FEE: Woke Restaurants Are Now Adding “Equity” Charges To Customers’ Checks

The libertarians have flagged something important for once.


“She was right.

On its website, Broders’ has a notice to customers notifying them of a new 15 percent “benefits and equity” charge they’ve instituted. They justify the charge, first, by explaining that “many states have allowed reduced minimum wages for service staff in the form of a tip credit.” (More on this in a minute.)

The restaurant’s second justification is that many tippers are racist and sexist, according to uncited research.

“Studies have also shown that there is inequity and built-in bias in the way consumers give tips,” the statement reads. “In general, Black or Brown servers receive less tips than Caucasian servers. There is gender bias as well.”

The final part of the statement says the new policy stems from wider racial injustice and is not a substitute for gratuity.

“In the wake of racial injustice protests and the closures due to COVID, now is the time for Broders’ to reimagine its economics and provide fair pay across the company,” the statement reads. “Our Benefits & Equity Charge is applied entirely to employee compensation. This supplement helps us to set a $16 minimum hourly wage for customer-facing employees, $18 minimum hourly wage for kitchen employees… Altogether this allows everyone in our company to earn a real living wage. The 15% Benefits & Equity Charge is not a gratuity.” …”

I wonder how widespread this has become.

In my experience, working class and middle class Whites are the best tippers and blacks are the worst tippers. I would love to see the evidence that racist Whites are discriminating against black workers. Even in our circles, I have never seen any reason to believe this is true.

Note: Pretty White girls do get better tips though.

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  1. You never know. Maybe this will be good nigger repellent at better restaurants. But only more upscale PMC white diners would benefit from it.

  2. Take it from someone in the know: Black and Brown wait staff will fight to serve Whites (especially middle-aged Whites), and hate waiting on their own kind. Browns hate waiting on Blacks in particular.

  3. Tipping exists to incentivize better service and because wait staff in the US have a lower wage than in other industries. If the hourly wage becomes $15 or more higher then there is no further reason to tip.

  4. got off the Judeo-Mexifornia X, now living in rural Utah. Had a great pizza at a local rest. yersterday – small with pepperoni and anchovies. With a 20 oz. soda cost $8. Left $3 tip for very fine looking, friendly white waitress.

    all is well in rural central Utah. I feel for any of us still living in the (((big city))).

    • Within a few months you’ll be going bonkers out there in the middle of nowhere. “Why did I ever leave Point Mugu?”

  5. Hot 20 year old white girls will get better tips. But white customers are more likely to tip waiters and waitresses. And indeed, regular customers to diners will befriend staff in such places and provide most tips. Perhaps though, waitresses and waiters should be insured medically with some nice sort of national coverage.

    • “Hot 20 year old white girls will get better tips. ”

      They are training them for strip bars and OnlyFans.

      Speaking for myself, I have always resented the tipping culture. They should pay these people a decent wage, and add it to the price, so I don’t have to wonder if I should tip or not, and calculate how much depending on the city.

      Also if the service is bad, that should be up to the business owners to discipline and train their staff properly, not me. Why should I have to train their staff for them, when I just want to pay my money to eat a nice meal and relax? The blacks are right in this case. Tipping sucks.

      • Very true tipping sucks I immediately thought of that scene in reservoir dogs upon reading your description. The tipping quote when mr pink refuses to tip after everyone else did and gets shit for it

        I’ll throw in a dollar or 2 if service is good but no more then that usually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrwQ9G4epys

  6. I see Broder’s is an Italian restaurant. Broder is not an Italian name. Actually it sounds … jewish. Maybe that’s why they use an equity fee rather than a pay raise.

    • Broders is not an “Italian” restaurant – they are merely a sort of “chichi Fufu” restaurant that you bring your tray past the food items, and choose what you want – an upscale cafeteria- and most of the stuff is cold deli salads, and other girly stuff. And I do mean upscale – you can’t get a “meal” for less than $12-$15 …minus a drink – and that’s cafeteria style! I hope the SOBs go out of business. Because I stopped going to that restaurant chain, when they started importing diversitys as their waitstaff into the White neighborhoods. And then the wife and I moved out of state – long before George Floyd and the cult of worshiping the black Asherah.

