subsidized replacement immigration are like Italians? Maybe there is a common thread here.

  2. “How Populist Are You?”

    Not at all. Populism, whether right or synthetic, pseudo “left,” is mere reformism, nothing more than a temporary, single step back toward commonwealth, a pressure-releasing adjustment before capitalism plunges ahead again full steam.

  3. Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Rodrigo Duterte, Alexander Lukashenko, Kim Jong Un, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Haffez and Bashar al-Assad….those are the cats I admire.

    • You do not see any of the typical correlations between random acts of senseless violence and criminality and abject poverty in the Philippines. This comes down to three reasons: 1. Duterte has empowered honest people to handle their own community problems with drugs, sex trafficking, extortion, and so on without fear of undue police interference (which is not only natural but cost-effective), 2. In the Philippines everyone is Filipino (no blacks to not relax around) and happy whether they have little or a lot because they are spiritually healthy and cheerful, and 3. There is no expectation that victimization mentality is going to get anyone anywhere because there is no money and no liberal tradition to speak of.

      Duterte is the best thing to happen to the country maybe ever. If his successors build on his successes and improve in the areas that he was not as strong as the famously corrupt but more explicitly nationalistic Marcos regime, then the Philippines will probably be well on its way to breaking out of third world status within a few decades. To whit: there are caches of deuterium bigger than anywhere else in the world right off the coast in the Philippines trench – the future will be nuclear or else we won’t have one. I’d love it of the Flips became Mid East Rich in the 22nd century.

      • “do not see any of the typical correlations between random acts of senseless violence and poverty”

        Because there is none.
        It’s just a nicely crafted kosher excuse.

        Explians the reason millions of expat WHITES are fleeing to SE Asia.

        I hear, time in, time out, how much more relaxed expats feel, in SE Asia.(same for other countries, Portugal, Ukraine etc.)

  4. Why these surveys are lame:

    I took this one, and barely finished in the populist right quadrant. And it told me I am most similar to Emmanuel Macron.


    Apropos, I’ve been within “if looks could kill” distance of Macron, twice. Once at the immigration conference in Salzburg in September 2018, and then again at the 75th anniversary of D-Day at Omaha Beach in June 2019. He really is that much of a pip squeak, and worse.

    • “Why these surveys are lame:”

      Fluff filler, to distract and divert the goy.

      (One more, in the infinity of reasons that we need WHITE MEDIA.)

  5. According to the quiz my views are most similar to Victor Orban’s and least similar to Pablo Iglesias’. I’m part Hungarian so the results are pretty much what I expected.

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