Elie Mystal: Joe Biden and the Age of Blaxhaustion

Speaking of tiresome coddled blacks who are put up on a pedestal by woke progressives, Elie Mystal is back. When we last heard from him, he was unwilling to leave his White-free castle and reenter White society where he is assaulted on a daily basis by the beestings of White racism.

The Nation:

“Black people delivered the presidency to Joe Biden. His campaign was an embarrassing structure fire until Black voters in South Carolina showed up to save it. In primary after primary, they rejected fresh media darling Pete Buttigieg, pushed back against openly progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, kicked Mayor Stop-and-Frisk to the curb, and couldn’t even be moved by other candidates of color like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, and Andrew Yang. They understood—correctly, it turns out, and over the objection of many younger Black pundits like me—that this is a deeply racist country and that a majority of white people would vote for a Republican, as a majority of them have in every presidential election since Nixon honed the Southern strategy. They saw Biden as the candidate best situated to appeal to the minority of white voters who could abide Donald Trump’s bigotry but couldn’t stand his incompetence. And, with a major assist from Kamala Harris to shore up the underrepresented communities who were sick of racism and patriarchy, Biden was able to defeat Trump. …

But this administration is not radical, not anti-racist, and not moving nearly fast enough to advance actual policies that will secure the fundamental rights of the people who put it in charge. …”

Making “equity” the focus of every policy coming out of the Biden administration and openly discriminating against Whites on the basis of race and blood libeling all White people and accusing them of systematic racism and white supremacy IS NOT “antiracist” for Elie Mystal.

“Biden cannot deliver on some of his legislative promises as long as Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and various whites-only “problem solvers” caucuses refuse to tear down the policies of white supremacy. …”

Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are upholding “white supremacy.”

“He could do something about ICE: abolish it, disarm it, retrain it, punish it for human rights violations—literally any “reform” would be better than what we have now. Biden has released a comprehensive plan to deal with domestic terrorism but nothing to deal with state-sponsored terrorism carried out by American police. …”

The police are state-sponsored terrorists.

ICE should also be abolished and its officers punished for human rights violations. We’re already well on the way to becoming a dysfunctional Third World country in cities like Chicago which are misgoverned by blacks the way that Elie Mystal would have us do nationwide. The root of all of this is the sick cult of White guilt which has saturated and debased our culture and the toxic relationship between woke progressives and black radicals like Ibram X. Kendi and Elie Mystal.

Note: If memory serves, the president of El Salvador recently boasted that crime in his country is now lower than in Chicago.

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  1. I’m convinced the “Latin” drug cartels are run out of New York and Tel Aviv. If they went away I’m pretty sure violence would go down significantly.

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    • This N-word is merely the golem the Jews have created. Never forget, never forgive.

      Repatriate them all- by any means necessary. Wrathful? For a good reason….

      “…the German philosopher Rudolf Otto may be helpful: “Anyone who is accustomed to think of deity only by its rational attributes must see in this “wrath” mere caprice and willful passion. But such a view would have been emphatically rejected by the religious men of the Old Covenant, for to them the Wrath of God, so far from being a diminution of His Godhead, appears as a natural expression of it, an element of “holiness” itself, and a quite indispensable one. And in this they are entirely right…. It cannot be doubted that, despite the protest of Schleiermacher and Rischl, Christianity also has something to teach of the “wrath of God.” – https://blogs.ancientfaith.com/orthodoxyandheterodoxy/2015/02/10/grace-wrath-orthodox-tradition/

  3. The USA should dismantle the nuclear arsenal. Now way do you get to have that ordinance and have blacky run the government.

    • Wait until the Deep State removes Dementia Joe and replaces him with Cackling Kamala as Mr. President, even if she is only a figurehead. Yikes!

  4. The fact that blacks want to dismantle ICE proves they are too stupid to realize that illegal immigration hurts them in a number of ways. Or, they just don’t care about that and simply want anything that will hurt whitey. There again, they are too stupid to realize that will result in Africa/Haiti/Brazil.

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