Washington Post: What Is White Racial Identity?

This is part of a series called “The New Normal.”

Washington Post:

Basically, the idea is that “racism” is completely subjective and “People of Color” may experience it differently. As White people, we should prostrate ourselves before sacred blacks and debase ourselves over everything that they might find offensive. Part of living in a “white supremacist” culture is the political establishment making these ridiculous demands of White people.

Note: Is this some kind of weird religious cult?

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  1. They want us fucking dead….don’t make it anymore complicated than this…

    Anyone advocating that White Women have large Families would be called Hitler….This happened to Laura Ingraham a few years back…

    Never never never forget this:Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post=CAPITALISM not Communism…..Ho Chi Minh wasn’t trying to impose this sewage on the Native Born White American Working Class…..But LBJ was…

  2. Notice that they never talk about Whites and blacks separating from one another. If Whites are so evil and oppressive, why not just separate the two races? I believe that the people telling Whites to feel guilt and shame know very well that Whites are suckers and compliant when it comes to wanting to get along with nonwhites. But this is to our detriment.

    • “, why not just separate the two races?”

      Because that defeats the the Talmudic design, to breed a mongrel race of slaves.

    • It’s the same situation with teh jooz. The way they constantly whine about “anti semitism” you’d think they were being subjected to a Tsarist pogrom or Nazi hollacawst every single day. In fact the niggras probably learned to complain about Whitey from their jew masters.

    • Haiti is their endgame if they separate from Whites. Black grandkids are our endgame if we don’t separate from them.

  3. ….and the Jews must be held to account for cold blooded murder of the innocent son of God. How could they get away which such a horrible crime?? They haven’t, god almighty will see to it, in due time.

  4. White women from privileged backgrounds love joining cults. Remember Sandy Good and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme?

  5. We are entering into the new “dark age”, and unfortunately that’s not just a reference to its backwardness. The worship of people with darker complexions will only grow as we move forward.

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