      Let the Scandinavian dead bury the Scandinavian dead.

  7. In NY, they used to add a 15% surcharge (tip) to the bill after certain hours. They stopped it after people complained but I’m sure it will come back.

  8. Oh,lordy!,have a good friend who waitresses at an upscale,Westchester County,N.Y.,restaurant; WHAT “stories” she has to tell!–particularly one where members of a CERTAIN “oppressed-racial-minority” come “promenading” in ONE hour BEFORE her shift ends,(closing time,in ACTUAL fact),and!,proceed to order filet-mignon with ALL the fixings???,(well done!,of course!); anyway!,90 minutes LATER,they pay the bill & STOCK out,(leaving NO!,tip,PERIOD!).Boy!,was my gal-pal PISSED OFF,something FIERCE!?!

    • If the racial minority I think you are talking about. Just be happy they payed so many dine and dashes from that particular minority group…

      Thats probably the worst part of being a waitress actually serving those savages they bolt on you and you have to go tell your manager he bitches at you. Then you got to call the cops and give them a description of the dashers what a headache that would be

  9. These cheap-ass scum lie that nig waitresses are shortchanged by racist Whites. As always, the reverse is the case: my mother worked as a waitress, and she always said niggers rarely tip. They believe that it’s time for Whitey to serve THEM for free.

  10. “ Pretty White girls do get better tips though.”

    Which is true even when they’re serving black men, probably more true.

    Say what you will about Anglin, but he is correct about white female privilege being the actual root problem. It’s a problem that wouldn’t be a problem in a homogenous society. All cultures put female fertility on a pedestal. But when you mix cultures, the prettiest females rise to the top of the hierarchy when nature runs its course.

    • He is indeed right,all this whole antiracist thing was started by them,if not,they are the main contenders. Did you see Gal Gadot complain about Jewish Supremacy weeks ago?No.She complained about the kids throwing rocks at their tanks,Do you see S.African complain about Black supremacy while they pillage rape and murder White People there?Did you see Japanese Women complaining about Japanese Supremacy during the 20th Century,Mongolian Supremacy when they invaded East Europe centuries ago?Nope.Here we invest trillions in these people and White Women have the gal to complain about racism,nazism,white supremacy.

    • All cultures do not put women on a pedestal…I have lived around Mexicans and Muslims; both treat women like dogs. Chinese, about the same. Only pathetic, weak White men blame women for “everything”.

  11. Jaded View from someone who grew up a poor white urbanite.

    I never had job that paid tips until I started doing delivery.

    In cosmopolitan cities all the serving jobs are reserved for bratty college kids/drop outs.

    It’s extremely rare you’ll see a waitress that isn’t some rich suburban kid. Dinners as a quasi exceptions.

    I primarily see serving jobs as makeshift work so rich kids can continue to live rich kid lifestyles before making it in the corporate world.

    Bartenders/servers exposes the automation lie. We can already automate bartenders, easy! Robot servers will be economically feasible very soon but they aren’t installing a vending machine bartenders because people want the human touch.

    There’s no reason why we should save the bartenders job and not other jobs

    • Too much civil liability with automated drink service. Have you ever heard of the “Dram Shop Doctrine”?

  12. Look at the bright side , silver lining in n a dark cloud.

    Though the language is all about “fighting White racism”, in practice it forces all customers to pay a 15% gratuity /tip.

    The people that don t tip are Blacks some women.

    This happens a lot like in the mid 1990s when Liberal Leftist pro Black White young people flocked to Black dominated urban areas .

    The rhetoric was all Liberal pro Black , the reality was poor Black pushed out and urban areas gentrified . White gays were the first gentrified.

  13. Hell yea i tip them pretty white gorls more. Thats a reflection of my innate bias. As for the rest, fuck em.

    Also, do lazy nogs do a worse job ???

    • “Whites are the best tippers and blacks are the worst tippers. ”

      Confirmed !
      By multiple friends.

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