Axios: Online Reparations Revolution

If you are eager to flagellate yourself, virtue signal and participate in America’s bizarre racial cult of White guilt and obsession with blacks, the easiest way to do so is still through PayPal or Venmo.


“In the absence of broad financial restitution to the descendants of slaves and Black Americans, some people are taking to Twitter to ask for reparations — and transacting through Venmo and Cash App. 

Why it matters: The significant wealth gap in the U.S. between Black and white Americans is the direct result of slavery and systemic racism. Reparations as a potential solution to close that gap is highly divisive, but in motion. 

The police killing of George Floyd and subsequent global social movement, along with the creation of Juneteenth as a federal holiday, has helped propel the conversation online. 

By the numbers: There have been more than 91,000 tweets which mention “cashapp reparations,” “venmo reparations,” or “venmo cashapp reparations, according to an Axios analysis of data from Keyhole, since the start of the year. …”

We’re still struggling with payment processors.

Nothing less than absolute sycophantic reverence and worship of blacks is allowed under their Terms of Service. Blacks are put up on a pedestal as sacred beings by progressive activists. They are beyond criticism. If you are caught saying anything even mildly critical of their holy religious icons like doubting the need to debase yourself before them, you will be branded a “white supremacist” and deplatformed.

Note: Donald Trump was branded a “white supremacist” and deplatformed after running on the Platinum Plan in 2020. 31% of Americans believe Trump is a white supremacist.

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  1. All of this is the ‘bitter fruit’ (or, looking at that abomination of a female in the picture, above) a ‘rancid watermelon’ of divorcing the tripartite nature of governance based on the Monos/Arche [Monarchy] of God the Father, for a supposed ‘Demos as king’ – the very sin that the Ancient Israelites committed when they asked for King Saul! That fallacy of our Arian (not Aryan!) founding fathers is well discussed in Andrew Fraser’s paper, “ONE-DIMENSIONAL MAN: RACE AND THE TRINITARIAN THEOLOGY OF CHRISTIAN NATIONHOOD, PART II” wherein he wrote:

    “As the trinitarian ideal of mixed and balanced government was displaced, Spirit, water, and blood were dissolved into the unitarian image of good King Demos. At first, Homo americanus was a White man. But, following the abolition of Negro slavery and the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment, the polite fiction that the United States was founded as a “White Republic” was no longer sustainable. “The people” have since been transformed into a bloodless, borderless, and gender-neutral abstraction.
    Meanwhile, Spirit can find no secure dwelling place within a “living Constitution” driven by the absolute imperatives of capitalist development in a society of perpetual growth. The life-giving force of water, too, has been degraded by the promiscuous offer of citizenship in a universal nation which refuses to recognize the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”

    Whites, in order to avoid Racial Genocide, are going to HAVE to restore a Christian Monarchic Ethnarchical order, in order to avoid assimilation or annihilation. Yes, that means the dismantling of this corrupt, blasphemous and antichrist political order. Secession, once and for all.

    The United States, in order to survive, must kill it’s Doppelgänger counterfeit self.

  2. There’s a whole genre of youtube videos where blacks go to non-western countries, like places in Asia or eastern Europe, and then act appalled that they aren’t treated like royalty as they are in Western countries. Blacks are so entitled because of the treatment they receive from Americans that they believe they should be revered everywhere on earth just for existing. They actually suffer culture shock because of the “racism” in these non-western countries.

  3. White families have paid “reparations” in the trillions via the residential housing market. Every urban black neighborhood in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, NYC, Philly, ad inf was once a White neighborhood. Blacks – you didn’t build that. White families did. As the neighborhood turned dark, you were lucky if you got out breakeven, but most sold their family home to blacks at a price far below what they would have sold it for in stable times. This has to be one of the greatest racial wealth transfers in history.

  4. Whites should be giving reparations for having to put up these animals on a daily basis. When are the black countries that sold them into slavery going to pay?

    • Yeah, like Asatru, EST, Talmudism, Odinism, National Socialism, Conspicuous Consumption, ‘You owe it to yourself- ism.

      Which one of these abominations do you adhere to?

      Deut. 6:4, Acts 4:12

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