Poll: 80% See Border Disaster


This looks like a big losing issue for Joe Biden and Democrats.

Yahoo News:

“In a new Harvard/Harris poll, an overwhelming 80% said that illegal immigration is a serious issue and one that needs more attention than what President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris are giving.

What’s more, 68% said that signals from Biden’s White House are encouraging illegal immigration, and 55% believe that former President Donald Trump’s border closing policies should have been left in place.

Pollster Mark Penn sized up the results this way: “Immigration is boiling up as an issue.” …

The fears of illegal immigration were a key part of Penn’s analysis of his June poll for Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies and the Harris Poll.

He wrote: “Sixty-four percent of registered voters want the Biden administration to issue new, stricter policies to reduce the flow of people across the border. Only 7% of voters could accurately call out the amount of monthly illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. with 84% underestimate the number, suggesting we should expect stronger voter reactions if the crisis evolves further. Overall, 74% of voters view the current surge in illegal immigrants as a crisis that needs to be addressed immediately, and 56% do not view climate change, racism, and sexism as root causes of migration from South and Central America.” …”

Root causes?

The “root cause” is the Biden administration blew up the border as one of its first acts in January. The president of Guatemala has said as much.

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  1. I am sorry, but, if you think President Biden’s border policies are ‘a disaster’, then you would think the same of every president for at least several decades.

    If you think President Trump was a winner, in this regard, then you only object to White Replacement being done illegally, as opposed to legally.

      • @Flaxen & 12AX&…

        Thank you so much, Gentlemen!

        I am so sorry to have to be ‘spot on’ about such a thing.

        What a pleasure it would be to live in a nation that possessed a government that protected and nourished it’s people, like Hungary and Russia have, to be a proud patriot.

        But, alas, that opportunity is gone from us, or, at least, for the time being….

  2. Seeing a border disaster is an illusion. The real disaster is the imperialist exploitation of foreign countries that is the main cause of the migration. But no one wants to see that.

    • @John…

      Well, as you know, a majority of people will never come to any conclusion, if that means they have to risk their lives or liberty, even if they are shepherded into concentration camps, they’ll do nothing that might endanger their position on a favourable wooden bunk.

      They’re sheep, sad to say.

      That said, My Friend, a determined minority of only a 1/3 of this nation could easily set things to right.

  3. Well according to Trump supporters the vast majority of the wall was built so whats the problem here?

    • @Ricky…

      Another excellent questions of yours, Dear Ricky.

      You know, I think you missed your calling as a trail lawyer…

  4. Root causes? The root causes are letting all of these Godamn people show up here and be given some free stuff. Like giving their kids free public education, free medical care at the emergency room, letting all the spics be elligible for social security, putting foreigners on the SNAP program. A wall would not be needed if the government would stop giving things to people who have no right to be here.

  5. The U.S. has several foreign nations residing within the nation. The centre of the foreign Hispanic nation is LA County with its sub-divisions of Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc. with a separate group of primarily Cubans in south Florida.

    The Moslem/Arab nation is mostly in the Detroit area displacing ethnic Poles from places like Hamtramck, Mich. and sending beauties like Rashida Tlaib (D. West Bank) to the Ho House of Representatives.

    Chinese have their China Towns all over the U.S. and in Southern California there are also Korea Towns and similar ethnic enclaves for all sorts of other foreigners. Whites are a minority in California and especially in LA, the place looks like the bar scene in ‘Star Wars’. “Our Greatest Ally” of course has a large presence in LA but NYC still seems to be their capitol.

    All of these foreign groups are pulling the Government in different directions, some more powerfully than others and none more powerfully or destructively than “Our Greatest Ally”. With all this diversity the Government, in the hands of a hostile elite for decades needs a common enemy for the wogs to hate and Whitey fits the bill.

    It looks like the U.S. Government, in its infinite wisdom has also chosen to pick a fight with China over Taiwan, 7,000 miles away from the U.S. This same hostile elite ruling class has systematically wrecked the military by favoring the foreigners in the U.S. military over Whites and enforced its wildly perverted globo homo/diversity agenda on the military ranks.

    As China rises and the U.S. declines it’s difficult to see how such a war could be successfully prosecuted by the U.S. Government. The White, Christian, ethnic core of the country and the military has been vilified and is unlikely to support the Government in an extended war. Some of the Chinese in the U.S. are already acting as a fifth column for the Chinese government in Peking and would no doubt engage in sabotage during a war against their true country, China.

    The hostile elite ruling this country is at odds with itself, pursuing contradictory policies such as promoting war while weakening the military. The foreign nations residing in the country, favored by the Government will not support the Government in a crisis, that’s hated Whitey’s job. It’s hard to see how things can end well when the elites ruling the country are turning the place into a scene from an Hieronymus Bosch painting of Hell.


  6. @12AX7…

    “The U.S. has several foreign nations residing within the nation.”

    Yes, I absolutely agree with your premise, and, though I often think of New England, Plains’ States, The Midwest, The Far West, and The Southwest as nations living within The United States, I never really thought of it, in terms of the nations of other races, as you have so well put that today.

    As to the frustration, and pessimism implicit in your comment, I can say something that I hope you find uplifting, and it is in reply to this comment of yours…

    “It’s hard to see how things can end well when the elites ruling the country are turning the place into a scene from an Hieronymus Bosch painting of Hell.”

    It won’t end well – not for them anyway, because, just as Hitler had to go through the spine-numbing process of watching the dizzying heights to which Germany had ascended in 1942 go slowly to rot, so, too, shall they.

    They will not succeed, and, the least price they will pay for their lack of caring, their arrogance, and their treachery is that they will have to watch everything they think they are for fall apart, and that which they think they despise rise and triumph.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is no power in this world, short of Chryst, who can force the White Peoples of this earth to be submissive to their claims.

    No amount of bio-weapons, disinformation, treachery, threats, bullying, electronick surveillance, economick dismantlement, and bombs have the power to do that, because God has instilled into us, our blood, a nature that is indomitable.

  7. Some observations:

    Minnesota is little Mogadishu, and even Littler Saigon…. LSS (Lutheran {!} Social Service were more than willing to give us such ‘diversity’ and that only emboldened N-words from the South (thanks, Hubert Humphrey!) to ‘enrich’ us with Ill-hand Oh-my-God, and [sic] “St.” Geo. Floyd.

    This was a purposeful attempt at unwanted ‘multicultural/multiCULTIC’ two-fers. We got goddamned MOOSlims AND Niggers all in one swell foop. And now have a Mudslime AG in the sorry ass personage of Keith (Traitor) Ellison. Oy.

    Secondly- loved the new name for Kabala Ha’aretz. ‘Que Mala’ – Brilliant!!!

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