Breaking Points: Bernie Sanders Caves To SALT Caucus

Do you remember when Republicans were hyperventilating about “socialism”?

Do you remember earlier this spring when neoliberal centrists were crowing that Joe Biden was new the FDR and that we were unironically at the dawn of a new progressive era?

Do you remember when the smarter people on the Left like Matt Karp expressed their doubts that the Democrats had the stomach to tax their wealthy professional class base in the coastal suburbs?

Six months into our new progressive era, Joe has delivered a $1,400 check with a lower eligibility threshold (giving people less COVID relief than Trump), Medicare for All is dead, the public option in health care is dead, the $15 minimum wage is dead, taxing Wall Street is dead, raising taxes on the wealthy and Corporate America is dead, the wealth tax is dead, the PRO Act is almost certainly dead and even student loan debt relief which Joe Biden could deliver with the stroke of a pen tomorrow is dead.

Joe Biden is currently in Wisconsin campaigning on his bipartisan infrastructure deal which is more popular with Republicans than Democrats. Meanwhile, the Left is being accommodated on open borders, trannies, censorship and demonizing the police. Liz Cheney is a heroine of the Democrats now. The FBI and CIA are the good guys now. Neocons are now all over CNN and MSNBC. The military-industrial complex and Pentagon generals who support imperialism are the good guys now.

Bernie Sanders can’t even stand up to the SALT Caucus. Look at him. He is tired and defeated.

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  1. Bernie is a total fraud. I don’t blame Millennials that bought his bullshit but it’s time to move on.

  2. Like every other Boomer out there accusations of racism and sexism will paralyze them and make them crumble to dust.

  3. I see the post Cold War Era of neo-liberalism from 1992 to 2021 as being essentially the same policies but with different faces.

    Only Trump managed to get in for four years and bring in some Populism.

    Is there really any difference between Shrub bombing Iraq and Obama killing alleged terrorists with drones?

    Amy difference between Obamas shovel ready jobs and Bidens new Infrastructure Pkan?

    • Yes there is. The US government is even MORE corrupt and incompetent today. They don’t pretend to care what we think either.

  4. These issues seem to matter a lot to Hunter, but (((Bernie))) never cared a whit. What matters to (((Bernie))) is open borders and Israel. He’s doing ok, the same as when he was mayor and banned all crosses on public property but allowed the menorah. Take that Goyim.

  5. The Democrats are going to try really hard, really really really hard, to get their precious SALT deduction back. Personally, I think much of the 2018 midterms was little more than UMC blue state suburban voters punishing Trump and Team Red for getting rid of SALT.

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