Boris Johnson Wants To Make An Example Out of “Racists” After Euro 2020 Defeat

Congrats, Italy.

You’re the clear winner here.

So much for “National Conservatism.”

It turns out that Boris Johnson is another phony “conservative populist” like Donald Trump.


“The attacks were condemned by the English Football Association and the British government, and London’s Metropolitan Police has opened an investigation into the matter.

What they’re saying: “Shame on you and I hope you’ll crawl back under the rock from which you emerged,” Johnson said of those taking aim at the players, adding that the team played like “heroes.” …”


Boris Johnson will tell social media companies at a meeting this afternoon the the government expects them to do “everything they can” to identify those responsible for racist abuse of England football players, Downing Street has said.

The prime minister told a meeting of cabinet that the attacks on Euro 2020 penalty-takers Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Buyako Saka were “utterly disgraceful” and had emerged “from the dark spaces of the internet”.

He said he would use today’s long-planned meeting with social media firms to reiterate the urgent need for action to deal with hatred on their platforms ahead of legislation in his Online Harms Bill, currently going through parliament

The PM told ministers that there was “no question” that the kind of abuse directed at the England players needs to be “stamped out”, said Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson. …”

Daily Mail:

Boris Johnson will hold a showdown with social media firms today demanding they ‘up their game’ over racist abuse of England’s penalty missers. 

Downing Street said the PM will use the meeting this afternoon to ‘reiterate the urgent need for action’ after the vile trolling. …

Ministers are pressing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to help in hunting down those responsible so they can ‘make an example’ of them.

The premier’s spokesman said: ‘We expect social media firms to do everything they can to identify these people.’ …”

Boris Johnson should get in touch with his old friend Donald Trump. We made an example out of him in the 2020 election after he betrayed his base.

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  1. “National conservatism,” as described by its own Israeli central theorist Yoram Hazony, is a multi-racial civic nationalist ideology centered on “Judeo-Christian values” (i.e. tolerance etc.). According to Hazony, only Jews are allowed to have their own nation-state because Jews invented the concept of nations or something.

    So the national conservatives themselves admit that the purpose of national conservatism is to pacify Europeans with displays of token patriotism until their replacement is a fait accompli.

  2. ” Online Harms Bill,”

    Nice euphemism for censorship.

    “Whaaaaa, he called me a naughty name, mama Boris”

  3. I am telling you, a racist is a Christian. It is the Christians who hold Jewish blood responsible for the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ. And it is the Jews who agreed to racial persecution against themselves and their kids in exchange for the murder of Christ. ” Let his blood be on us and our children”.

    Scheming conniving kykes? Indeed.

    • Hunter why do you allow this schizo to make irrelevant, rambling, psychotic posts on every single thread? Things like this ruin your site and limit it’s reach. You need to treat comments like letters to the editor. Only publish a few well written ones that make a relevant point.

      • It is mostly because I barely have time to read the comments after writing 7 to 10 articles a day in addition to everything else I do which has grown as of late. The comment section could definitely be improved though.

        • When HW sees one of my posts he knows its gonna be good so he just waves it through, no questions asked.

          • At the BOTL…. “WHO ARE YOU, O MAN, to talk back to God?” [Rom. 9:20]

            You have neither the authority nor the ownership of this site, to ‘demand’ that someone be silenced. That’s the mindset of the JEWISH LIBTARDS, of which this site (thankfully) has not yet succumbed to.

            If you are a Christian, you ARE ipso facto, a ‘racist’ … as the JEWS define it, today.

            (Not that THEIR definition is valid, but there you are…)

            The Jews ARE guilty of DEICIDE. This is both Scriptural, conciliar, and BIBLICAL.
            But perhaps you are too damn dumb to know this. Therefore, HERE-

            “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus. No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
            (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

            I think you should ‘lay off the sauce’ before YOU post, again…

  4. BJ has always been a Bush/McCain style openly liberal conservative. He had far less of a populist history than Trump did.

  5. This is the same “conservative” who wants to let millions of Hong Kong Chinese into Britain.

    • The evil and traitorous leaders of the West seem to be in a competition for who can be the first to destroy their nation.

  6. Trying to get public sympathy for the three Black players who missed their penalties (although their coach shouldn’t have put them forward in the first place; they were all clearly nervous and emotional). More blatant propaganda.

  7. Has everyone in western Europe gone completely mad? Britain had no large scale population of African or Arabs until about the last 60 to 65 years, it has existed as a society for centuries. Why no does it have to be turned into a third world garbage dump so people won’t be called racist This obsession with being called racist is so crazy it’s hard to describe.

  8. Have you looked into Johnson’s ethnic makeup? He’s like the UN onto himself.

    I always find it this type of moral hysteria demanding ever greater repressive legislative measures perplexing. We’re taking about some mean tweets and FB posts, right? It’s more about managing the failed multicultural experiment in the name of social cohesion than “harm” (any scientific studies backing these claims of harm?) done by name-calling in cyberspace by anonymous nobodies.

  9. Meanwhile, the cuck will ignore the Muslim and black violence. These people are cowards, they pick on the Whites because they know they won’t get violent.

    • A couple of dozen turnstile jumpers at the stadium instead of 72 dead South Africans. Look a squirrel!

  10. Well don’t look at me.

    I’m not the one who demanded that the English (et al.) outsource their patriotism to a bunch of guys kicking a ball around.

    I’m not the one who demanded more immigration because (among other reasons) England would have better more soccer-talented guys to do said ball kicking.

    To top it all off, I’m not the one who did all this knowing full well the hooligan nature of a certain percentage of English soccer fans.

    It’s like I say axiomatically, when you order an extra large with anchovies, don’t be upset when there are dead fish on your pizza.

    Even if the whole team was properly English, then people would have abused them online for other reasons, such as their hair color, eye color, native region of England, socioeconomic status (England is historically class conscious and classist), or something else. Plain words, the proximate causation of this abuse isn’t race or racism, but soccer hooliganism.

    Don’t forget that there were wildings and mini-riots in and around Wembley in the immediate run-up to the game.

    I also predict that, when the abusers are inevitably doxxed, some of them will be non-white, and a few will be black.

    Late note: A black “English” soccer player who wasn’t on the national team is blaming the Indian home secretary for all this, because she criticized the team’s BLM kneeling.

    • English niggers. Sure. Let’s arrest the people giving these privileged monkeys some well deserved abuse, but ignore gangs robbing old ladies on public transit.

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