Breaking Points: Shortage Crisis Shows How Elites Made Us Into a Clown Country

What was it a month ago?

It was a nationwide chicken wing shortage, right?

BTW, the chicken shortage has since expanded to include a bunch of other things.

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  1. “How Elites Made Us Into a Clown Country?

    Their money isolates them from reality.

    (Its easy to get along with blacks, when they only see them as doormen, maids and valets.)

      • He uses the term “we” constantly as though these wogs were part of the country. When the wogs or the Government want something from Whites it’s we’re all in this together otherwise it’s racial grievance mongering 24/7 against Whites AKA real Americans.

  2. Severe shortage of lethal execution drugs will “force” South Carolina, and three other states, to execute more prisoners by firing squad, and Arizona will begin killing some in Zyklon-B gas chambers.

  3. Chicken wings ???
    That was always ‘poor man’s food’.
    Ppl ate that after the adults broke into the kid’s piggyback.

  4. I recently read that Bill Gates bought up lots of land in Idaho that he turned into potato fields. The article said that the land stretches so far that the fields can be seen from space. Gates is also supplying McDonald’s with potatoes for French fries, which really makes me want to eat at Mcdonald’s. Coca-Cola provides the drinks. I guess Satan supplies the beef.

  5. The short-sighted, all-devouring greed of a handful of rich, privileged scum who don’t give a flying fuck about their country or their race, only the fatness of their already bulging wallets. And as Apu says, nothing will change.

    They should be tortured to death.

  6. Get back into your wage case serfs. Boomers expect no uncomfort in their hedonistic existence or losses on the valuations of their stonks portfolios.

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