CNN: Tucker Carlson Is “White Rage”

I’m enjoying the post-Trump era.

Tucker Carlson is calling out the anti-White hysteria on CNN.

CNN is shouting back and labeling Tucker Carlson the embodiment of “White Rage” as their ratings collapse into dust. Brian Stelter is bitter that he has become a big joke on the internet.

The “mainstream” clearly died somewhere over the past decade and it is wonderful.

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  1. If Tucker Carlson qualifies “White Rage”, then CNN surely qualifies as a Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Communist usurpation of America.

    CNN would not know an American value if one droppt off an Apple Tree and hit them on the head.

      • Thank you, Dear John.

        Sorry to be right about this. There was a day, a coon’s age ago, when I respected and loved CNN, most especially it’s foreign affairs coverage.

        But, alas, that day is long long past and likely never to come back again.

    • Ivan- What you said! Yes.

      (And, does that uppity b-word envision liberal disdain any more than she possibly could, in that first picture? Truly, Pride is an ugly thing to see….and it’s even more egregious, when a woman exemplifies that sinfulness.)

      • Thank you, Dear Father!

        Yes, pride in ungodliness and filthiness is a wretched thing to behold!

  2. “You are White rage, Tucker. You are. And you know it.”

    Bwahahaha. I cannot read anything Stelter writes without hearing Mark Dice speaking in a falsetto voice.

    To his credit, Stelter did capitalize “White.”

      • Just make (((them))) powerless–and then shipped their tight,close-minded,asses,back to THAT hateful havel in the Ukraine where they came from!?!

        • @Steven and Spahn…

          I do not know if any Jews will ever be shippt back to the erstwhile Stätls of Eastern and Central Europe, but, I will say this : when the United States reconfederatizes, the vast majority will self-deport to Blue States, which means that, if y’all want to get out from under their thumb, y’all can transfer y’alls’ abodes down here, or to some other Sovereign Red State.

  3. Tucker appears to have a lot less rage than Brian Stelter does. Stelter has angry bulging eyes and a fake smile. He always looks like he’s about to go on an axe murder spree. Tucker is very laid back by comparison.

    • Every time I see that creepy jew Stelter I can’t help but think of his creepy jew sex fetishes.

    • Accusing others of what you’re doing. That’s just Stelter being true to his culture

  4. Cnn is insanely jewish. To the point memes were made about it. One of the few goys- John King- even dumped his half baked Christian beliefs and became a Jew to slobber to his wife Dana Bash. As far as Stelter goes, he’s just another trouble making Jew. Trump is gone for now at least so the station is in a massive crash in ratings.

    The blonde zombie going after Tucker- Brianna Keillar- just wants that paycheck. She looks like batteries are stuffed in her back in her robot like expressions. It’s all so boring and predictable. News in America is basically dead. Really, how long can America go on like this?

    I laugh at the Democrats pushing the critical race crap. Yeah because schools have not talked about slavery enough, huh? Ok, since we are being ” honest” and must talk of systemic racism and ( yawn) even more slavery, maybe we can get around to 90 years of high black crime rates with no end in sight, Africa having slavery long before Whites showed up, blacks eating each other, cutting off body parts of albinos to this day in Africa for ” potions” and mass murder taking place when an African tribal leader died where up to 1000 Africans were killed to go on ” spiritual journeys” with the dead tribal leader. Witchcraft has also long been an African trait as well as in Haiti. Oh, and slavery exists to this day in Africa but since Whites own none of them, blacks and jewish stations like cnn and goy zombies like Keillar and others say zippo.

    At some point there will have to be major lawsuits and restrictions against these stations who thrive on hating Whites and America while of course living in White areas. We can all bet the ranch the likes of Stelter and Keillar live in overwhelmingly White areas…kind of like another grifter named LeBron.

  5. Do not go peacefully into that horrific night! Rage, rage, rage, against the dying of the Whites!

  6. It looks like CNN has found a snarky blonde bimbo replacement for Brooke Baldwin.

  7. Tucker Carlson is a “former” neocon and works for the ultra-Zionists at Fox. His job is to play the Tweedledee to counter CNNs Tweedledum. This always follows the same predictable formula: Conservative commentator says something vaguely pro-White, CNN “wow just wows”, actual pro-Whites see CNN kvetching and think that the billionaire Zionists at Fox are on their side.

    I’m afraid the only reason CNN’s ratings have plummeted is because Blormpf is gone so liberals don’t need to get their daily dose of Blormpf hate. It has nothing to do with shitlib ideas going out of fashion.

  8. WHITE RAGE: Is that the newest false charge by the Left meant as a smear? The latest version of “White privilege”? Is it “White fragility”? Or is it “White HATE”? Is it “White supremacy”? That Whites are “racists”? Unfortunately all of this name calling shames the legions of cowardly White normies, and the jews know it.

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